September 22, 2010

Scrappy Cards

One of the questions asked during a Sharing Saturday was, "What do you do with all your fabric scraps?"  This is a great question and I've been thinking about it.  While there could be a billion answers, I'm just going to give you one idea today.  Who knows, maybe we'll start a new series for the question.

I love having a bunch of homemade cards ready for anything that comes up.  So, I took some little scraps and sewed them onto some cards.  This would also be a great sewing exercise for beginners.  Here are a few I came up with.

I got a little too carried away aging the edges on this one.  I like the look of the stitches being a little messy and running inside and outside of the fabric.

This one was my favorite.  I really have a thing for clouds and rain lately.

What do you do with your scrap fabric?

Tomorrow I'll have the big 'ole tutorial for the Superhero Car and Reading Nook.  See you then.  Thanks for reading!


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