December 19, 2010

Sunshine Sunday - family hikes, chubby cheeks, and mighty beans

We went on a little hike the other day when the weather was nice.  I like to linger behind so I can take pictures without them knowing.  This is my favorite view.

I also love seeing my three boys all in hats.

The only way to get a real smile from Rex right now is for someone to fake a bodily function.  That's what my hubby is doing here.  Yeah, we're classy like that.

I am SO in love with these cheeks.  I know someday they won't look like this, so I'm squeezing in as many kisses as possible right now.

Baden's build is so much different than Rex's.  Rex is a string bean and I've been calling Baden the Mighty Bean.  Have you seen those in the store?  They're these chunky oval-shaped characters that roll around in a funny way.  (Rex is getting some for Christmas....shhhh...don't tell him :)

And just to prove that he does smile sometimes, here's one last picture.

What's your favorite thing to do as a family?

Thanks for dropping in.


Jessica said...

I love his cheeks too! I showed my husband a picture of Baden the other day to show him how ADORABLE he is!

We like to have movie night every once in a while where we have popcorn, apples and smoothies for dinner and watch a good movie as a family. This last week we watched it!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. Your boys are so cute!

sew grown said...

I have 2 boys as well. Mine are both a year older than yours I think but one of my favorite things to do with them is go on a picnic and hike with daddy. There is something so special about spending time out doors with the "3" boys in my life! Your family is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Taylor Swim said...

They are so very cute. I could tell what Jeff was doing even without the caption. Nice. But hey, whatever makes him smile-- right?

Unknown said...

Baden is such a doll.
I have to admit, the only thing we really do outside the house as a family activity this time of year is go for dinner... I'm such a wimp/grinch/whiner that my husband and daughter will be outside in the snow sledding and I'll be cheering them on from the safety of behind a window... LOL! Next year I'll 'man up' and invest in some proper Winter Gear to go play outside too (whimper) but for this year I'm using the one month old as a really good excuse to hibernate. I'll get my excercise indoors and my fresh air on the way to the car, thanks! lol.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

So sweet! Kissing chubby baby/toddler cheeks is definitely the best. :)

Tiggeriffic said...

These pictures are priceless~! You should frame the first one with your hubby walking with the boys.. How adorable is that and great for a memory box.
ta ta for now from Iowa

Connie Babe said...

I've been an empty nester for 5 months now, so my favorite thing to do with my family is to just be with them...although, I'm getting used to the time with my hubby and am not complaining about that. :)

Michelle H said...

Followed your link from Ohdeedoh-so glad to find your blog. I also love taking pictures from a few steps behind. They're thoughtful.

Sabrina @ ...And Faux Pearls said...

how sweet! I too like taking Daddy and little boy pictures, too. Toddlers are the cutest age- old enough to play and have fun, young enough to still need naps to give mommies craft time:)

wilderlamb said...

Oh my gosh do you even know how hard I laughed at the picture of your husband with the fart face??? That is pure greatness!!


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