May 31, 2010

You Freezer Paper Stenciled WHAT?

Yes, I may have taken it too far.  I freezer paper stenciled my nephew's undies.  It was a request.  My sister made me do it.  She loves the Hanes boxer briefs because they are so comfortable and soft.  However, they only come in plain colors.  Enter aunt Cheri.

Now even if you don't want to stencil undies, I want to show you this little trick for those of you who are overwhelmed by having to cut out a design.  You can use a paper punch!  I used an airplane one and a circle one.  Here's a tip, though.  If your punch won't cut through the paper well, fold the paper in half so it's cutting through two layers of paper instead of one.  I had to do this with the circle punch.  Then it worked fine.

Create your freezer stencil and iron it on.  (Click HERE for the freezer paper stencil tutorial.)

Paint.  Remove stencil.

Sucker him into modeling the undies like a Hanes man.

Hope you weren't offended by the child nudity.  His little bum is just too cute to not show.  See you tomorrow!  Thanks for reading!

May 30, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - Birthdays and Belly Laughs

Thank you VERY much for all the great ideas you guys listed yesterday.  I really needed that help.  Rex thanks you, too.  You guys rock!

My little guy turned one this week.  We celebrated with breakfast at IHOP and he was happier than a pig in the mud.  This kid can eat.

He can also drink.  We introduced him to chocolate milk on his birthday.  He's in love.  Now I understand why I craved it like crazy when I was prego with him.

This other little guy has been making us laugh a lot lately.  He says random funny things:

(after Baden was swatting at him) "I'm afraid of babies!"
(out of nowhere in the car) "I need a q-tip.  I have ear wax!"
(after mumbling about something I wasn't understanding) "I don't know what I'm talking about.  Can I have a tick-tack?"

He also likes random places.  The dryer is currently one if his favorite hang-outs.

He has learned how to make Baden laugh really hard.  He makes these weird noises and Baden does his hearty belly laugh and then I can't help but laugh, too.

Have your little ones said anything funny lately?

May 29, 2010

Sharing Saturday

Thank you SO, SO, SO much for all the feedback you guys provided yesterday.  It made my day.  Here are the final conclusions I've drawn:

I was surprised at how many people said they didn't like giveaways or at least didn't like a lot of them.  I was touched by those who said they do read Sunshine Sunday and it helps them feel like we're friends.  I feel the same way, so thank you!  Lastly, I think I'll try out the new "Sharing Saturday" idea and still throw in an occasional giveaway (if it's a really good one).

With that being's our first Sharing Saturday!

TOPIC: fun things to do with your kids

I am a real homebody.  I could stay home for several days in a row and be fine.  I'd be wearing my sleeper all day and getting things done.  Rex (my oldest) is the opposite.  He is so much happier when we go out to do something.  Now that it's spring that's not as difficult.  We can go to the park.  However, I really run out of ideas.  I don't want to go to the mall because I'll spend money and I don't need anything.  Do you have things you do with your kids or places you go for fun that don't break the bank?  Please share!  Do you have anything you do in the winter that gets you out of the house?  Help!

May 28, 2010


Sorry, but we're taking a break from our normally scheduled "Feature Friday" today.

It's been a little over three months since I started this blog.  It has been a lot of fun and I want to thank you all for becoming a part of it....whether you read each day and leave kind comments or drop in here and there or just glance at the pics.  You are all a part of this blog and I appreciate you!

So, you've got my ear.  I REALLY want to know what you like, don't like, what you want to see more of....all that stuff.  Below I listed a few questions that I'm hoping you'll answer - even if you never usually comment.  I want this to be a place you'll keep coming to and a place you'll tell friends about.  So here we go....

Answer whichever questions you want to:

Do you read Soapbox Saturday or would you rather have a giveaway each week? 

Would you like a "Sharing Saturday" where I would tell you about an issue I'm having and you can provide solutions?  (Kind of like how everyone pitched in about smoothie suggestions.)

Do you read Sunshine Sunday posts or do you skip them because you're just here for the crafts and not the extra info and family pictures?

