June 01, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to honor a soldier or veteran.  Having this goal made me think so much more about the meaning of Memorial Day and the debt we owe to our soldiers.  We bought a flag to hang out front.  I used this site to send a postcard to some soldiers.  Lastly, Rex and Baden made cards to thank some veterans and we delivered them to a sweet elderly couple that lives nearby.  They both served in some capacity during the war.  I tried my best to teach Rex about why we celebrate Memorial Day.  He actually seemed to understand the idea pretty well.

This week's challenge is to gather some things you don't use or really need and donate them.  Spring is a great time to clear things out.  There are a ton of places to donate things, depending on what you are donating.  Toys can go to a family in need, a day care, or a preschool.  Clothing can be handed down to others or donated to DI or Goodwill.  Food can go to the Food Bank.  There are lots of things to give and lots of places to give them to.

Alright!  Did any of you find a way to honor a soldier or a veteran?  I'd love to hear about it!  Thanks for stopping by.


Unknown said...

Ok, I can do this one, I just have to actually drop off the garbage bags full of toys and stuff that are in the back of my SUV. ;) I have been PURGING PURGING PURGING this spring. Time to give the boot to all those 'poor only child Nicole' toys she managed to collect from friends and family for the first 2.75 years of her life! Also time to realize that I maybe had the right idea getting rid of all Nicole's clothes as she outgrew them. I don't think clothes storage is reaaaaally worth the space you give up for the money you save... considering I'd still be buying new clothes anyways. Jeans and a few super cute / special outfits? yeah, I'll save those. Super special outfits? Well, it's not Nicole's Special Outfit if Olivia wears it too. Playclothes? BYYYYYYYEEEEE!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I haven't been on the ball enough to do one of your challenges but they are always in my mind and some things I have just done in the past and you have reminded me to keep on keepin' on...ANYWAYS....I stopped a girl coming out of the grocery store and complimented her top. She looked AMAZING in the particular color she had on. After complimenting her I said "I wondered if I should say anything. I didn't want you to think I was crazy but I thought you might need to hear that today." She smiled and thanked me profusely. It felt GOOD. Thanks for the inspiration.

Also, for those with baby clothes/maternity/bouncies/swings etc. a crisis pregnancy center is a GREAT place to donate them to. A lot of those girls who make the decision to keep that sweet little baby don't have ANYTHING to speak of and quite often no one is throwing them a shower. Just thought I'd throw that out there for some of your readers.

Blair and Bethany said...

Hi Cheri.

My sister-in-law posted this on fb this morning, and it totally made me think of your challenge last week.


Who knows, it may have even been one of your readers.

Thanks for inspiring others to do good in a world that needs it so badly.


Chelsea W said...

well, we sort of combined this weeks challenge with last weeks. Just yesterday... or maybe the day before that, my husband and i cleaned out our bedroom and donated all our old clothes to the D.A.V. (Disabled American Veterans) Thrift Store down the street! Also, we are donating all of our daughters clothes to someone my dad knows whos having a girl. We are usually the ones with the younger kids, so its harder to donate to a specific person, but i feel a lot better donating it rather than throwing it out!

If I were a llama said...

Memorial day is actually for honoring fallen soldiers. A lot of vets get upset that people do not realize this. Veterans Day is for those who are still with us. But honoring vets any day of the week is a great thing.

If I were a llama said...
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Jen (emsun.org) said...

Thank you for remembering the meaning of Memorial Day. :)


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