July 24, 2010

Soapbox Saturday - Belleza Mia

Before we get started here, I want to blab on for a second.  I've been thinking about blogs and sponsors lately.  I know I get annoyed sometimes with blogs that are overrun by sponsors and giveaways.  That being said, it can be fun to find a new shop you didn't know about.  So here's my conclusion.  My blog may have sponsors, but I want to promise you a few things. 

1) You will never see a sponsor appear here that I don't totally and completely love.  I figure you and I have similiar taste or you wouldn't keep stopping by.  I will only show you stores that I think are really amazing.

2) I will never have more than 5 sponsors at a time in my sidebar.  That way you won't feel overcome or annoyed.

3) Introductions to sponsors will occur on Saturdays, so you won't get ripped off on tutorials during the week.

3) Nothing in my sidebar will ever blink at you. 

Okay, now that we're good I want to tell you about a fabulous etsy jewelry shop - Belleza Mia.  Kendra is the designer and she makes some seriously beautiful things.  Her prices are extremely reasonable.  She even sent me a few pieces to preview.

I have an obsession with leaves. Look at this gorgeous, delicate necklace!

This bracelet pretty much works with any outfit.  You gotta love that.  I love the color of the seafoam green beads.

When I saw this simple beauty I had instant plans to wear it with this dress I have.  I love the little touch of yellow.

Can I show you a few more things from her store that I loved?

Head on over to find your favorites right HERE.  I'm very sure you'll find several things you adore.


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