September 29, 2010

$5 Fall Wreath

The wreath I made a few months ago was really a spring/summer one, so thought it would be nice to make an autumn one.  Autumn deserves one.  After all it's my favorite season.  Here's the wreath - simple and colorful.

I hit Hobby Lobby where all the wreaths were 50% off, so I bought this oval one for $2.50.  The faux-leaves were also 50% off since all the fall stuff was already on clearance.  (I guess I'm not so on the ball, but I also guess it's sometimes cheaper to not be on the ball :)  The leaves were $2.50, so the whole wreath was $5.  Not bad considering every wreath I've seen in stores has been $30 or more.

The leaf stems were wired, so I tried to wired them onto the wreath.  I also used hot glue to make sure they were on there really well. 

I added a few acorns from my yard where the wreath looked bare.  You can't see them really well since they're kind of small.  That's it! 

Thanks for reading my blog.  I'm glad you're here.


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