What do you want to see more of?

Do you read the text or just look at the pictures?

THANK YOU for your input.  It means a lot to me.  Now tell me how it is!

May 27, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - The Final Chapter!

Alright. It's DONE!!! Can I get a wahoo? Here's a little video tour of the completed playroom. Hopefully you'll enjoy the tour guide - my nephew Camden. He makes a great Vana. Thanks also to my brother-in-law for putting together the video. He rocks!

Now here's a flashback for you. This was the playroom BEFORE we moved in.  (Note: NOT our stuff!)

Yikes! It kind of made my head hurt.

Now, if you missed any of the series, here's a link to everything I've done.

The mini mailbox. My father-in-law put this together for me, along with the ladder. He's awesome.

The train - part one, part two, and part three. I also owe a HUGE thanks to my 'lil sis and her husband who helped me make the train idea a reality.

Thanks for pulling into the station! I'm going to take a nap now. Have a great day!

May 26, 2010

Messy Embroidery = Rock 'n Roll

I have a lot of nephews and nieces.  Twenty-four to be exact.  I'm hoping to eventually make something for each of them, but it's going to take a while.  Anyhow, I have a cool nephew who loves the brand Skullcandy.  He also had a sweatshirt that needed repairing, so I patched the hole, added a logo, and made a t-shirt to go with it (since it's almost summer).

Here's what he's going home with....

...and here's the process. 

I used a bleach pen on the shirt first.  (Click HERE for the bleach pen tutorial.)  Unfortunately, the bleach only removed the blue-ish tones and left the gray, so it's not very apparent.  No worries.  It still gave us some texture and interest.

Next I did the skull outline in a messy embroidery.  If you want to try this, stitch around the outline once in a messy way.  Then, go around it one more time, allowing the lines to occasionally cross.  You can still see what the main object is, but it gives the shirt a funky, rock 'n roll look.

If your t-shirt is super thin, you might want to buy some fusible interfacing to iron onto the inside (just to beef the shirt up a little and make it easier to stitch).  I didn't do that, but it would have been easier that way.

That's all for the shirt.  Now on to the sweatshirt.  It already had a big rip in it.  My 'lil sis gave me the idea to leave part of the hole for his ipod cord.  See?  You put the ipod in the pocket, lace the cord through the hole so it doesn't stick out and then the headphones will come out at the neckline.  Yeah, she's smart and cool.

I patched the hole from the inside with a scrap of fabric and some heat 'n bond.  Then I flossed the area (again for the funky look).  I even flossed around the hole part just to hold everything in place.

Next I stitched the logo on the pocket and painted the silver fabric paint on.  I didn't bother to create a freezer stencil.  I just had fun with it.  I used a sharpie to add a little more design.  (Fabric markers aren't that great and a sharpie is permanent, too.)

And there you have it......a Skullcandy-inspired outfit for a hip nephew.

May 25, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - Part 6

So we're down to the last cart!  Here's our little caboose.

There are two felt heads spray-glued onto the wall and then a ton of different felt facial parts in the buckets below.  They can change out all the parts for fun.

And, if you've been following my blog for a while you know we had to have a few optional mustaches in the buckets.

I still have a few final touches to add.....the conductor in the first cart, the silver inner circles on the wheels, blah, blah, blah.  Anyhow, the plan is to have a normal tutorial tomorrow and then on Thursday I'll give you a final video tour of the playroom so you can see everything up close - complete with kid demonstrations.

And then I plan on slowly making my way to the craft room.  There a lot to do in there.  It's pretty chaotic right now, but it's going to become a little oasis.  I can't wait!

Thank you for stopping in.  Okay, the train is leaving the station.  See you tomorrow!

May 24, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - Part 5

Here's the second cart of the train.  This one is my favorite.  It's a chalkboard, but that's not the best part.

What is that, you say?

