July 17, 2010

Sharing Saturday

Okay, if you have any questions for Sharing Saturday you can send them my way because we're running low.  Never fear, though.  I have some for you today.  I need your help.  Let's get started.

1) Lunch.  I am not very good at making myself something filling and healthy for lunch.  Can I tell you the truth?  There have been plenty of days where I have found myself eating Dino Nuggets with my boys.  I'm pretty darn sure there is no body part on a chicken that looks like that.  Hmmmm.  The question is how do you make feeding yourself a priority and what are some easy things to throw together for yourself when you don't want what your children are eating or when you lack time? 

2) Where is the coolest place you've ever vacationed?  I love see new places while my husband woud just go to Hawaii again and again if he had his way.  We're not actually planning a vacation.  It's not in the budget right now, but I love to dream and hear about interesting places.  Someday!  So, where have you been and why was it amazing?  Tell me, please!

3) I'm trying to plan out hair week.  Is there anyone out there who's dying to share some amazing tips and techniques?  Anyone a famous Hollwood stylist out there?  I've got some ideas up my sleeve, but I want this to be good.  Really good.  Let me know if you're holding out on me, okay?


Elaine Welte said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has eaten dino nuggets! I like to make pita's- just tear one in 1/2 to make the little pocket and stuff with turkey, cheese, ranch, and spinach. OR, I make chicken salad and stuff it in a pita.

Jill said...

I try not to make anything for my kids that I wouldn't actually eat myself. That said, if it is mac & cheese & hot dogs day I make myself a big salad. :)

ellie g said...

That is SOOO weird. Just this week I was thinking, "I'm so stinkin' tired of trying to come up with things to make and eat for lunch that aren't boxed, frozen, or otherwise hard to make!" And I even thought, "maybe I should blog about it and see what other people make."

It's like we're on the same wavelength. (and obviously BOTH genius...right?)

I wish I had a good answer...but i will check back to find some.

Well, once I did blog about these fresh Mozzerella sandwiches that love to make. And I DO make them for lunch a lot. here's the link if you're interested.


Good luck! And let's make a pact not to eat dino nuggets! Gross!

Anonymous said...

YOu could try making your own nuggets. Just cut up pieces of chicken breast and bread and toss into the oven. Chicken nuggets are made of left over parts so they're not that great for anyone.

ANother fun thing to keep on hand is green yogurt. You can make something savory to go with pita or you can add fresh fruit for something sweet.

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

I'm excited that I actually have things too add for once!

For the healthy food question: When I had a baby I was always starving from nursing and I found if I didn't have something healthy ready, I would just eat cookies/ice cream/bag of chips.

I started making a big salad at night when I was making dinner and put it in the fridge for the next day. That way I could just take it out and put dressing on it and eat. I know somedays that's not enough so I would also make a little extra for dinner and put that aside for lunch the next day also. The key is just having it already ready so you don't eat whatever's laying around.

I also have my go-to snacks for when I'm hungry. Usually a bag of fat-free microwave popcorn. They sell popcorn seasoning at the grocery store (my favorite is white cheddar) and once the bag is popped, I open it and throw some seasoning in and close the bag and shake it up. It's soooo good!

For the vacation question: On our honeymoon my husband and I took a cruise and our favorite stop was Honduras. It was gorgeous! We found a helpful cab driver and we ended up just paying him to take us around to all the cool places. At the end of the day he took us to this gorgeous beach and waited for us while we swam! He drove us around the whole day and I think it only cost like $50.

As for the hair question: I cut all my hair off so I'm not tons of help anymore. However, I have really curly hair and for those other curly=haired women, put mousse in your hair, scrunch it upside down, and put your diffuser up to it! It brings out so much curl!

Sorry, my comments were forever long!

Jo said...

1) I think I forgot to eat lunch yesterday...I was sewing. I usually have leftovers from supper. Or toast. I eat a lot of toast. I always have lofty intentions of making healthy and delicious salads, but when the time comes we either don't have the stuff or I just feel like having...toast. I try to make sure my kids have at least 3 food groups at lunch time. I should do that for myself.

2) We went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for our honeymoon. It's mostly a partying place, I think. Or golfing. Kevin and I don't party or golf. But we still had a great time. My absolute favourite thing to do was a quad ride through the desert. It was right at the end of the dry season (August), so although it was really hot, the heat wasn't unbearable because it wasn't humid.

3)I'm really looking forward to hair week. I could do a messy-updo tutorial if you like. I can email you a picture of the 'do. Feel free to say no...actually, now I'm hoping you say no 'cause I'm nervous!

