October 02, 2010

Soapbox Saturday - my super funny sis

I have three sisters.  They are each amazing in different ways.  When I say that I really mean that.  They each have characteristics and talents that I dream about having.  While you see a lot of my little sis here I want to tell you about one of my older sisters.  Her name is Leca - Aleca actually.  She and I are actually just over a year apart in age.  We've always been pretty tight.  While we are very different, she still gets me and I appreciate that.

Anyhow, Leca is really good with words.  She's also seriously funny.  She has a blog where she writes all sorts of hilarious posts.  Like THIS ONE about the good old school days and all the things we used to love.  Like THIS ONE about eating at nasty buffets.  Or THIS ONE about how kids tell their own version of their family life to other people.  Or THIS ONE about how she forced her husband to eat all Mexican food for a week.

One thing I like about her blog is that she is as real as they get.  No editing out the bad, the crazy, or the embarassing.  So, pop on over to Leca Unplugged and start laughing.  You can even leave her a comment.  It would make her day.  See you there.  Thanks for dropping in.


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