January 12, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Sorry we're a bit late today.  I have some internet problems.

Okay, I wanted to try something new today.  I've been watching the vlogging series on No Biggie, and I wanted to give it a shot.  (Vlogging equals video plus blog.)  So instead of reading today, you can sit back and push play.  Here we go!

Now it's your turn to tell us about how your experience went this week.  Did you make something for someone you didn't know very well?  How did it go?  I can't wait to hear all about it!

Thanks for being part of this blog.



    Love the video! Defiantly more personal. Makes me feel like you're talking to me! Love it, love it, love it!

    Haha and I know what you mean about this kids. As soon as I turned it on they all came over to see what I was watching!


  2. Anonymous12.1.11

    To be completely honest, I don't usually click on videos, mostly because, as you mentioned for yourself, my kiddos all try to crowd around to see what's going on. But since I had the morning to myself, I was able to watch. First of all, you are too adorable! And I love the "Wake Up Wednesday" idea! I didn't do the last one (bad, I know), but I will definately do this one. :) Thank you for having an awesome blog, I enjoy visiting. :)

  3. Thumbs up from me! I always love watching videos of my favorite bloggers. Makes me feel like i'm talking with them. :) Fun!

  4. Anonymous12.1.11

    I just recently found your blog and have been reading through your archives. :) I love your attitude and everything you share with us! The "Vlog" was neat, and i'd watch every week! Love the challenge you posted too!

    On another note, I was wondering if there's a way I can subscribe to your blog via email??

  5. Love the video idea. YOU.ARE.ADORABLE.

    Thanks for the motivation to step out of my comfort zone.

  6. Love the vlogging! I feel like we've had coffee together or something- in like a happy un creepy sort of way. Now I'm all geared up to spot strangers for compliments too =)

  7. love the idea for "we did it weds." being honest though, i prefer to read...it's faster and i have very limited time to go through my vertual stacks and stacks of blogs (since i can't seem to get enough!) i want to continue with your blog, but i don't think i'll be able to keep up with the vlogging....you said be honest right? remember I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  8. Very cool! I think the vlog was perfect for Wake Up Wednesday. Hearing you tell the story about your experience was really fun. It's a good day of the week to do a vlog.
    I didn't catch Wake Up Wednesday last week, so I don't have any stories. I'm on it this week, though! :)

  9. LOVE the video. It is definitely more personal. I loved the videos you did with the "hair-do tutorials" also. Thank you for your great ideas!

  10. Anonymous12.1.11

    I say HUGE THUMBS UP! I loved it!

    I hope that you will make more!

  11. Liked it as well. It was nice as the previous comment said, " like having coffee". Great blog by the way.

  12. Feeling a little left out... I don't have the internet at home (I work 12+ hours a day 6 days a week so there is really no point), I only have access to my works internet and the computers around here just don't have audio capabilities! They are the basic of the basic! I can't lip read for the life of me soooo I have no hopes of figuring out what you were saying on your Vlog =( .BUT I did make a receiving blanket fof a friend of my sisters...just a flannel version til the baby comes and we find out what the sex is!

  13. You are aDORable! This is a great video. You should definitely do more. I am pretty sure you didn't say "um" even once during the video, which is probably a feat worthy of a world record.

    As for the challenge, well, I never see any strangers except the grocery store clerk. But I'll try.


  14. THUMBS UP! Loved it! Love the story about Rex, made me laugh out loud :)

    Up to the challenge this week :) Awesome Idea :)

  15. Oh you are just the sweetest! I also laughed out loud at the part about the kids crowding round. My 4 year old was in another room and came rushing through and climbed on my knee to watch!

    I am definitely going to try this!I was sick over the past week so missed out on the last "challenge". Complimenting anyone woud be a huge thing for me as I am quite often stuck for the right words when talking to people and then think of what I should have said, later.

    I think this may be the first time I have ever commented but I am a true follower and read every post! xx

  16. thumbs up on the video for Wakeup Wednesday. I think it works well for this segment.
    I knew I liked that little Rex!

  17. I love the vlog! Def. makes it feel more personal and you are too sweet and adorable. You are such an inspiration to everyone on here!

