July 31, 2010

What I Know....

Today is my birthday.  I'm 31.  That's a bit hard for me to believe because I still feel like I'm about 24.  21 on a good day.  I don't mind though.  Really.  I'm content with where I'm at in life and who I'm with.  Birthdays kind of have a way of making you reflect on your life.  I wanted to make a list for myself of things I've learned in these 31 years.  I thought I'd share my list with you, since we're friends.  Here we go.

I know that I can learn something from every person.

I know that time heals wounds.

I know that the process of creating makes me feel deeply happy and close to God.

I know that we each have something important to do on this earth and I get excited when I feel like I'm figuring mine out.

I know that patience is one of the most divine qualities and I'm definitely still working on it.

I know that laughter makes everything more bearable.
I know I sleep well when I've accomplished a lot in a day.

I know that I shouldn't keep score.

I know that helping others is an important part of life.

I know I need to care less about what others think.

I know that each year of my life will pass faster than the one before.

I know that Rex and Baden were supposed to be mine.

I know that marrying Jeff was not only the right decision, but a privilege.

I know that I can change. 

I know that all I have comes from the Lord and He's pleased when I share it.

I'm excited to learn a whole lot more in my next 31 years.  What do you know?

July 30, 2010

YOU Roared!

Okay, hang on to your seats.  We've got a big 'ol round of projects here.  You guys sure have been roaring.  Thank you to all of you who e-mail me links or upload to the flickr group.  It makes me SO happy.  Alright.  Let's roll.

Karen from Australia had to order freezer paper from the UK, but it was worth the wait.  Look at her mad skills!

Jenna from Simply Jenna conquered freezer paper stenciling and here is one of the many items she has made.

Merran freezer paper stenciled this tee for her little guy who is obsessed with fans. Isn't it ridiculously adorable?

Jennifer from the Toy Box Years made the Paisley tee and these paisley tank tops as well.

I was so excited when these Captain America tees kept popping up everywhere.

Cortnie from Left in August got some waves from a flat iron.  (She also happens to be absolutley gorgeous.)

from the Flickr group....

2nd Chance Creations made these tees for everyone at a family reunion.

Lady Jame made the Hurley-inspired tee.  Is that little boy not completely adorable?

Pyesinn stenciled these sweet sleepers.

Jenn Rose made this cute tee.

My sister Cassie had some fun with the name patches - here on a hat...

...and here on a jacket.  So cute!!!

She also did some super cute patching.

I love and hate Flickr.  There are some other things in the group I really wanted to show you, but it won't let me save them.  I'm not sure if that's because those people aren't making their pictures shareable or what.  If I'm not logged in and I visit our group then it only shows me some of the pictures in the pool.  Does anybody out there understand how Flickr works?  I'd love some help!

Anyhow, sorry if I missed any of you.  You all ROAR and make me happy!  Thank you for commenting, for reading, for encouraging, and for sharing.  Thank you for making this blog fun for me.  Have a great day.

July 29, 2010

Summer Fun Nails

Let's be honest.  You can't hide your ugly toes all summer.  (Okay, when I say ugly I'm really referring to my own.)  You're going to have to bust them out so they should look presentable.  $40 pedicure?  No thank you.  Here are some fun little things I've found to give myself the look of a salon pedicure or manicure.

1) Stickers.  You can find these at Wal-mart and they are pretty cheap.  Paint your toes, add the stickers, then add a clear coat.  Voila!  Not bad, huh?  (I'm talking about the pedicure - not my feet.  This foot is actually my better foot.  Yup, the other one is even uglier.  I have what I call a "sneaky toe."  It hides behind one of the other toes.  My sisters make fun of me.  Some day when we're even closer I'll show it to you.  Or not.)

2) Nail Art Pen.  I found this the other day at Wal-mart.  I bought one by Crayola that was white.  I even went crazy and painted my fingernails, which I've probably only done about 4 times in my life.  (I never liked how they looked painted when they were so short and my nails have always been short for piano and guitar.  Anyhow, now I'm starting to think they still look cute painted even if they're short.  Goodness!  I am really blabbing on today!)

Here's what I came up with while doodling.  It was kind of fun. 

