August 28, 2010

Sharing Saturday

It's been a while since we've done a Sharing Saturday, so I thought it would be nice to throw one in today.  Here are the questions.  Tell us watcha know!

1) What do you do to spoil yourself?  Is there anything you do to indulge yourself when you're down or when you have reason to celebrate?

2) Are there any subjects (craft-related) that you would like to learn more about?

3) What is something you have your young children do to learn work ethic and responsibility?

4) Do you have any questions you'd like to see answered on a Sharing Saturday?  We've run out.  Just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment here and we'll put it up in the next one.

Thanks for your input.  You rock!


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Indulgence for me is about a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine. :)

I don't have kids, but I can speak from personal experience. When I was young, about 10 or so, my mom brought us to volunteer at the food pantry around Christmas time. It sparked a love of volunteerism for me.

Taylor Swim said...

1. Girls night out, bubble bath, chocolate or take out.

2. I'd like to see you do some glass etching on your baking pans.

3. I hear brick piles work pretty well. But I like to do chores and Saturday work with my kids.

I'd like to know where I can get good coupons.

ProcraftinatingPA said...

1. I'm a full time grad student, so giving myself an entire afternoon a week to craft and sew to my hearts content!
2. I always enjoy learning new things in the sewing world, clothes, things for the home, etc.
3.No kiddos yet!!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

1. hmmm, a real treat for me are the days I get to start the day slowly, doing the things I love, blogging, reading, watching cooking shows, just something I want to do, don't have to do. So many of the days of the week I hit the ground running it has given me real appreciation for doing nothing!
2. You're doing great, keep the wonderful, creative ideas coming!
3. My 4 children are pretty much grown but what really comes to mind is always talking about us as a team and pointing out that we are the "body" it takes us all to run an efficient home, one that we can be proud of, and don't keep tabs, just do your part plus more and sometimes that will get done for you. I always gave my children allowance but it was not based on their chores, they got their allowance anyway, it was my way of teaching them how to be responsible with money, their chores were what you did to be part of the team to keep our house running. If you can find the book Farmer Duck, (author Martin Waddell) it is a really great book to help preschool kids understand this concept. I was a preschool teacher for years and used it to help my kiddos understand the importance of working together for a common goal.

Sorry for the rambling, I am having one of those mornings! :)

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

By the way ever since I watched the tutorial of how to bleach a shirt, when I click on your site I can hear you and your son saying I am Momma.... so cute!

Trina M Curran said...

Here are mine...this was fun. I really enjoy all the fun things that you share...especially the hair week posts. We made lots of headbands that week. Yay!

D & H said...

1.) Chocolate or ice cream.
2.) Photography and sewing, especially baby/kid items or things for me or home decor. So, basically more of what you already do! I still need to go back and try a few of the things you showed in the photography week.
3.) Give them each a garden box outside. They decide what to plant and take care of it (you help). Little kids love picking stuff from the garden.
4.) What are some fun cheap dates/fun things to do?

Two Dollars said...

#2 - I'm trying to learn more about the clay that turns silver (PMC) specifically using a camp stove to fire it as I don't have a kiln and think it is less risky than the torch as the torch can melt your work if you aren't careful.

#3 - my now 5 year old probably started when he was 3 years old. He returns the soda cans/ bottles to the Fred Meyer and gets the money. He can spend some if he wants, but normally saves up for bigger items. He has actually bought a $100 item and a $50 item. He is currently saving up for a $60 item. He calls returning cans "his job" or "going to work."

Michael and Rachelle said...

#3 I am getting ready to try this with my kids...tell them to find a job or something that needs to be done around the house and then report back when they finish. I am hoping that this teaches them to notice when things need to be done and not wait to be told what to do all the time. I think that as they mature and practice this skill they will choose harder/bigger things that need to be done. I can totally see my second and third son picking up one toy and calling it good. We will see how it goes. This is on top of the normal chores that they do to help the family and home run smoothly.
I loved your series on photography. I need to go back and try those posts again. And the one about hair. I am totally clueless and helpless in that area and I found your tips inspiring.

