September 25, 2010

Soapbox Saturday - CSN Stores

If you spend any time in blogland, you've heard of CSN Stores.  The amazing thing is that I've NEVER heard anything negative about them and that is extremely impressive to me.  You can find anything in their 200 online stores and their service is excellent. 

I recently had the chance to review this Paula Deen cookware set.  While I may not be Paula Deen, I'm feeling pretty cool with these fun, turquoise-blue pots and pans.  They match all the accents in my home.  This set comes in a variety of great, vibrant colors. 

I love that the lids work interchangeably on the pots AND the pans.  (That way I can gurantee that my grilled cheese will be melted to perfection and not cold in the middle.) 

The handles are smooth and stay cool.  It's really the perfect set and it's actually even given me a little more desire to cook.  (If my husband had known that he would have bought them years ago :)

So, the next time you're looking for a specific item, be sure to try CSN Stores.  They're bound to have what you're looking for.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow.


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