Unknown said...

The two best vacations we have taken: #1 Lake Powell in Arizona, we rented a house boat and spent a week on the lake, then went and toured the north rim of the Grand Canyon by mule.
#2 Sea World. Pay the extra for behind the scenes activities and to eat with Shamu. The food is WAY better than anything you will find in the park and we have some amazing pictures of our daughter with the orcas.

d.n.williamson said...

#1) I usually fall into the same rut as you. Easier to just eat the kiddos leftovers. However, here are two favs of mine.

On Sundays, I often do a big supper. If we have chicken, I make this that evening and it is ready to have for lunch for the week. All you need is to pick up a package of croissants (although bread is a fine option too). All you have to do is scoop it onto your croissant.


Are you salad gal? This is my fav. Keep your toppings separate from you lettuce, that way at the end of the week, you don't have soggy greens.


Kristen has some YUMMY salads on her blog too:


#2) Are you and your hubby "loungers" or "do-ers" on your vacay? Well, my husband DOES NOT like to sit still. By far, our best vacation was Belize. I suppose anywhere in Central America would be similar. We're going to Costa Rica this winter. Both trips were CHEAP! Caves Branch is who we used in Belize. Lodging is there, all meals there, and then they transport you daily to whichever activity you choose. Caves Branch is nestled in the jungle. So beautiful. We stayed in tree houses. SOOOO cool! We hiked, rappelled, snorkeled, zip line, fishing, horse back riding, and cave tubing (floating in rivers on inner tubes through a series of caves-VERY cool). And like I said, REALLY reasonable. They have an awesome website if you are every interested.

#3) I'm with Taylor on the hair topic. Curly here too. Yep, mousse, scrunch, diffuse.

Thanks again for an awesome blog.

Juli said...

OK I'm the queen of freezing everything. When I make dinner I take what is left and freeze it in a single serving. That way when I need a quick lunch or the hubby is running out the door to a meeting, I can quickly heat something up that is healthier than an a grab and go meal.

BriBedell said...

1.I really love cous cous. It only takes five minutes to cook after you boil the water! You can make it so many different ways. You can use broth, juice, whatever to cook it and the things you can add to it are endless. My favorite is cous cous cooked in chicken broth, fluff and add sundried tomatoes, chicken breast cubed, and some salt and pepper! Oh boy is that not yummy. I usually am eating this or some kind of pasta fills me up so I am good for hours!

2.Well, we went on vacation to Hawaii and then got married while we were there! It was awesome...I would also like to go to Paris, London, Italy, Australia, and all our National Parks!!

3.I always wanted to go to hair school. I have always done everyone's hair. I have a few standby do's. I can really get down on my little girls hair though!! The only thing I could say would be just play around with your hair, I know woman who brush it in the morning and never touch it again. You know your own hair best the way it lays where little hairs fly up.

Taylor Swim said...

1. The only creative thing I've done for lunch is make a huge pot of your favorite soup and then freeze it in one serving portions. You can put it in a sauce pan and heat it up while you make the dino nuggets. Wah lah!

2. I hear that Wisconsin is lovely this time of year. You should try it-- say, next week-ish. (You knew I had to get that in there.)

3. Your sister is amazing at doing her little girls' hair. You should ask her. I hear she never lets them go a day without a proper hair-do and cute bows. :)

The Durhams said...

We love Klamath Falls, OR. It's a small town right on a lake/river with a huge parkfront area to run around in. Lazy, laid back, and a great family feel.

Tari said...

I only have a response for #1 and a few people have mentioned it. I almost always have leftovers from dinner that we eat, or if the fridge is clean, we'll do sandwiches. I know not very creative. But I did just have a thought, if you have the time, you could choose a Saturday once a month to make a couple of healthier meals and then freeze them into lunch size portions. Or you could even just do some prepping, such as cooking and dicing chicken breasts or browning ground beef, and freeze them. You could also prep things that you can't freeze all in one day for the week (or couple of days, whichever) and just keep them in the fridge.

Katie Olthoff said...

Lunch - how about BLTs? McSnack wrap (tortilla, chicken, lettuce, cheese and ranch dressing) I'm horrible at this, too, but these are some things I'll be trying. I've also been making kabobs for my little guy- cubed ham, cheese, veggies, etc. He loves it!

Kari said...

There is a cute girl named Becki who does some amazing hair tutorials on her website www.whippycake.com

Anonymous said...

I do have a response to #3 after some of the comments triggered my thoughts.