  18. First of all, you are adorable. I don't normally watch videos but decided to watch this one and I really enjoyed it! I think it's a good every-once-in-a-while thing (because I tend to prefer reading because I can do it faster and it's easier if I get interrupted).
    But anyway, you were very fun to watch! It felt like you were just talking to a friend and I liked that.

  19. One great big gigantic thumbs up coming your way! LOVE the vlog. It just felt so much more personal and as you told the story about Rex I could totally picture my 4 year old Kaleb doing the exact same thing. Thanks for your amazing blog. I know how hard it is to keep motivated to post every day and so many of my favorites have started letting their blogs go. Yours is now the first one I check every morning!

  20. I hate to be a pain...I love your blog (been following you since Aug.) but the video is NOT for me I am DEAF and I have no idea what is the great idea that everyone is commenting about. I know it easier for others but it not for me..I am sure you do not know you have a deaf fan but I just wanted you to know..btw you look great!!! :)

  21. I normally skip video posts. I think you did it well, but it's not something I'd want to see all the time, unless you typed out a transcript for those who don't want to, or can't, watch it.

  22. I've never been much for vlogs, for the reason you cited - little ones (and husbands) wanting in on the action. However, I tuned in while my daughter was napping today, and I've got to say I really enjoyed this vlog. I would happily watch again, and I hope you continue them.

    I'm one of those horrible people who thinks most people are obnoxious in video format. Not so with you. You're a doll. Keep them coming!

    Maybe you could add a little written summary below the video for those who can't/prefer not to watch.

  23. You know my thumb is up! It was so good to "chat" with you this morning, although you didn't hear anything I was saying. I think you are innovative and taking the lead in this blogging world, at least for the crafting corner. So PROUD of YOU and for YOU!!! I'm up for the challenge.

  24. I liked it! I have to agree about the kids though, as soon as it started playing my three year old sits in my lap and starts with "Who is that? Where is she? Can we go see her? I need to go see her! LETS GO MOMMY!"
    So apparently we're coming over, and my little girl is a fan...? lol!
    I don't mind that though... I don't think you're gonna bust out the cusswords any time soon so no biggie. Maybe next time you can do puppets for all your new little junior fans that love the video! LOL

  25. You are a cutie patootie for sure. You are a natural at this whole blogging thing! Oh bytheway, this is my first time commenting, I have lurked for awhile. :) hi, I am Brooke over at The Crafting Chicks waving hello! And I love these service ideas. LOVE.

    I had actually recently toyed around with the idea of posting a vlog since I'm a new blogger and I wanted my 16 followers to get a feel for who I really was, but as you mentioned I was afraid people would think I did it for other reasons.
    I must have missed your last posting about Wake up Wednesday, but I like the idea of giving random compliments! I'll be back next week to tell you how it went!
    Also, you are adorable!
    Your cute and you have a GREAT personality!
    Stop by sometime...

  27. I think the vlogging is perfect for wake up Wednesday! I felt as though you were talking straight to me. Do you have ideas to include a 1 1/2 yr old?

  28. Cheri, I loved the video! I had to wait a few hours to get to it, until the kids were occupied and the in-laws were gone, but it was a great 4:49! I had so much fun sitting and listening to you chat. You remind me a lot of my DD's teacher. It was great. I hope you didn't mind that I'm still in my pjs. :) But that's how friends are, right? So yeah, videos are great, just not too often. Maybe just wake-up Wednesday. :) Have a fantastic day, and thanks for the new challenge. The last one was a fail for me. Life got in the way.

  29. I loved your vlog- it reiterated to me in my mind what a fun girl you are! Thanks for all your hard work and great ideas!

  30. I really enjoyed the vlog, a nice way to mix it up! I didn't do last week's challenge because I didn't know about it. I will however, do this week's challenge, thanks for posting. :D

  31. Well from the comments I am reading is seems it is split some like the vlogging, others would prefer to read the blog only. Doesn't bother me either way. It is more personal to hear from you. Looks like you have a tough call to make.
    You said to be honest so the only thing I was thinking was I wanted to clip you bangs a little shorter or pin them back. They seemed to be bothering you as you kept pushing them to the side.
    I love the blog and I love all you do on it. You help me to keep moving forward and to be proud of what I can do. Thank you so much!!

