May 29, 2010

Sharing Saturday

Thank you SO, SO, SO much for all the feedback you guys provided yesterday.  It made my day.  Here are the final conclusions I've drawn:

I was surprised at how many people said they didn't like giveaways or at least didn't like a lot of them.  I was touched by those who said they do read Sunshine Sunday and it helps them feel like we're friends.  I feel the same way, so thank you!  Lastly, I think I'll try out the new "Sharing Saturday" idea and still throw in an occasional giveaway (if it's a really good one).

With that being's our first Sharing Saturday!

TOPIC: fun things to do with your kids

I am a real homebody.  I could stay home for several days in a row and be fine.  I'd be wearing my sleeper all day and getting things done.  Rex (my oldest) is the opposite.  He is so much happier when we go out to do something.  Now that it's spring that's not as difficult.  We can go to the park.  However, I really run out of ideas.  I don't want to go to the mall because I'll spend money and I don't need anything.  Do you have things you do with your kids or places you go for fun that don't break the bank?  Please share!  Do you have anything you do in the winter that gets you out of the house?  Help!


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