March 21, 2011

The Silhouette really cuts fabric (and an offer)

So I received a Silhouette machine a while back.  I love it and use it quite a bit.  The last few months there was this buzz that the Silhouette now cuts fabric.  Well?  I'm here to tell you it's true.  They sent me some of their fusible interfacing to try it out.  This is what I made with it.  It was actually a simple, easy project.

So, let me give you the lowdown.  They have 2 different kinds of interfacing.  One is thicker and called "clean cut."  It has a stronger adhesive for a cleaner cut and less fraying over time.  You can use clean cut interfacing for projects that don't need to be washed or that can be hand-stitched.  The other is the "sewable" interfacing.  It has a thinner adhesive allowing you to temporarily iron your cutout designs to your project while you sew or stitch them. You iron the interfacing onto your fabric, peel of the paper backing, and then cut it like you would anything else.  (There are instructions on what speed and blade cover to use.)

So, I'll be honest.  I was a bit skeptical as I fed it into the machine.  I wondered if it would really cut all the way through or if I would have fraying threads everywhere.  Well?  It worked amazingly well.  See the up close?  Not one fray.  I ironed on the design and stitched it on as well.  It made the shirt a really simple project.  I didn't have to design a pattern and trace it onto the fabric and cut it out.  I just cut it with the machine, ironed, and sewed.  Voila. 

I really like this product.  I'm brainstorming different ways to use it.  I thinking you could make some really cool pillows with it.  You could do a lot of personalizing projects.  Plus, it's easy to use the reverse of whatever you cut.  I now have a cut out letter "b" I can iron onto another shirt, too. 

Whether you're still comtemplating buying a Silhouette or if you already have one, here are 2 different offers.


a Silhouette SD
a pack of the sewable interfacing
a pack of the clean cut interfacing
a roll of the white flocked heat transfer vinyl
All for $229!

OFFER # 2:

25% off all the fabric interfacing!

Just use the code "ROAR."  The offer is good from today until March 27th.  Click HERE to visit the Silhouette store.  Click HERE to visit the Silhouette blog for more ideas.

Thanks for dropping by!


Liz said...

Thank you for the review and the code. I think I'll be picking some up!

Jodi Pharo said...

adorable!! looks like a lot of fun too!

Christie // lemon squeezy home said...

I really like the project you did with it! I'll have to remember that way of using the outer fabric as the main, rather than cutting out a letter to use. And I LOVE that it cuts fabric--that just upped it's worth so much in my opinion!

The Smith Family said... you have to use the interfacing to cut the fabric? That sounds like a lame question but I was just wondering for an idea I had.

Rita@martenssmily said...

Wow, your Silhouette did a very good job!!! I'm impressed!!! Cute Shirt!!!

laia.altimir said...

First of all, congratulations for your blog. It is an inspiration to me.
I used your patterns and techniques (bleach pen) and now I love the Silhouette SD but is a shame I did not get it in Europe (Andorra) so by the time I just enjoy watching what you do.
A very strong hug,

Dawn Ludwig said...

Couldn't you use interfacing you already have to get the same end result? I have the Silhouette, but I don't like having to buy the supplies online - there has to be an easier way.

Heather K. said...

I had the same question that Dawn mentioned. Couldn't you use interfacing that we already have at home? I was also wondering if the Silhouette would cut fabric without any interfacing. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Dawn - Yes, you could use your heat 'n bond. Obviously Silhouette wants to sell their product but it is the same thing as heat 'n bond or wonder under, so go for it!


Alison said...

Thanks for the offer. I've been eyeing these for awhile and finally got one.

Siobhan said...

LOVE IT!!!!! You amaze me with your determination to bravely go where none of us have gone before. Thanks Cheri. You rock.

Heather said...

Dawn, I don't have the Silhouette, but on my Cricut I have used my heat n bond and it has worked perfectly, i have made lots of little shirts ....have fun :)

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I LOVE this shirt! I want a Silhouette so bad!

Amanda said...

OH how I'm drooling for a Silhouette, or even a Cricut. Maybe for Christmas this year I'll finally get one!!!!

kael+kaed said...

would totally love to try this!

Kyle Pate said...

Also wanting to know if it will cut fabric without interfacing of any kind. Could it be applied to the cutting mat and cut maybe. I have one and I am experimenting with it. Just wondering if you know. Thanks.

iammommahearmeroar said...


I don't think it works without the interfacing. Let me know if you try, though.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering what is the name of the fabric you used for this shirt? It's really cute!

Myoungblood said...

I'm wondering if you can use another brand of interfacing or if it has to be the silhouette brand?

iammommahearmeroar said...

You CAN use your own interfacing. I use heat 'n bond a lot. It works the same. Good luck!



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