  32. Anonymous12.1.11

    okay, initial reaction was "oh no, a video." because i'm a busy girl, and a skimmer with blogs.
    when i started laughing "with" you at that story about your son telling a stranger that he loved her, my opinion changed. the video definitely accomplished what you hoped it would, and i'm glad that i took 3 minutes (ish) to watch it. the beauty of the internet is that i can always watch a video later when i do have time, right? thanks for the post!

  33. Anonymous12.1.11

    You are totally adorabe!!! I enjoyed the video and I look forward to this week's challenge. (I missed last week's)

  34. Great video. I think I'm a go on the vlogging. Way to put it out there.

  35. Thumbs up. I also like the idea of giving compliments to people. I try to in my everyday life -- it is amazing what one positive comment from a stranger does for me the whole day so if I can be that person for someone else ... GREAT!

  36. thumbs up on the vlogging! It is definitely more personal and I enjoy the challenges you are setting for us. I loved the story about your son!

    I have followed your blog for a month or so, but i haven't ever commented.

    thanks! have a great day :)

  37. Ok, first of all I'm a little disappointed that most of the comments are about thumbs up or thumbs down to the vlogging. What happened to everyone loving the idea of Wake Up Wednesday and participating? I'm sad that there are not a lot of ideas on what people did to join in.

    I am about to post on my blog about what I did for my Wake Up Wednesday. I chose a young woman from my church who is pregnant with her first child and her husband is currently over seas fighting in the war for our country. I don't know her that well but thought it would be nice to give to her and show her support. I made her a necklace and a YUMMY honeybun cake. I wanted to eat the cake but I refrained. :) I gave it to her instead. I explained to her why I was doing it and just wanted to let her know that I appreciate her and wanted to spread God's love. I had SO much joy in doing this for her. So thank you Cheri for this idea! I loved it and can't wait to search out strangers who need compliments. ;)

    Now, on the vlogging vs. blogging. I prefer blogging because most the time I'm reading your blog my little son is sleeping and I try to just enjoy the peace and quiet. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy hearing you and seeing your cute self. You are SO adorable! I agree with one of the others...I loved the video about the haircuts. A video from time to time is great...but I prefer the blog for the most part.

    Thanks again Cheri! You're great!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Anonymous12.1.11

    I love the videos for the wake up wednesdays. it's more personal and I love it! I'm not one to watch videos all the time mainly because of time constraints and nose level :D (hubby watching tv..etc...) but I think it's a lot of fun and your blog is my absolute fav! (This is Lindsy Carraza-i'm switching google accounts and blogs. It's quite a process!)

  40. I like others would not normally watch a video, for reasons you mentioned. But since you posted it, I HAD to check it out! I think it's great for Wake up Wed., although I enjoy your writing style too much for it to go totally vlog :)

    I am excited about joining in this week. I have learned so much about the blogging world since finding yours and think you do a wonderful job. I have told all of my friends about you, and linked many of your posts through my own blog. Keep up the good work. Everytime i'm on the computer, my husband wants to know if i'm reading "momma.roar" lol :)

  41. Hello!

    I just found your blog today and I'm thanking God that I did! I absolutely love it! I can't wait to read all through it :)

    I personally do not like videos on a blog, unless it's part of a tutorial and I don't normally watch them. I did watch yours today and think that you're so beautiful. Love, love, LOVE, your hair!

  42. Hi, this is my first time commenting on your blog. I just started following a couple months ago and really do enjoy your fresh ideas. I read a few of the comments and feel like everyone has said how I feel. I think a video post is okay every now and then but really if you do it too often you're going to loose a lot of peoples interest. It think that once a week is probably too much, but maybe every other week or once a month. On your side I'm sure it would be easier to not vlog all the time too...

