March 17, 2010

Born to Ride

Yes, I've made another boy shirt.  AND I used the bleach pen again.  AND I did the freezer stenciling.  AND the floss.  BUT I found something else to add for fun.  Washers! 

I used them to look like bike wheels.  My husband is really into cycling.  In fact, he's going to be racing this year.  I figured he might like to see his little guy cheering on the sidelines wearing this.....

Here's the process I went through.

1) Find a blank tee.  Put your paper between the layers so nothing leaks through.

2) I made a circle for the bike to sit in, which doubles as the letter "o" in "born."  It's just regular paper set on the shirt.  It's just a guideline to use while bleaching.

3) Add your bleach design.  Remember that your lines will get a little thicker than you drew them as it soaks in.  Click HERE for my in-depth video tutorial on the bleach pen.

4) Create your freezer paper stencil.  I printed off the words using a font I liked.  If you are new to freezer stenciling, click HERE to watch my detailed how-to video.

5) Paint your shirt.

6) After the paint dries and you've removed the stencil, sew on the washers.

7) Add floss embellishments is desired.

You can use the washer idea in a lot of different ways.  They could be bullet holes, robot parts (I think I'll try that one next), the letter "o," or who knows what.  Take a stroll through the parts aisle at Home Depot and find some other cool pieces.  I love finding a way to use a normal item in an abnormal way.

Here's the shoulder floss stitching along with a nice chunk of something in Rex's teeth.  Hmmmm...I don't remember what we ate for lunch.

Oh, and I used the other part of the stencil on the back of the shirt to create another little bike.  I just used a paper towel to blot the paint on in a messy way.

....and we're ready for the races!

If you have questions, it's easiest to e-mail me rather than leave a comment.  If you leave a comment, I don't have a way to reply to you if it's not linked to your blog or e-mail address.  (Allison - I need your e-mail address to answer you about the bleach pen stuff!)  My email address is on the sidebar under my description.  Thanks!


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