June 10, 2011

Five Finds Friday

It's been a while since I've done a 5 Finds Friday, so I thought it would be fun to throw one in today.  Here are five fun things I found in blogland this week.

1) Hand Towel Apron with Zipper.  Amy at H is for Handmade is so adorable and so is her new apron.

2) I saw this one in a link party and thought it was absolutely adorable.  I have been scheming the same refashion in my head for many months.  She nailed it.  You'll find the men's polo to woman's bow shirt tutorial HERE at Grey Luster Girl.

3) A Watermelon Shark.  Not sure I have the patience to make this one, but isn't it awesome?  That would definitely be the talk of the party.  It's HERE at Sun Scholars.

4) Three Part Harmony Dress at iCandy Handmade.  The girls over there are always cooking up something cute.  I love this little dress and Jen even had a fun trick for a faux-smocked waistband.  So adorable.

5) Little Fox at Ruffles and Stuff.  I thought this little guy Disney made was really cute.  I love things that look handmade.  And, I've been so excited that Disney is blogging again.  Blogland is better with her in it :)

That's all for today.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for dropping in.


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