Yup.  It has a sliding door that leads to my craft room!  That way the boys can "check" on me while they play and I work.  I'm thinking of putting a little slide on the other side of it so they can slide on into the craft room.  A big thanks to my brother-in-law for putting a hole in my wall and attaching the door with drawer slides (which was pretty tricky).

So here's where we're at so far.  One more cart to show tomorrow.

See you then!

May 23, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - milestones

We've hit quite a few milestones in the last month around here and I am thankful for each one of them.

Rex is fully pottytrained.  He's even riding the potty train all through the night.  I'm so proud of him (and grateful I'm only changing half as many diapers now).  Below: Mr. Independent is sporting some strap-on baby sunglasses and snacking on some toast with Nutella.  No, he's not flipping you off intentionally.

Baden finally started crawling a week ago.  My kids take forever to crawl and the helmet made it even more difficult for him.

AND as of last Wednesday we are helmet free!  I love snuggling in on him.  The poor kid is suffering from snuggle overload right now.  I can't help myself.

Any milestones you want to share?  Go ahead and brag.  I'd love to hear it.  Hope you're having a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

May 22, 2010

Soapbox Saturday: Overstock

Ever since I started having kids, I've learned to appreciate shopping online.  There are no strangers staring at me because my kid is picking his nose.  There's no "Mom, I have to go potty right now" in a store where the restrooms aren't public.  There's no getting home for naptime.

There are a lot of great places to shop online and one that I love is  I surfed around for fun today and found some really cool stuff.

From the kid's furniture section.......this bassinett, this children's recliner, and this rocker.

From the children's clothing.......this girly number, this little cardigan, and this gorgeous little girl coat.

From the shoes section.....these pumps, these little squeakies, and these teeny pink ones.

My favorite part? $2.95 flat rate shipping on EVERYTHING.  Have fun shopping....alone!

May 21, 2010

Feature Friday - terracotta pots

I bought a few terracotta pots a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with them, other than placing them on the ledge above my kitchen sink. 

I found this simple solution on a web site called Martha Stewart.  Ever heard of her?  I didn't think so.

I wanted mine to be white though, so I spray painted them and then wrote the herb name on each pot with a Sharpie. 

I dry brushed on a little bit of turquoise paint.

They are simple and pretty and they make me look like a gourmet chef (which I definitely am not). 

I can't wait to use my own basil on a margarita pizza of make some salsa or guacamole with the cilantro.  Mmmmm!

Thank you for following, subscribing, reading, and/or commenting.  It means a lot to me.  Feel free to let me know what you'd like to see more of on this blog.  Thanks!

May 20, 2010

The Quest for the Perfect Playroom - Part 4

As you probably know, I have slowly been turning our playroom into the playroom of my the boys' dreams.  The last and final project is an interactive train mounted on the wall.  Because it's been a BIG project, I'm going to post it in pieces.  There are 3 carts involved and I'll showcase one each day.  My super-talented sister Cassie and her hubby have helped make all this possible.  Thanks guys!

Today is the steam engine and Monday and Tuesday you'll see the other two parts.  So, here is the little engine that could.

I bought a sheet of MDF and a piece of sheet metal.  I cut out the steam engine shape from the MDF like a frame.  The sheet metal is screwed into the back so there's nothing sharp for little fingers.  The frame is then screwed into the studs on the wall. 

The rest of the train is just painted on.  The steam puffs are batting that I spray glued onto the wall.  They are high enough so that the boys can't mess with them.  I used a little bit of the excess sheet metal to dress up the rest of the train.

Now you might be wondering what the gray tubes are on the magnet area.  I bought this plastic pipe for about a buck.  I used a the same cutter that you use to cut branches to cut the pipes.  They are cut at an angle and they have magnets attached to them.  It's a marble run.  The boys will be able to rearrange the pipes in endless different ways to create their own marble runs.  I got the idea from this post on Ohdeedoh.

Like I said, I'll show you the next two carts on Monday and Tuesday.  I can't wait to get them totally finished and to show you!!!!

Tomorrow I have a nice, simple, springy Feature Friday.  See you then!  Thanks for dropping in.


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