December 15, 2010

What to do with Your Free Printables

Yesterday I gave you some free printables.  Today I'm going to give you a few options of what you can do with them.  I printed them a few different ways and at a couple different places to give you some options.

First of all, you have your most basic option.  Print it and frame it.  This file is an 8x10 and I printed it through Inkley's/Ritz Pix with the matte finish.  I'm a big fan of matte.  It cost less than $4 to print.  I redid this printable because even though I do like the words running off the edge, once it was printed and framed it cut off even more and made it too tricky to read.  The new file is on yesterday's post.  I updated it.  (So it won't be as cut off as this version in the picture.)

You can also print them the same (an 8x10 in the matte finish) and then have them mounted on the foamcore.  (I also ordered this one from Inkley's/Ritz Pix.)  That's not a visible option when ordering online, but I just call after I've placed the order and ask them to mount it. 

It's an addition $5, but you can use it unframed.  For example, you can just set it on an small easel.  ( I ended up taking a stamp pad and rubbing the edges of the foam black because the white kind of stood out.  Then I wiped the edges of the picture to make sure the ink wouldn't come off on my fingers when handling it.)

Lastly, I printed off the "Be sign" on regular paper (NOT photo paper), but the 11x17 size.  The file is a square, but I wanted it a bit bigger than regular paper size.  I just printed it at Kinko's as a regular color copy on the bigger paper.  It was $2.01 and came out like this.

Now I wasn't really happy with the colors when I printed it.  They came out a lot bolder than I'd anticipated, so I redid that file as well.  In yesterday's post you'll find it in neutral beige-type colors and in a less bright version of the original.  Here's a sneak peak.

I think it's easiest to call your copy store first and get their e-mail address, rather than trying to figure out their online ordering.  Talk to them about what you want and then e-mail the file with a written explanation of what you want.  (I like to get it right the first time :)

Why print it out on regular paper?  Because you can DECOUPAGE IT to a piece of wood.  Have you ever noticed that when you buy a sign that looks antique it's actually paper glued to wood or metal?  Walk down the aisles of Hobby Lobby and look closer.  It's all just printed paper sealed onto the wood or metal sign.  So, you can do it too.  Afraid of painting your sign?  Just print it off, but it out, spread on some modge podge, paint the edges of the wood to match, and you're done.  You could also antique the edges a bit more to make it look more realistic.

I tried it myself to make sure the color from the copy wouldn't bleed when I spread the modge podge.  It didn't.  It beaded up a tiny bit on the letters at first, but I brushed over it again and it spread well.  (I recommend spreading the modge podge on the wood, laying your paper over it, and then spreading another coat on top.)  It's a great easy project with big results.  I don't have a finished product to show you yet...sorry.

So, get printing!  The links to download each print are on YESTERDAY'S POST

Most places offer one hour photo printing, so it can make a great last minute gift as well.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow!


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