October 28, 2011

Silhouette Made Simple - Final Day

We're coming to the end of our series on the Silhouette.  If you missed it, you can go back to Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3....and enter the giveaway.  There will definitely be more Silhouette projects in the future, but today is the last day of our series and hopefully after watching all the videos you feel like a Silhouette expert.

Today we're making this sign and I'm showing you a round up of all the things I've made in the past with my Silhouette.

Alright.  Let's talk about this sign.  It was very much inspired by THIS art I pinned a while back.  I loved the vintage fonts and the Einstein quote as well.

The sign is actually the top of a little Ikea table that I found in the "as is" section for less than $2.  I bought it a while back, thinking it would be the perfect, cheap canvas.  Even if you purchased the little table there at full price it would only be $10.  They come in lots of colors too.  I want to buy a green one and add white vinyl.

You could just add vinyl, but I used my vinyl as a stencil.  I sprayed painted the whole thing and then peeled the vinyl off.  The Ikea table was really slick, so the paint didn't adhere as well which meant the stencil pulled off part of the paint.  I didn't mind since I was going for a real worn, vintage look.  If you don't like that look that just add vinyl and call it good.

Okay, here's the full process.

Here are a lot of other projects I've used my Silhouette for.

Lastly, if you can visit the Silhouette blog for daily inspiration.  They make beautiful things there.  You won't be disappointed.

We'll announce the winner of the Silhouette Cameo tomorrow morning!  Thanks for dropping in.  (Don't for get to check back later for my last Silhouette project.  I'm really excited about it.)


Pat said...

Would love one of these!

The Miller Five said...

I love all of the projects you have made. I really like the shoes and the bad guys shirt that you made. Great stuff Cheri!

JoDana said...

seriously... an ikea table top.... seriously! That. Is. Brilliant. YOU are brilliant! LOVE it! I have one of those table I got for free, someone was giving away, and after using it for a few years I was planning on giving it away. Nu-uh not anymore that sucka is going to become some GORGEOUS artwork... need me a silhouette!!

Debbi said...

Awesome projects and tutorials. I love all of the super projects you've made. Thanks for all the inspiration!

SHERRI said...

Thanks for all your time and effort in the series this week. I received my cameo, just unboxed it and loaded your page! Now I'm going to confidently use my new machine. Thanks again!

Rhadonda said...

Really enjoyed Silhouette week. You are so talented. And that was a lot of weeding!!!! Great job. I have an SD, hopefully a Cameo some day.

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Do you remember what font you used for the word life? This was a fantastic series, so comforting knowing I have this to look back at when I get stumped!

Traci said...

I have also been looking for the font that you used for BALANCE! I Love this! Thank you!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Traci - The font I used on "Balance" is called "Park Lane NF." It's free on dafont.com


R. London said...

Do have any FAVORITE fonts?

Unknown said...

I love this! Do you have plans to sell the vinyl? I just bought the "grass is greener" quote from sayitonthe wall and I'd like to buy this one too.

Kimberanne Weaver said...

Looks like it is Romantiques



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