    I did catch your post last Wednesday and I love the idea too! I had on my knitting needles a pair of slipper socks and decided that they would go to someone. I just finished them yesterday and today I learned who I will give them too. I go to a Bible study on Wednesday and one of the ladies there just lost her husband to suicide over the holidays. I know that there isn't a thing I can say or do that will make it better but I hope that she'll know that she is LOVED beyond measure when she wears some pretty slipper socks. I plan on wrapping them up super pretty and include a nice card...she's really a shirttail friend and I don't know her much. I am soooo excited to share something I've made with her. I will pray for her as I get her gift together.


  43. I've not been a follower for to long...maybe a month?!? Love the vlog, but log others said I agree that it'd be great every now and then (maybe a few times a month) but not all the time. I love the idea of seeing you "face to face" but like others said it's not always a doable thing for me ;)

  44. Cheri!!
    I just love your blog and the vlogging is so fun and I'm a fan!!!! I follow you all the time and keep up and you are such an inspiration!! Well done and keep inspiring us!!!

  45. Big Thumbs Up!!
    You are too cute for words!

    did you catch that, my first, selfless compliment to a stranger ;)

    but truly though, this really puts a face to your writing and you seem so warm, fun and compassionate. I look forward to more such vlogs and will continue to enjoy following along on the written ones as well.

    Thank you for starting this wednesday topic, it really is great to give back and I love that you are making it about the little things and not just about the grand gestures. I share a car with my husband and therefore am home with my little one most days. It makes it very difficult to do much out and about especially searching for ways to give back. I missed last weeks, but hope to make up for it this week, as well as try out the compliments when we are out together this weekend.

    Have a lovely day!

  46. Thumbs up cute lady! Ok, here's my experience. Last Wednesday when you gave us this challenge I was trying to decide what to do and then I went to get my son from Kindergarten and noticed that it looked like his teacher had been crying. I didn't get a chance to ask her if anything was wrong but the next day when I went to school I asked her if everything was Ok and she told me that it was her Dad's birthday yesterday and her Dad had died just this last April so it was a particulary hard day. I felt so bad and right then and there I decided that tomorrow I would bring her dinner. So, the next day I made a huge crockpot dinner for my family and hers and when the school day was done I arrived with it in hand. She saw me approachin and said , "Jen, whats this" and I said "I'm sorry about your Dad and someone should have brought you dinner yesterday but here I am today." She hugged me for along time and cried. Then I of course cried. Anyhow, I love serving others - it's so nice to just forget myself sometimes and do something for someone else. Thanks for the challenge lady. Here I go with my next challenge - this will be soooo fun!!! Love ya big!

  47. Thumbs up!!!! Loved it!

  48. Thumbs up to the video. I thought it was cool. It was pretty amazing because I write a devotional blog and the title today was: "Be Liberal with your Praise." Pretty amazing how the Holy Spirit works... you talked about what I wrote about today! I guess the HS has a way of getting His message out. :)

    Have a blessed day!


  49. My 5 yr old said... definetly thumbs up :D As for me... I like it... but only once in a while... (mabye once a week) I really perfer to read. As for your wake up Wednesday... I love it! Its an awesome inspiration!!!

  50. Anonymous12.1.11

    I love the idea of vlogging! I'm totally doing this on my blog sometime! But I still like you writing things though. SO I would say do vlogging sometimes, but not all the time. :)

    THUMBS UP! :)

  51. You look so natural and comfortable talking in front of the camera. Your first vlog is great!

  52. love the Vlog...and your blog. You are a good speaker...and now I feel like I know you better. :)

  53. Thumbs up! Great!
    I am posting about this challenge this week. Fab idea:)

  54. Honestly? I prefer to read, just makes things easier on this end. Having said that it does not discount the fact that your vlog was very well done.

    Nice to *see* you. :)

  55. I think you are so cute! I just love your blog. I don't like videos because I get to do my blog stalking at night when my kids are sleeping. Some blogs have obnoxious music that blasts you out so I keep my sound off, mostly because I don't want to wake anyone up. BUT if you do continue with the vlogging I will scrounge up my ear buds so I can listen. I think either option is a good one. They both have a good place. I will keep following no matter what.

    I missed the whole wake-up Wednesday somewhere. I love it! Starting this week I will join in. One thing I wanted to do this year was to write one person in my life a letter every week. An actual hand written letter telling them what I love about them & how grateful I am to have them in my life. Then mail it. I have even done a few anonymously just to change it up in years past. (this is the 1st year I am doing it weekly) It makes me a little giddy when I see them later. I am dying to talk to them about it. It's fun.