Blair and Bethany said...

1) I just had my second child about 7 weeks ago and it's a girl! yay! I totally missed out on all the fun hair bows and other girly crafts with my first, which was a boy. So if I'm lucky enough to get both of the kids down at the same time, I craft! This really is a new indulgence for me and I absolutely love it. Sometimes its a bit overwhelming but it can be so relaxing.

2) I absolutely love your blog because you have tutorials on little boy stuff. I think my little guy was feeling a little left out that his little sister was getting all this new stuff (not to mention, most of mom's attention) so I made him a cuff to wear and I repurposed one of his shirts and it just tickled him. So I would love to see more boy crafts. There aren't a lot out there, and you definitely have the talent to whip up absolutely adorable things!

Kelsee said...

1. When I am feeling down I usually bake something. Yes, I eat my feelings! And when I'm celebrating something, I bake too. I'm seeing a pattern here!
2. I have been digging newsboy hats and want to learn how to make them! I want to learn to make wool ones for fall and put a big fun bow or flower on it.
3. As for the work ethic in my children, I have a 3 year old girl and a 19 month boy. We sing while we clean, kind of a "whistle while you work" sort of thing. We make silly songs and it helps for them to make yucky cleaning and chores into a game, then I don't have to fight with them to do it. And whenever one child hurts the other (a daily/hourly occurrence) I make them both say sorry to the other for hurting them. They have to say what they did to the other and say it was wrong. I feel that if a child takes responsibility for their bad actions and have to face it and admit it, they tend to not do that action again, or in my case, for another week or so. Which in turn makes them get a little more creative in the beating on one another, *sigh* The life of a mother.

Christian said...

1. I pig out on junk food when I am down, and to celebrate, I generally, eat junk.. I sense a pattern here.. lol

2. I would love to learn about glass etching and I have a cricut so it would be neat to see some other ladies ideas on what to use it for, i am running out of ideas. :)

3. I don't allow my children to use the words "I can't" until they try and try again, and prove they aren't able to do it without help. I also want them to do for themselves as far as getting dressed, finding something, etc. My stepdaughter is almost 9 so she is easier, but my son is just turning 2 next week, so there is more guidance needed with him. I also stress eating dinner together as a family at least 3 times a week, though most nights are hectic. They are both happy kiddo's nonetheless. :)

4. I would love to hear answers on how to make the holiday season special on little or no money.. I am really stretching the dollar this year so these craft sites are coming in really handy. :)

Christian said...

okay, me again. :)

I would also like to learn about re-upholstering dining room chairs. Mine are horrible! I need to find a fabric that is toddler proof.

BrendaLady said...

#1: I am a serious Sonic-aholic. I don't know if this chain is in Utah, but if you ever come across one, oh goodness, order your self a slushie. I have 5 kids (ranging in age from 16 to 6 months), so when I do get some time to myself and there are a few extra pennies for me to spend, I go get a slushie...or craft. Either one :)

#2: I would like to learn more about making clothes. I have yet to find a satisfactory tutorial about how to make a waistband. Also, more projects for older boys (i.e. tween or teens).

#3: All of my kids have regular chores, except for my infant son (duh:). My 2yo even has to pick up her room and make her bed. Our older kids (16, 14, 12), when they complain about doing chores, we remind them that our home is not a hotel, I am not a personal chef, my husband is not a personal driver, there is no maid service, and because we all live together, we all pitch in to keep our whole house clean and neat. Also we're very insistent that if they choose to treat their things like trash, we will too. So items that are mistreated or left on the floor, are thrown away if no one claims the mess or item. (Once, a treasured quilt from Grandma ended up getting tossed out...they got the message real quick after that.)

