April 11, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - smoothies

Today I'm thankful for smoothies.  I could live at Jamba Juice.  Lucky for me my husband has been on a smoothie kick lately.  He's been making them for us and it turns out he has some mad smoothie skills.

Here are a couple of smoothie tips: 

1) I've been buying the Dole fruit that comes in a plastic jar (as shown below).  Good stuff.  I save the juice it comes in and use it in the smoothies.  It's just peach juice and a bit of sugar.  Then you don't need to add any sugar either.

2) Sneaky spinache.  Put some spinache in the smoothie.  I'm not kidding.  I PROMISE you won't even taste it and it's SO good for you.  Popeye wasn't joking.

So, make a smoothie today and it'll feel a little bit more like spring.  Have any great smoothie recipes or tips?  Tell me about it in your comment.  My hubbie would love to hear it.


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