July 30, 2010

YOU Roared!

Okay, hang on to your seats.  We've got a big 'ol round of projects here.  You guys sure have been roaring.  Thank you to all of you who e-mail me links or upload to the flickr group.  It makes me SO happy.  Alright.  Let's roll.

Karen from Australia had to order freezer paper from the UK, but it was worth the wait.  Look at her mad skills!

Jenna from Simply Jenna conquered freezer paper stenciling and here is one of the many items she has made.

Merran freezer paper stenciled this tee for her little guy who is obsessed with fans. Isn't it ridiculously adorable?

Jennifer from the Toy Box Years made the Paisley tee and these paisley tank tops as well.

I was so excited when these Captain America tees kept popping up everywhere.

Cortnie from Left in August got some waves from a flat iron.  (She also happens to be absolutley gorgeous.)

from the Flickr group....

2nd Chance Creations made these tees for everyone at a family reunion.

Lady Jame made the Hurley-inspired tee.  Is that little boy not completely adorable?

Pyesinn stenciled these sweet sleepers.

Jenn Rose made this cute tee.

My sister Cassie had some fun with the name patches - here on a hat...

...and here on a jacket.  So cute!!!

She also did some super cute patching.

I love and hate Flickr.  There are some other things in the group I really wanted to show you, but it won't let me save them.  I'm not sure if that's because those people aren't making their pictures shareable or what.  If I'm not logged in and I visit our group then it only shows me some of the pictures in the pool.  Does anybody out there understand how Flickr works?  I'd love some help!

Anyhow, sorry if I missed any of you.  You all ROAR and make me happy!  Thank you for commenting, for reading, for encouraging, and for sharing.  Thank you for making this blog fun for me.  Have a great day.


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