March 26, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - whoopdwhoop

Today I'm going to tell you about a cool new site based on an awesome idea.  It's called whoopdwhoop.  It's a place to exchange creative goods.  Imagine...being able to trade someone for what you want rather than having to spend money!  (I know my husband would prefer that :)

Now you're probably wondering how this works.  Let me explain.  A "whoop" is like a monetary rating.  You list your product as being 1-5 whoops based on how much work it took to make, the expense of the supplies, the expense of mailing it.  You earn "whoops" be swapping your items.

Here are a few cool things I found while browsing there.

Leg warmers

Beautiful earrings

Vinyl labels


One of the best things about this site to me is the ability to exchange strengths.  Let me explain.  I can sew, but I can't knit or crochet.  So, I exchange my strength for someone else's.  Fun, huh?

So, go ahead and browse over at whoopdwhoop.  I'm sure you'll find something worth whooping :)


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