For us women with curly hair, try using the curly girl's no-poo method. You can google it for more info. But basically you use a non-silicone conditioner only. Massage with your finger tips to loosen dirt and rinse with cool water. Most often girls with curly hair are susceptible to dry frizzy hair. The chemicals in shampoo strip your hair of it's natural oils which is a huge no no when you've got dry brittle hair.

My curls have never looked healthier!

Steoger Fam said...

1)I eat the chicken nuggets too from time to time. Lately though, I've been buying big packages of Romain from Costco (I think there's 4 heads in the bag). They keep really well. I'll cut up enough to fill a gallon zip lock bag and then I use it everyday until its gone. I've got various nuts, strawberries, dried cherries, and feta cheese on hand. Then I'll put chicken or turkey on too.

2)I think I'm with your hubby on this one. I could live in Hawaii. I keep telling my hubs when we retire, it'll be our second home. But, I do remember that when I was in high school my family went to Florida. We did everything, Disney World, Epcot, Sea World. We also went to a place called Discovery Cove. IT WAS AWESOME! We swam with dolphins. The swimming pools were salt water and had fish and small rays swimming around. It was really cool! It might be kinda freaky for small children though. I guess it just depends on the kid.

3)My hair is pretty much stick straight and I hardly ever do anything with it because...I have know idea what to do with it. So, I'll be excited if someone would share some tips!

Shanda and Stephen said...

one of my favorites: chicken cesar salad wrap. Take a can of chicken, put a little pepper in it. Then, put chicken, lettuce, cesar dressing, and parmesan cheese in a tortilla. Yum! (I also do this with sandwich meat, ranch, and lettuce.)

Beth said...

One of my favorites to have when my kids are having nuggets: I buy the Frozen Breaded Chicken Tenders and cook those with the kids nuggets. Then, I'll cut up my chicken, cover it in BBQ Sauce and put it over a yummy salad. I usually just try to make whatever they are having a little nicer for myself. If they want Grilled Cheese, I'll add some ham and a tomato on one for myself.

Kourtney said...

Salads are the best... I make up a large tossed salad and we and eat it for at least 2-3 days. I use the darkest romaine or leafy lettuce I can find and I swear by my oxo salad spinner. It get the lettuce SUPER dry and keeps it for a long time. I do Lettuce, cukes, carrot, red/yellow/orange pepper(whichever color looks the best), hard boiled egg, croutons and turkey deli meat then comes my favorite part... homemade ranch dressing(1 c. low fat butter milk, 1 c. mayo, 1 pkg hidden valley ranch powder). We also do up a big pasta salad and that goes over really well. Leftover dinner meals are good, It is hard for me to make only enough food for 1 dinner so we most always have lunch for the next day. I also am a hair stylist(not to a celebrity or anything like that)but I truly love what I do and would love to help answer questions or give input if I can.

Lisa said...

If you like tuna get a can of the good stuff. Drain it and mix with some diced peppers and tomatoes and low-fat mayo. I love to eat this with croissants, pitas, crackers or even by itself.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

For lunch, I can't say I'm much better than you are. However, my sister and her husband are! He is a fantastic cook, which helps, but he just makes large quantities at supper time, then puts them in single servings. If they are planning on eating it the next day for lunch it goes in the fridge, if not, it goes in the freezer!

For the vacation, I went to a resort in Mexico about 90 minutes outside of Cancun in 2007. The resort was absolutely AMAZING. It was called the Grand Palladium. They have 4 resorts that you have access to while staying at one (all are 4-5 star, all inclusive). It costs more than a place like Cabo San Lucas, but it's totally worth it. There are beautiful wooden walkways through jungle that has been left untouched in many places. We saw wild pigs and other strange critters just walking around the resort. There are also fantastic activities nearby that can be organized from the resort. We swam with dolphins, and went on an amazing day trip that took us to a beautiful underground cenote, to an ancient Mayan village and `pyramid, repelling down a cliff face, zip lining over jungle and a lake, kayaking, for lunch at a Mayan village (totally authentic food!), and on a tour into an area with a large howler and spider monkey population. I'd love to go back!

Sarah said...

I have trouble with lunch too. I do find that I'll eat raw veggies if I have hummus on hand (or whipped cream cheese).

A dream vacation for me would be a beautiful, quiet place where my hubby and I could just relax.

My hair needs HELP! I hated my last haircut, which was in...January. Ugh, I just can't decide what to do and find the time to get it cut. Could use some inspiration, as well as cute ways to hide "mommy hair". My hair is straight/fine/thick with very little body/volume.

