July 28, 2011

Zipper Tabs

This week I'm posting some older tutorials from guest posts I did when I first started blogging.  (That also explains why Rex will look much younger in the pictures.)  This week's posts will probably actually be new to most of you (because they've never been fully posted here) and I'll get some time to finish some things that have been on the checklist way too long.
Today I want to show you how to do a simple embellishment on a sweatshirt to keep your kids happy.
Here's the deal.  I'm not crazy about in-your-face-character shirts.  While my son loves all sorts of different characters...McQueen, Transformers, and Buzz Lightyear, I'm not crazy about the clothes they make with them on it.  AND, they can be pricey.  So, today we're going to solve this problem with zipper tags.

This is what we're making:

These little tabs make it easy for little hands to zip AND give a plain sweatshirt a little more personality.


So, here we go...........

1) Pick out a design or logo and create a freezer paper stencil.  I chose the Transformer symbol.  If you have never done freezer paper stenciling or if you're unsure of how it works, click HERE for a in-depth video tutorial.

2) Paint the area and remove the stencil.

3) Now, laces some ribbon or whatever you have through the zipper.  Place your stencil on one side of it and a blank piece of fabric on the other (so you're sandwiching the ribbon) and sew it all together.  I like to leave excess fabric on while I sew in case things shift a bit while sewing.

4) Trim around the stitching.

5) Watch the little guy beam as he proudly wears his new sweatshirt and sings the "Transformer" theme song.  (Yeah, you know it too...."Transformers, more than meets the eye!")

Thanks for reading.


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