  56. When you look at your stats for this blog and see that some crazy person from Victoria, BC Canada viewed your post like 19 or 20 times... I really wasn't stalking you! I have a nine month old babe and it took me that many times to get through the video!

    That being said, I agree text is faster, but I really enjoyed seeing your personality. Especially for Wake it up Wednesday. It felt sincere and that I got to know you and your family a bit more. Which is great! That is most of the reason why I continue coming back to your blog.

    Okay - last week. I was up for the challenge! I had 5 friends that I wanted to make something really cool for. So, I searched all the blogs and found a great tutorial on Noodlehead. It was a tutorial on how to make a gathered clutch. I had it all planned in my head. I guess I was over ambitious. I didn't even get the fabric cut out. I got stuck on which fabric pieces I wanted to use for each person.

    I have learnt my lesson - I need to keep it simple!! That being said, I am taking a new friend who has a little baby out for coffee tomorrow to get to know her better. I met this nice lady last year and I got to know her a little bit, but would really like to get to know her more. So, I didn't really make her something, but hopefully doing something nice still counts! Or maybe I could whip something up tonight for her and her baby. I'll let you know if I do get something made.

    Again, I am up for this week's challenge. I do like to compliment people all the time, so this shouldn't be too much of a challenge. So, I decide to push myself a little out of my comfort zone and compliment people that I wouldn't normally. I haven't quite figured it out yet - but I am sure I will have some good stories for next week.

  57. Anonymous12.1.11

    I absolutely love this! It gave me a better idea of what you're like and took your blog to the next level. I love the challenge. I need someone to challenge me. I can't wait to go out and give some compliments!

  58. Hey mama! I feel bad even commenting for some reason. But, here goes:

    EXCITED to compliment strangers. Hoping I don't take it obsessively too far like most things. Great excuse to meet some new people in our new hood and also kill the post-Christmas mid-winter hum-drum going on in Wisconnie...Brrrrr.

    I LU-HUVED seeing you and hearing you on the VLOG! That was more personal, and you did great! Also, love the hair. I SO want it on my head.

    My feedback on the Vlogging. I know from uploading pix/video myself it will probably be more involved for YOU to continue. It takes longer to create, upload, and uses more memory if that's an issue. Which it can be with time. Also, having to take the time to video in a somewhat distraction-less environment, get it "right", know your thoughts ahead of time, etc. may be a downer. So very unlike writing, which is more forgiving in those aspects.

    For ME, which I am one of many, I like it a LOT but likely not weekly. I think I like it more at this moment because it's novel. I continue to seek out and scour your Blog because I love the ideas, your writing is real, and the photos are fantastic. I think people who are Blog followers are readers in general, and also appreciate the photos to help complete the story. The video adds another dimension of course, but your Blog isn't necessarily "better" for it. To me, it is perfection already.

    When watching videos of any kind on a break from proofing pix I am often interrupted. I can't just "pick up" where I left off like when reading. I either need to help one of the kids or my high-speed internet "breaks up" the video which is completely distracting. And let's just be completely honest; it's hard to pretend I'm working on photos when my husband hears your voice!!

    It'd be a nice surprise now and then but I'd hate to have you feel obligated to commit to a weekly/bi-weekly schedule. I say if the mood strikes upload a video once in a bit.

    Thanks for all you do, it is really an inspiration!


  59. Love your idea. Great vlog.
    I invited friends out to lunch for another b-day. I used facebook, texting and called. I got to talk to many people this last week. We had a great time at lunch. It was good to get together. And took some cornbread over to a friend and was able to sit and listen to what is going on in her life.
    I am now ready for the next challenge. Thanks so much.

  60. I liked this vlog, but I did wait until oh...1:37 am to watch it! Ugh, why don't I go to bed??? Because I just watched a movie with some friends and I can never sleep, that's why:).

    Anyways, I feel like we just had breakfast together again...so I liked it!

    Also, I wish I had participated. I made 3 b-day gifts last week but I knew them all very well. Hoping to be involved in the next one though!

