March 03, 2011

Momma's Gonna Snap

The other day I was at MaryJanes and Golashes and I saw THIS post.  She had come upon a woman's t-shirt that said "Mom's Gonna Snap" (with a picture of a camera).  I would link it up, but I can't locate the link anywhere anymore.  Anyhow, she decided to make a free printable with the phrase which you can go grab HERE.  I thought the phrase was absolutely hilarious and ridiculously true.   So, I really wanted to make one as a little boy's t-shirt.  (Whoah, that was a long story but I just wanted to tell you it wasn't my idea :)

The beauty of this picture here is that this single picture respresents the shirt and the past week oh so well.  Baden has been sicky and super cranky.  You might think I'm a bit mean for snapping a photo like this while he's "suffering," but I've learned that I have to be able to laugh at a lot of things to keep my sanity as a mother.

I love it.  I used my Silhouette and some heat press vinyl.  You could easily make a freezer paper stencil as well.  I googled "camera picture" until I found an image I liked.  For the Silhouette, you upload the image and then click the auto trace button.  For freezer paper stenciling you can find the tutorial HERE.  Print off the image the size you want it and get cutting. 

Hopefully your wheels have been turning and you've been planning your boy shirts for the CONTEST.  I also added a grab box so you can post the button and help spread the word about the contest.  What?  You don't want to spread the word because you want to win?  :)  Well, I'm hoping a lot of people enter just because I'm excited to see all of us put our heads together to come up with some fun boy concepts.  So, spread the boy love and post the button if you're going to play.  Okay?  Thanks.  That would be real nice.  You rock.


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