September 13, 2010

Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! and a Stencil Winner

I'm going to be honest with you here.  My son Rex likes weird stuff.  Mustaches aren't even half of it.  He is currently completely addicted to Thundercats.  Please tell me you remember them.  They were around about the same time as Transformers.  Well, you can catch these old episodes through On Demand which we have with our cable plan.  If Rex had it his way he would sit on the couch all day watching those 5 episodes over and over while I brought him the neccessary food and drink.  Yup, it's like he's a grown man already.

Anyhow, I've tried to explain to him that we can't buy Thundercat stuff because they don't make it anymore.  Then, I came up with a plan that I knew would make him ridiculously happy.  I got out some photo transfer paper and went to work.  Rex is now the proud owner of a Thundercat t-shirt.

Here' the process.  I did a search online until I found a Thundercat picture that was a decent size.  If you pick something too small and try to enlarge it you won't have the quality you need and it will be all pixelated. 

Once I had this image, I went into Paint and flipped the image horizontally.  Since there is text in the picture, I needed to do that so the shirt wouldn't say Thundercats backwards.

I printed the image onto the photo transfer paper and cut out the image as close as possible.

Then, I followed the directions on the package and ironed it on.  That's it!

It was easy, fast, and really fun.  (You were right Stacey - it's going to be addictive!)  It's pretty cool to be able to turn anything into a t-shirt using full color and all.  Best of all, my little Thundercat is thrilled with his new shirt.

He's now got Thundercat speed.

Here's his "sword of omens" pose.  Yeah, he has skills.

I might be washing this shirt every night.

We have a winner for the Cutting Edge Stencil:
# 65 Nick and Trisha who said, "Love that you outlined it in black. What cute, easy artwork."  Send me an e-mail and we'll get you hooked up!
Thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow!


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