July 17, 2010

Sharing Saturday

Okay, if you have any questions for Sharing Saturday you can send them my way because we're running low.  Never fear, though.  I have some for you today.  I need your help.  Let's get started.

1) Lunch.  I am not very good at making myself something filling and healthy for lunch.  Can I tell you the truth?  There have been plenty of days where I have found myself eating Dino Nuggets with my boys.  I'm pretty darn sure there is no body part on a chicken that looks like that.  Hmmmm.  The question is how do you make feeding yourself a priority and what are some easy things to throw together for yourself when you don't want what your children are eating or when you lack time? 

2) Where is the coolest place you've ever vacationed?  I love see new places while my husband woud just go to Hawaii again and again if he had his way.  We're not actually planning a vacation.  It's not in the budget right now, but I love to dream and hear about interesting places.  Someday!  So, where have you been and why was it amazing?  Tell me, please!

3) I'm trying to plan out hair week.  Is there anyone out there who's dying to share some amazing tips and techniques?  Anyone a famous Hollwood stylist out there?  I've got some ideas up my sleeve, but I want this to be good.  Really good.  Let me know if you're holding out on me, okay?


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