June 27, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - mountains

I grew up in Wisconsin.  Now I live in Utah where we are surrounded by mountains.  Even though I've lived here a long time now, the moutains still feel new to me.  They are amazing.

Last week we went on a little family hike.  Whenever we go on a hike I am in awe that this is our backyard.

Baden loved it.  He had a lot to point at.

I love seeing how tiny Rex looks compared to these huge trees.

My three men.

I like to let them get ahead so I can sneak in a few more pictures of them.

Once again I love the size comparisons.  Big rock.  Little boy.

We made it to the falls!  I even got a picture of myself with the boys!  That's pretty rare.

Everytime we head to the mountains I wonder why we don't do it more often.  What beautiful things do you have where you live?


DJ Rose said...

I'm in Utah too ... We transplanted here from Seattle. It took us 5 years before we discovered the Uintas. They are one of my favorite spots here. I also just discovered last weekend the mountain I see everyday from my valley floor home is amazing. We took our youth treking in our own hills and they are so beautiful. I never would have known that hill was so amazing. My valley is empty excpet for houses and sage brush--but wow the hills.

I love your pics. Reminds me of my family adventures--typical shots: kid on dad's shoulders, everyone walking in front of the camera. There are so few pics of me. Ah the joy of motherhood.

Heather said...

The views are amazing! We're in VA in the foothills right before the Blue Ridge Mountains and at the top of a lot of the hills in the area you get wonderful panoramas of the Blue Ridge. I smile every time I see them. We're about an hour from Skyline Drive and come the fall I'd love to take the family hiking on some of the stroller friendly paths.

Taylor Swim said...

I just love that spot. If we lived there my kids would want to climb a mountain everyday. I'm here in Wisconsin and our great views consist of lots of trees and green that is everywhere. Plus, we have great looking cows. Mooo!

Cranberry Morning said...

What a cute family you are! I love the photo of Baden pointing. :-)

Coming from Wisconsin, do the mountains make you feel closed in? We're from Wisconsin and we spent 9 months in Pennsylvania. The mountains seemed kinda confining. I also know people who've moved from Montana to Wisconsin and can't get used to the limited view because of all the trees!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I'm in south-western virginia now, about 10 minutes away from a beautiful wonderful state park. Just gorgeous. Hubby and I enjoy hiking a lot. :)

I grew up in British Columbia though and to me it will always be the most beautiful place on earth. The ocean, the mountains, the lush green... it's just breathtaking every time I see it!

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

Utah here as well. LOVE the mountatins. I've lived here since I was 12 and just love them. My favorite memories growing up are camping memories. Love the pics!

K said...

I'm in Slovenia. We have tons of waterfalls and we're trying to visit them one by one. Here are our photos from a couple. Also, we have tall mountains and a green river ... more turquoise, actually. And you can go white water rafting on it (planing that in a week or so). We also have huge spectacular caves. And a short short seashore ;)

Lettie B. said...

I, too, grew up in the Midwest so being in Utah now the beauty is definitely a different kind. Not better or worse, just different. Back home I loved sitting out on a dirt road by a corn field watching the fireflies and storms come in. I loved parks full of huge trees.
Now that I am far from all that (but not new to it - we came out here every summer, plus I have lived here almost 12! years now), I have learned to love a different beauty. (I do agree with Cranberry Mountain a bit - I feel like the mountains take away my sky!). We make many trips up Millcreek Canyon and we love it there - one of my favorite places here.

Palmer Family said...

I live in British Columbia, Canada. Right on the west coast. It is like the coast of Washington. Big trees, waterfalls, oceans, lakes... So beautiful!

Kristen said...

I grew up in california...and 2 years ago moved to Wisconsin. So i went from mountains and beach to no mountains and beach. What part of wisconsin are you from?? Just thought i would let you know your blog is so inspirational!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful mountains, good shots of the landscape. The pictures of the guys are so cute. The boys just keep growing. I am so glad you take the kids to the mountians. They will grow up loving them. Those mountians are Utah. What a beautiful place to live.

Clare said...

My husband is from Utah, but I brought him home with me to Wisconsin after college. We spent 3 years in Provo together, and it always feels like a second home when we're back. I agree with another commenter, it's just different. I love the green & trees here, but I really learned to love the mountains also and never felt closed in. It's been two years since we've been back to Utah County and I miss it!

BJ_Mama said...

WELL.....since you know WISCONSIN! I bet you know all the Beautiful things here!


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