November 06, 2011

Sunshine Sunday - