June 03, 2011

Stay Connected with the Collection

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ringier Media for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a busy mother of two, it can be challenging to stay connected with everything happening in the world around me. There is so much occurring in my little world that I don’t always find the time to stay as updated as I’d like to be. However, I believe it is very important to be aware of the current events in this ever changing world. I also believe it is important to continue to learn.

Today I want to tell you about a brand new iPad app that could change the way you stay updated. It’s called the collection and it’s a monthly “appazine.” It’s really a brilliant idea. In each issue, the collection takes a look at an in-depth, interesting topic from different angles using all media available for the iPad including text, video, photography (panoramic and 3-D), audio, animation, rubbing, and more. Talk about an amazing way to learn!

The topics are of global relevance. They are timely, and they are updated on a regular basis. The first issue was about the Royal Wedding of Prince William. This month’s issue is called “the Global Baby.” It explores and demonstrates, with 3D animations and more, today’s options of reproductive technologies - from in-vitro, to surrogacy, to embryo donation. The issue also features milestones in reproductive science and vast arrays of well and sometimes less well-known facts about human reproduction.

I can only tell you so much in a written format, but check out THIS VIDEO for a better idea of what the Collection really is. As I watched it I was so excited to think about the developing technology in this world and the incredible opportunity it presents for us to absorb information and stay connected. You can also explore more about the collection on their web site.

You can download the Collection for the iPad from the App Store. Then you can explore and learn at your leisure. I think it’s an amazing idea. Download the issue and take the world with you everywhere you go.

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Out on a limb said...

First, this comment has nothing to do with post.
Second, I have been inspired by you and other crafty bloggers to make my own wedding bouquet.
I'm planning on experimenting with a variety of fabrics before I make my final decision, but this is my first prototype. http://missyellowshoes.blogspot.com/2011/06/wedding-diy-bouquets.html
Would you just let me know what you think? Any constructive criticism or advice would be awesome!
Thanks for you time and happy Friday!

Gaengy said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog...I follow you on a reader so I rarely take the time to comment, but felt I should thank you for all your valuable and enjoyable posts...I really appreciate today's post and downloaded it onto my iPad. I would not have known about it without you sharing and am excited to learn more from it. Thanks again, you are darling and I love your blog...btw I am 54, so you appeal to my tastes as well!


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