July 08, 2011

Five Finds Friday

Before we get started can we talk for a quick second?  Wednesday I posted about a chance to help others, by collecting change for a scholarship fund.  You can read more about the cause HERE.  I'm not trying to get down on anyone in any way, but I felt a little bit disappointed.  There were over 300 of you who wanted to win some nail shields, but only one or two of you who were willing to gather change for this cause.  Now I know times are tough and I know there are lots of opportunities to help others and I know you may not know anything about these students.....but even so, can't we do better?  Just a thought.

Now let's announce our Jamberry Nails winner:

Jess who said: "Super snazzy, fun toes! Best part - no nail polish tipped over on the carpet by helpful 4 year olds running around! So worth the extra $$."
Today I wanted to do a little round up of fun finds.  They aren't all tutorials this time, but just things I really wanted to share.

1) My friend Mandi at Vintage Revivals just finished an epic bedroom makeover for one of her readers.  Go check it out HERE.  It's worth your time.  She made closet doors look like board and batten.  The thing I love about Mandi is that she's geniunely creative.  She does things that no one does.  She's different and I love that.  Here's a tiny sneak peek.

2)  I saw these adorable bracelets in a link party this week.  They are from Aubree at Yellow Blackbird.  They are an Anthro knock off and I just love it when I like the knock off better than the original.  You'll find the tutorial HERE.

3) I wanted to show you this etsy shop, Wishes and Wants.  They have the most adorable printables for parties.  Debbie was really kind to offer us the awesome superhero printables for Rex's birthday, but we didn't end up having a party this year.  However, if you're planning a birthday soon you might want to check out her shop.  Her designs are awesome and she has lots of themes to choose from.

5) This is a bit random, but I know a lot of you live in Utah and Idaho.  The Wal-mart off of 114th in South Jordan is trying out a whole new line of clothing.  It's like DownEast, but the prices are even better.  I was over there the other day and I was excited by the great clothing and the prices when four big guys approached me.  I was a bit alarmed, wondering what they were going to say to me.  They all worked there.  They stopped right in front of me and said, "So, what do you think?"  I said, "About what?  The clothes?"  They explained how they had been working hard to get this line of clothing in Wal-mart and they wanted my thoughts as a consumer.  I said I thought it rocked and they just needed to get the word out.  I said, "I have a blog.  Maybe I'll mention it."  Then one of the guys asked me what it was called.  I told him and he piped up with a smile.  "My wife reads your blog!"  It made me feel kind of cool :)  Thanks Janelle!

Anyhow, the moral of the story is, if you like inexpensive cute clothing and you live in Utah or Idaho then you should check out the new "Bella Bird" line at Wal-mart.  Their site lists which Wal-marts currently have the line.

And that's all for today.  Thank you for reading.


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