March 27, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - catching up and health

Last week was a little overwhelming for me.  I felt pretty swamped.  However, I love the feeling you get when things finally start to slow down a little more and you get to catch up.  I'm still working on the catch up part, but I love getting my house back in order and starting to check things off my list that have been waiting a while.

One of those things was giving my boys haircuts.  Even Superman gets haircuts, you know.

As much as I was loving Baden's hair long it was starting to bug him.  It was getting in his eyes.  So, I took off like two and a half inches.  Now he matches his brother.  He may have even lost a few pounds.  This kid has a ton of hair.

There's nothing that makes me more thankful for my health than getting sick.  I've been so lucky this winter, but something finally hit me yesterday. 

A whole different thing hit Rex as well.  This is going to be too much information, but I'm going to share it anyhow.  We went to the grocery store as a family yesterday.  Rex was whining about not feeling good, but we kind of thought he was being dramtic.  In the produce area my husband had pulled out a bag to put some veggies in and Rex said he had to throw up.  The timing couldn't have been better.  My husband held out the bag and Rex tossed his cookies right into it.  Is that great teamwork or what?  I know.  Gross, but good teamwork :)  We didn't even have to hear, "Clean up on aisle 12." 

What were you thankful for this week?


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