May 13, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Idea Storage

There are two questions I get a lot regarding my blogging. The first one is  "Where do you get the time?" or "How to you fit it all in?"  I answered that one HERE a few months ago. The other one is "Where do you get the ideas?"  Today I want to tell you a little about that. First, let me introduce you to my idea journal (which I made HERE.)

Now that you've met the journal, let me explain my philosophy. I truly believe that ideas are gifts. I think of them as pretty little packages that fall from the sky. (Okay, that sounds super cheesy, but stay with me here :) We have to open the gift to receive it. To me, writing down my idea is like opening the gift. Have you ever had an idea that you thoght was amazing? So amazing that you figured you'd never forget it.....but then you did? If I don't record me ideas they disappear.
I also believe that ideas breed ideas. When I get an idea and use it another idea comes right along. As we actively use our ideas or talents they are mulitplied. Louis Pasteur said, "Chance favors the prepared mind."

So here's a little peek at what I write and how I write it. These are all ideas that eventually became tutorials and posts.
They aren't breathtaking sketches or anything, but they are enough to record the idea and help me brainstorm.

Sometimes the idea changes a bit as I start to create it. It develops into something more.

I usually make a check or "X" on the page once I've used the idea.

I think the process of journaling is helpful for any art form. These are my old Songwriting Journals. They weren't anything fancy, but they hold a couple of albums worth of ideas.

And there you have it. That's Ideas 101 by Cheri. Thanks for reading.

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Mrs BC said...

What a lovely peek inside your ideas journal! So clean & neat...mine are much messier. I absolutely agree that if you don't make a note of it, it dissapears into thin air, so I tend to write ideas on napkins or other scraps of paper & then staple them into my journal so it can be a bit of a mess. That's a sign of creativity, right??


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