October 24, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - Autumn and Cheesecake in the Mountains

We went on a family hike this past week.  Autumn in the mountains is amazing.  There are places where it looks like a volcano errupting, with the orange running down the mountainside.  There are these gorgeous patches of bright yellow towards the top.  The pictures don't really even do it justice.  Have I mentioned I love autumn?

Rex did all the hiking himself.  No requests to be picked up.  He was pretty proud of himself.  Here he is flexing his giant muscles at the top of the climb.

We wanted to have a treat at the top, so we packed cheesecake.  Random?  Yes.  Tasty? Oh, yes.

The boys were happy to help out.

This was our view on the way down.  Rex did a lot of running.  I love watching his tiny little body against the massive mountains.

I love the yellow everywhere right now.

I'm also grateful for the temperature.  It makes playing outside perfect.

Chalk on our driveway makes me smile.

This little guy here is saying a lot.  He likes to say "I try."  He's learned to say "ouch" everytime his brother even gets close and my personal favorite is hearing him say, "Costco."  Yeah, we go there a lot.

I hope you've been enjoying the cool crisp weather and the crunchy leaves under your feet.  Thank you for reading my blog.  See you tomorrow.


  1. bahaha Costco. That's awesome. My little girlie would delightedly screech "SHOES!!!!" at that age when we'd be shopping. Made all the lady cashiers swoon. ;)
    What a beautiful hike! Living in the prairies has its advantages of course, but you're hard-pressed to find a good mountain view. Lots of sky, though.

  2. My husband works for Costco and that was one of my son's first words. We go there way too much too! Love your Sunshine Sundays!

  3. Beautiful photos. Your post reminded me of all the times we took our kids into the forest for walks. Great memories.

  4. Mountains, colorful leaves, and cheesecake ~ YES it all goes together with a good walk. I enjoyed your blog today~!~! Enjoyed Rex's shirt that said floyd.. still chuckling. Chaulk drawing on rocks, cement are such fun.I love the word autumn on the sidewalk with the leaves surrounding the word... You are a clever rabbit and I think that was way too cool~!~!
    Have a great week~!~! Ta Ta For Now...

  5. This looks so fun! The first picture with the mountain, it almost looks fake! I can't imagine how pretty the view is in person.

    Just Better Together

  6. Awesome pix, Rex & Baden look like they are enjoying the weather. Cheesecake looked yummy. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sounds like a fun day. Looks beautiful.
    You guys are adorable.

  8. So sweet! Cherish these days - they grow up WAY too fast.

  9. Those mountains look familiar. Are you at Bell Canyon? Lovely! I am featuring two of your projects at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com on MOnday.

  10. What a cute family you are. I am always so impressed with the time you spend with those boys. I love to see them and you.

  11. Aw, what sweet pictures! My daughter (age 3) flexes her muscles the exact same way! And she says "Hosco" instead of Costco. Every time we pass a building with red lettering, she asks, "Is that Hosco?"

  12. Cheri, how can you resist picking up that cute little guy and making (er letting) him walk the entire way? ;)

  13. I love your blog! Your boys are adorable and I love your crafty projects and fashion! THANKS!


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