June 21, 2010

Captain America

Today I'm going to show you how to make this cute little "Captain America" t-shirt today.  I wanted my boys to have patriotic shirts for the fourth, but also something they could wear all year round.  My oldest loves super heros, so when I saw the Captain America emblem on his teeny undies the other day this idea was born.  Inspired by underoos?  Who would have thought!

Anyhow, here's the how to on this little tee.  This is what you'll need.  (I used these Tulip paints shown, but you can use any fabric paint.)

I created this image on picnik, using the geometric shapes they have available.  You can save and use this jpeg to make your own.  No sense in having to make it from scratch yourself!

Then I created a freezer paper stencil.  If you've never done this before or if you want to see it before you try it, click HERE for my video tutorial.  It's got everything you need to know.

I ironed on my stencil and painted the white areas first.  I used some scrunched up saran wrap to apply the paint, so it would have a vintage look.  (See the red paint picture below.)

I waited for the paint to dry, peeled off the stencil and then I ironed on the other parts of the stencil.  Yes, you WILL have to iron some of your stencil over the white part you just painted, but don't worry.  It will work just fine.

I peeled off the stencil and I actually used the star I had left as a reverse stencil for the back of the t-shirt.

That's it!  Not only do you have a cool tee for the fourth, but you're super hip and on the ball because there is a remake of Captain America that will be released next year.  Yeah, we're cool like that.

Oh, and thank you for voting over at SYTYC last week.  I made the cut!  Whew!  I'll show you which project was mine tomorrow.  Season 4 starts on July 12th, but you can catch season 3's finale today.  Thanks for dropping in!

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