March 06, 2010

Soapbox Saturday

Okay, you're going to get to know me a little better with this post. There is an item I believe everyone should own. Here it is..(drumroll)...a sleeper! Now, you might think I'm crazy, but let me explain.

DISCLAIMER:  Neither one is a picture of me.  These are images from Pajama City where you can buy one.  I am receiving nothing from them, I just love their product.  (I don't love it quite as much as the model in the red sleeper, nor do I feel as sexy as she seems to when I wear it, but it's really comfortable.)

Simple stated, this is the most comfortable item of clothing in existence.  I wear mine like a house robe.  I craft in it.  I clean in it.  It's a little warm to sleep in, but it is the coziest thing in the world!  Around Christmas time they carry some at Target.  I've given them away as gifts.  My hubby has one.  I own three.  Yes, three.

There is only one down point.  I don't feel as though I could answer the door in it.  I have been known to ignore the doorbell if I'm in my sleeper.  Does anyone else here have one of these?  Come on.  Be honest.  'Fess up! 


  1. Anonymous6.3.10

    I don't currently own one but i remember begging my mom for one my Jr year of HS. And I loved it till i wore out the feet! Now i am just a sweats and t-shirt gal(and I do open the door in those!)
    Joy @

  2. I had a pair when I was twelve and I did like them. BUT my feet would just get too hot and sweaty. I think some articles of clothing can not be worn in Phoenix. Even in the winter.

  3. I bought one for Brittney at christmas! The one at target with the monkeys on the feet! Super cute!

  4. Haha I own one! My mum got me one for Christmas, with giraffes on! It is genuinely the cosiest thing ever in Winter! :D I don't think I've been seen in public in it though...

  5. I had one! My husband made me throw it out when we got married.... It was a great shade of blue. He thought I looked like a smurf in it.....I bought mine on a trip to Chile. I've never seen them in stores here in Holland.

  6. i own one, its pink and i love it lol, I'm 28 and i want to buy one for my husband who is 32 hee hee its great

  7. chellleigh22.3.10

    Yes, I have them. My husband has picked some out for me also, because I love them so. A friend of ours mentioned that if I saw any for their daughter to get one for her for Christmas. I didn't know that my secret was out, I must have worn them camping i don't remember showing anyone my sleepers but others seem to remember even if it was 10 years ago!!!

  8. Just found your blog and have been reading through all your posts, so I'm sure you'll probably never read this comment, but I had to share anyway.
    True story: I made pokemon costumes for my husband and myself for our first halloween together. He was Pikachu, I was Charmander. Anyway, the base of the costumes were cozy, warm, fleece sleepers. So one day I was wearing mine cuz I just wanted to be warm and cozy. My husband is... well, he's just more comfortable in his underoos at home. So there we were, sitting on the couch, he in his undies, me in my Charmander sleeper, and the doorbell rings. We both stared at each other, then he ran into the back room of the apartment, and I went to get the door. That's right, in my Charmander sleeper. Good thing it was our neighbor, who knows and loves us in all our oddities.
    Long story short, sleepers are awesome.

  9. LOL...I made a pair for the twin sister of the 19yo that lives with us!:

    My hubbies comment was everyone needs a pair of footie jammies...apparently he will be next on the receiving list!

  10. I have one my sister gave me, but it creeps my husband out so it's in the back of the closet. I think I'll save it for one of those days when he says one of those really insensitive man-things and wear it to bed as revenge ;)

  11. I don't do the sleepsuits, mostly cause I can't get past the whole unzip-completely-to-go-pee thing. But I LIVE in polarfleece turtlenecks and dream fleece pj pants from Lands End all winter long. At last count I have three pairs of the pants and eight of the turtlenecks, all seperated into 'outside wear' and 'stay at home clothes.' Add in some sheepskin boots and I'm actually warmish in my house with no heat! (no, not joking. wish i was. no heat and a north facing basement unit. we hovered around 56 degrees dec-march. brr)

    PS-sorry if this sounds like a commerical. It's not. These are the only things I've found that keep me warm enough to function all winter and I want to pass them on. I gave some as Christmas gifts last year even! Check their outlet section, I got some of my funnel-neck (what they call them now) shirts for $5.99 last year. And they've held up to serious use and abuse...they were my uniform during our DIY kitchen remodel last winter. (!)

  12. I LOVE these. I usually snuggle up under a blanket but these look so much better. My question is what size did you order. I want room to move so I wonder how their sizing works. Thanks for the store link!


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