#4: a) I would like to know if anyone else's son out there rips through his jeans at an amazing speed. I have a 12yo son and I just can't keep this boy pants'ed!! It seems like he can't go a week without ripping a new pair of jeans. It's killing me and my pocket book. Help!!
#4: b) What do you do with your scrap fabric?
#4: c) Not just for the Mama's, but for those of you who have undergone a body shape change similar to a pre-baby body vs post-baby body scenario, how do you reconcile the body you had with the body you have? I had my second child 5 months ago and I'm not bouncing back into shape as quickly as I did and I'm having a hard time with it. My body is so different, it doesn't even seem like "me". How am I supposed to feel like me, when I don't look like me?

Suzan said...

1) Eating is unfortunately my indulgence both happy and sad, and I have the waistline to prove it.
2)I also have cricut and like finding alternative crafts to scrapbooking to use it. Like your freezer paper stencils!!
3)I'm not sure what we did, but my 7 year old in obsessed with horses and she is always asking for a real one. I always tell her they cost a lot of money, so not right now. She told me the other day that she is going to ask our neighbors, who have horses, if she can help with them next summer and if she does a good job, maybe they will pay her!! I hope this rubs off on my 2 yr old!

Unknown said...

#3: My daughter has to feed the animals. We live in the country and have 3 outdoor cats, 1 indoor cat, 1 outdoor dog and she has 2 baby calves she bottle fed that we will sell for her later. Bottle feeding the baby calves has really improved her work ethic...and also provides delayed gratification. She has named them "Puppy" and "Laptop" because those are the two things she wants to purchase with the money she'll receive when she sells them.

Anonymous said...

1. is a girls night out, for sure! (A rare occurence though)

2. Hmmm...basic knitting or crochet...or anything that doesn't require a sewing machine (I know how to sew but I don't have a machine at the moment. Sad.)

3. My son is still a bit too young to understand work ethic or responsibility but I do think they are SOOO important...especially since a lot of young people these days seem to lack these traits. (Did I just say "young people these days??" I never thought I'd use those words. lol)

4. How do other mothers balance housework with caring for their children? I think that doing a little each day is the best way to get things done but I just can't seem to find/make a routine that works for me.

I hope you get some good answers AND questions. :)

Anonymous said...

(Oops...I meant 'occurrence')

hueys said...

1.) Buy something that I like, or indulge in chocolate/icecream. I've been wanting to spoil myself rotten by going for a full set of manicure and pedicure with pretty nail art, but have got to get down to spoiling myself =p

2.) Sewing

3.) I don't have any kids yet! so i don't really have much input. But I've watched on a show that some parents give their kids an amount of money to buy the things they like/ on the to-get list (of cos under supervision), training them to make sure they work within budget, and later on being responsible for whatever they got for themselves. I thought that was a brilliant idea

4.) what are some things to do for girls get together time

Tiffany said...

Spoil myself, hmmm...Girls Night Out every so often with the homies.

As for craft related subjects, I'm all into sewing now, watch out!

Teaching young children, I'm always trying to help my children share, compliment others when appropriate and also to be a good friend.

Tiffany said...

I got it!!!!

How about gift ideas? I have a baby shower soon and I'd luv to see what you got cooking in that head of yours?!

Yea, I know, I'm brilliant.


KJ said...

so, I'm the last one to the party, but I'm throwing my two-cents out there

1. oh so rare is the just-for-me indulgence. I usually settle for an occasional treat from a bakery while I'm out doing errands. I don't share it. otherwise I lock myself in my bedroom when the babies sleep and just read.

2. I'm a beginner in all aspects of crafting. I just tried my hand for the first time at fusible webbing? on onesies. I should do more of that.

3. My toddlers have a special dusting sock (with a face) they use while I clean. My 4 yr old is responsible for bringing the milk jugs in from the delivery box and returning the empty ones. he loves it. He helps set the dinner table. they both like helping load the washer & dryer

4. I'd really love to know how other moms determine if they are succeeding or failing at parenting their little ones. I'm completely torn apart by it.


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