July 03, 2010

Sharing Saturday - Your Questions

Welcome to Sharing Saturday, where we suck out all the knowledge you have to share it with the rest of us.  I'm your hostess Cheri, and today we're highlighting three more readers' questions.  Tell us watcha know.  Don't be shy.

1) Getting rid of the bop (pacifier.)

2) I'd like to know about dying clothes, I have some black pants of my sons that have faded but still fit, but I'm scared to try dying them.


3) My two-year-old has suddenly decided to abandon his afternoon nap. On a positive note, he's now going to bed much earlier, which helps, but we have a major problem. I also have a sixteen-month-old who desperately still needs his nap. I'm wondering...what can I do with my two-year-old during nap time so that he'll stay quiet and his baby brother can still get a solid nap in? He's not into TV, won't sit still for movies, and pretty much wants attention all. the. time! I would love to come up with a few things that he can do independently so I can I also have a little break. It was heavenly when they were both napping at the same time, but now I'm at a loss. Any ideas???

Thanks for sharing.  Next week we'll take a mini-break from the Sharing Saturday to do a Soapbox Saturday.  Gotta switch it up here and there, you know?  Thanks again!


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