  61. Great video Cheri! At first I was so bummed when you did a video because I normally check your blog from work and I can't watch videos there. But I watched the video this morning, and I really liked being able to see & hear you. I love Wake up Wednesday because it helps focus gestures of goodwill.
    Last week I bought bagels for some of the guys at work in a different department that I knew by face, but never by name. It was fun to talk with them and get to know them - so thank you for the inspiration.
    Looking forward to complimenting others this week.
    Have a great one Cheri!

  62. I love your Wake up Wednesday Challenge for this week. I really wanted to try to do the one you suggested last week, but just couldn't find the time between work and taking care of my 9 month old. I can't wait to do the challenge for this week. Your a great inspiration for me in so many ways! Thanks!!

    As for you video. I think a quick post along with the video would be great. I tend to get on your site at work when I have a free second, but don't really want to pull up a video since I'm in a shared office with 5-7 other people. (I did get to watch it from home today though and loved it!)

  63. A little late on seeing this post, but I loved it :) I am not normally a huge fan of videos but you come across very natural! Also, you sound a bit like Katherine Heigl (...you may not, really, but I am a Brit so I find it really hard to distinguish between different American accents!)

    I haven't commented before but I just would like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, I don't read very many as I am a med student so try and limit my procrastination time (sometimes this is more successful than others!), but yours has made the cut and it is something I really look forward to each day! Thank you for that.


  64. My experience went well this past week. I took a meal to a new mom and sat with her for a few minutes. This is her second baby and she had lots of questions about how to adjust to having two, how to occupy the 2 year old while nursing, etc. So, I was able to share with her and provide encouragement. I think it was a great idea and I got to know someone a little better that I wasn't really close to.

    I like videos once in a while. They can often be too long and I just want to skip to the important stuff which I can do when reading posts. But, now and again a video is fun.

  65. I didn't participate this last week but I am going to this week. You are so cute by the way. It was fun to see the video and see how you talk and stuff. :)

  66. Thumbs up, fo sho! :)

    Like others have said, it really makes the blogging experience feel more personal. You don't seem full of yourself in the slightest, you seem like a wonderful mom who is striving to get others to participate in these good deeds - and that's fantastic!

    Sometimes I don't give out compliments, but sometimes I do. This, however, makes me feel more motivated to do so. It's true, the smallest gesture can really make a difference. Maybe the girl with a cute coat is having a bad day, but by you paying her a compliment, it may have significantly changed her mood! :)

    Thanks for doing Wake Up Wednesday!! And for vlogging :) Yur purdy.

  67. FYI:
    I am directing people to stop by to see your VLOG as part of my Bible Verse Friday Series!
    I hope you get a ton of feedback!


  68. Love the vlogging, because i'm not so good in reading in english ;)

    But yes, the kids love it too, so I have to choose a quit time... ;)

    I'm very impressed of all your kreativity, you have a great gift from god!!!

  69. I'd like to think I always use my manners and perform Random Acts of Kindness, but I'm trying to step-it-up a notch with your Wake Up Wednesdays.

    With that being said....the strangest thing happened Friday night. As I was holding a door for another patron, she not only thanked me for holding the door but commented on how cute my hair cut was! I was completely taken off guard. I cannot remember a time when someone complimented my hair. So maybe I did a really good job at your Wake Up Wednesday and it was coming full circle back to me!

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  70. I really liked watching the video-it is nice to get to know the person behind the computer screen. You are so adorable! I wish we could hang out in person but you are so far away :( I look forward to becoming a better person with you and the rest of blog land :)

    Aleisa Moses

  71. Thumbs up for sure! You are so darned cute and fun to watch! Love your ideas and look forward to joining in on the fun!

  72. I like the vlogging, not every day but I like it non the less :) also when you said sometimes you don't like videos cause the boys come over and jump in your lap, I had both of my boys standing so close I couldn't see the screen hehehe!

  73. Hey there, this is not my first time visiting your blog, but it is the first time I have written a comment {it takes more time than I really have} And I just had to today, love your wake up Wednesday idea, I'm willing to make a more conscious effort and tag along with you! Thanks!


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