A'n'G Johnson said...

1) I make lunches the night before - even when its not the school year.. otherwise I'd just snack all day. When I'm not on top of my game I rely on tunafish - healthy and fast. A great way to change it up - mash up some olives and add to your tunafish - so much tastier then relish... plus who actually has relish on hand?!

2) I loved Barcelona Spain. the culture, the range of activities and all the Goudi architecture. Williamsburg, VA for a stateside visit (its where I grew up so I'm a bit bias) but if you love history its the place to go - go during fall or spring to avoid the massive crowds and icky weather. or around Christmas season to see all the colonial decorations.

And Cheri, you've been nominated for an award on my blog. Please visit to find out more and feel free to accept at your choosing.

Cando said...

Thanks for responding about the headbands. I would love to get my hands on a few. I love em! Plus, I have family pics coming up and I have my eye on one. I'm not really a shop-online gal. I like to pay the money and have it in my hands. Now, about your post, Thank you! I have been feeling the eating blues also. I don't think choking down the remainder of my kid's mac and cheese is a well-rounded meal. One of the biggest things I love is Granola in yogurt. and of course, string cheese... mmm... Also, for vacation, CHICAGO. We lived there for almost a year while my husband did and internship. I seriously love the city. And there is so much to do!! Okay. I'm done for this post. Thanks a lot!!

BrendaLady said...

About hair week: some questions/subjects to tackle...1) how to update a ponytail, 2)bangs or no bangs? (alternatively straight cut bangs or side swoop bangs?), 3) how to avoid your look deflating in the afternoon, 4) how to survive babies/toddlers pulling out your hair, 5) a fancy hair band shouldn't sit in a purse or drawer waiting to be used, so what else can be done with such accessories while they're waiting around to be used? 6) temporary extensions- yay or nay? 7) how does a straight gal get marvelous curls like yours? and vice versa? 8) any product recommendations?

jessica said...

2) I LOVE yellowstone NP. I think it's so much fun to hike around, go to the geyser's, wildlife and such. The best part for me is staying in Jackson Hole. We rent mountain bikes, do picnics, and eat really yummy bbq! We went over the 4th and they had a parade that was way awesome. Oh, and the antler tower!

K said...

I didn't read the comments yet, but I just have to say: I'd never give to my kids "food" that I wouldn't eat myself. And I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't eat those dinos. What's wrong with normal food for kids anyway? Granted, my children don't eat everything that I eat, but they are getting there.

Betsie said...

For the food, I make a big thing of chicken salad on Sunday and eat it all week for lunch. Maybe that's disgusting, maybe chicken salad isn't meant to be kept that long, but oh well - it still tastes good on Friday! :o)

For the vacations, I'm with anyone who's mentioned our National Parks. My favorites are Yosemite and Glacier. And if you can squeeze in a few days in Napa during a Yosemite trip, even better! :o) I've been all over the world and my favorite vacations are still the ones I've taken to our National Parks.

No advice on the hair, mine's horrible. Thin, stringy, dry...yuck!

Brian and Courtney said...

As for lunch, I always have some kind of sandwhich. In the summer it's usually goat cheese, tomato and sprouts on homemade whole wheat bread. In the winter I go with chicken salad or tuna or even do a big pot of soup.

My family's #1 vacation destination is the garden route in South Africa. It's like combining Hawaii and Napa Valley. The place is beautiful and the food and wine are dirt cheap.

candicem said...

We went to St.Martin/St.Maarten this past May and loved it. We rented an apt instead of staying at a resort so we made our own meals and didn't have luxurious accomodations. It's definitely a different world but we managed just fine and even had our 15-month-old son with us. The best thing about the island is that it's very small so you can easily drive from beach to beach. There are also tours to the neighboring sister islands (st. barts, st. kitts & nevis, etc - although we didn't attempt that with the baby).

Rachel said...

#1. Lunch in our house is 80% leftovers from the night before. If there isn't quite enough to fill everyone up, then I add yogurt, fruit, cheese, applesauce as sides. I am a pretty firm believer in not cooking separately from what your kids are eating. Not that it doesn't happen, but we are their role models in everything.

#2 We do a lot of vacations in the UP of Michigan. (in-laws have a cottage - can you say free!) Lake Superior is gorgeous and lots to see. Lake Michigan is clean and great beaches up there. Lots of woods, trails, giant sand dunes. Mackinaw Island is a fun trip. We went over the fourth and even picked wild blueberries!

#3 waiting for hair week. I was and go 99 % of the time.


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