3) A Polkadot Tool.  My sister bought this at Michael's the other day.  It's what they use in salons for polkadots.  It was cheap.  She said you take the nail polish brush and leave a small dot of polish on something and then dip into it to make your dots.  That way you don't waste a lot of your polish and you don't make a mess.  Here's what the tool looks like.  (Sidenote: I think this tool is actually made for embossing paper, but it makes a mean polkadot.)

Here's her current paint job.  So I ask her if I can take a picture of her toes and she agrees.  She puts on her flip flops and lays on the ground on her back.  I ask her what the heck she's doing.  She says feet look better when you're not putting your weight on them.  I thought that was hilarious.  So now you have a tip for photographing your feet, too.  She's hilarious.

Tomorrow we're going to have a giant episode of "You Roared," so if you've done something inspired by this blog please upload it to the flickr group or e-mail it to me.  It can be a craft or even a hair picture.  Let's have fun showing each other what we've been up to!  I can't wait!  See you tomorrow and thank you for reading my blog.

My sister is having a rummage sale on Saturday and I thought I'd tell you because she's selling some gorgeous stuff.  She has great taste and she's trying to rid herself of a lot of extra decor, dressers, etc.  I'm also selling a lot of stuff at it including some original paintings.  Anyhow, if you're around Draper and you have some free time Saturday morning, click HERE for all the info you need.

July 28, 2010

Hair Week - hair accessories

Today I'm going to show you how to make a few different hair accessories.  There are a lot of tutorials out there for clips and headbands, so I tried to pick some of the things we've made at Loopdeelou that are a little more uncommon.  Here are three clips you haven't seen and then I've linked some of the headbands I've already shown you how to make at the end of the post, too.

Since these are clips I made a long time ago, I'll show you how to make them using a different fabric in this tutorial than the finished product.  Alright?  Here we go.

The first is this little feathered flower pin.  It's dainty and can be easily slipped into an up-do for a nice accent.

To make the flower, take a long rectangular-shaped piece of fabric.  Fold it in half lengthwise.  (I'm going to show you how to sew this by hand, for those of you who don't have a sewing machine.)  Stitch through the fabric (on the open side) all the way down.  Then pull the thread and gather the fabric up tightly.

Pull it into a circle and stitch up the side.  Don't worry if it's not perfect.  The feather will cover it.

Glue the feather over the seam.  Take a brad (found in the scrapbook section) and put it through the center, folding the ends of it securely.

Cut a small, round piece of felt and snip a tiny hole in the middle of it.  Push your bobbypin through the hole as shown.

Glue the flower to the felt.  All done!  Tuck it into your hair and you're set.

Next up is this ruffled ribonette.  (Okay, so I don't think ribonette is a word, but doesn't it sound nice?)  This one is mounted to an alligator clip, so it can be worn as is or clipped onto a soft headband.

Hold your ribbon and gather it as shown below.  Hand stitch a few stitches right where my thumb is to hold it all together.

Glue or sew on desired embellishments.  I used a little tulle, a little lace, and a pre-done flower.  Glue a square of felt to the back and then glue the alligator clip the same way I did HERE.


Lastly, the anthro-inspired flower.

I made this flower up and it's pretty easy to do.  Get a long strip of fabric.  You can sew two random pieces of fabric together like I did above if you want a little more color and texture.  Lay the strip as shown.

Keep wrapping the fabric back and forth until it looks like this.  Sew a few stitches where my finger is pointing.  Embellish as desired.  I used some lace and a few vintage buttons.  Glue to a felt circle and add your alligator clip.

That's it.

Lastly, if you missed these hair accessory tutorials then here are some links for you.

You can find this headband tutorial HERE.

You can find both of these headband tutorials HERE.

You can find this leather flower clip tutorial HERE.

Whew!  That was a LOT of hair info we just hit in the last three days!  Tomorrow we'll be moving on over to nails.  I found some fun products and ideas I'm excited to share with you.

Thank you again for your kind comments and your excitement!  See you tomorrow.

July 27, 2010

Hair Week: Hair-do's

Thank you guys so much for your excited and kind comments from yesterday's hair post.  If you try something out and like it, you can add it to the You Roared Flickr group, even though it's not a crafted item.  I'm super excited about today's post.  I think we all need hair ideas for something more than a ponytail. 

While I was recording myself the other day, my husband was lingering around and I didn't know why.  Little did I know what he was up to.  I thought it would only be fair to show you the unedited version of his sense of humor.  Don't worry - you won't see anything you shouldn't because the camera angle was perfect.  He's crazy, but I sure love him.

Okay, back to the hair.  Here's the actual tutorial now for this braided front style.  I like this style because you can do it even when your hair is too short for a ponytail.

Here's one more thing I like to do to spice up a ponytail.  It's a super easy twist.

 While I was brainstorming ideas for Hair Week, I thought I'd see what YouTube had to offer.  I found these tutorials by Johnny Lavoy from Ford models.  They are fabulous.  If you want to see more of his tutorials, click HERE.  Great stuff.  Here are a few of his that I really liked:

Fancy-Schmancy Up-do, but Super Easy:

A Modern Look for a Plain Pony Tail

This one is a little more in-depth, but I had to show it to you because I thought it was so pretty.

Bohemian Braid

Jo from To A Pretty Life offered to show us a style she loves.  Here is her fun look.  I always like to have a good style that pulls all my hair up in the hot summer.  Click HERE to see how she does it.

Jo's Messy Up-do

Alright now ladies!  Go do your hair!  No more plain ponytails!

See you tomorrow!

July 26, 2010

Hair Week - Styling your Hair

Alright ladies!  It's time for BEAUTY WEEK!!!  (I've broadened it a bit from just hair.)  Let me give you a quick run-down on what's to come this week.  Today we'll tackle styling you hair....whether it's straight, curly, long, or short.  Tomorrow we've got some fun up-dos and upgrades from your basic ponytail.  Wednesday we'll make some hair accessories.  Thursday is going to feature some summer nail fun and Friday we're going to have a giant episode of "You Roared."  Okay!  Let's get started! 


Since you asked, here is how I do my hair straight or curly.

Back when I was singing, I used to curl my hair all the time like this:

Here' the how-to on "Rockstar Curls."


This is my sister, Cassie.  She's my partner in crime at Loopdeelou.  She has gorgeous curly hair, but is currently rocking the short and sassy look.

Here's how she does her hair:
I start with my hair damp and add a dime size of "Enjoy" brand-shaping lotion which looks like this...

Then I blow dry with my head upside down and straighten with my straightener. My straightener I couldn't find a picture of but it's from Sally Beauty Supply and it's call the "GVP". It is the "Chi" brand rival but it's not near as expensive. I LOVE a good bargain and so I talked to the sales lady for a while and she said none of the workers owned a Chi because they were to expensive and this was basically the SAME one!!! Score and it was on sale! I have really curly hair and I can get my stick straight with this baby!!!
I use "Kenra" brand taffy on the ends to make them hold and add texture.
Just as a side note I LOVE anything from the Kenra line! Especially when I do my hair curly I use their curl defining cream (it doesn't give you crunchy curls!!!)

Then to finish I use Tresemme fine mist hairspray (You can get it at Target or Walmart). I have tried a lot of the salon brands but this seems to work just as well. It doesn't have a ton of hold so I don't get helmet head!!!
Good luck!!!


I have always coveted curly hair.  Tiffany here claims that girls with curls have more fun and I think she's right.  Tiffany is one of the kindest and coolest bloggers I know.  She is also always trying out different products and rockin' a new look.  Here is her amazing hair.  Click HERE to see how she does it.

Thanks for joining us!  I hope you've found something new and fun to try out.  Tomorrow will be filled with lots of fun hair ideas. 

Two more things before you go.

1)  Kendra from Belleza Mia (and Saturday' post) has offered all of you 10% off your purchase if you mention this blog.  Have fun shopping!

2) There's a new round up of So You Think You're Crafty.  You can head on over and vote if you'd like.

July 25, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - jamba juice and silence

We spent a lot more time in the car this week than we usually do because we went out of town.  I am grateful for those small moments of silence in the car....because they are rare.  There's usually a whole lot of whining going on.  Let's just say I'm still learning patience.

Here's our backseat duo - temporarily quiet due to the jamba juice.  I think I'd like to permanently hooked up to an I.V. of jamba juice.  Yum.

Uh-oh!  Quick!  Plug the jamba juice back in!

Ahhh...much better.

I'm looking forward to the day they can drive themselves around.

Only 13 more years to wait for that.  Although, I wish I could keep these little faces this young and sweet forever.

See you tomorrow!


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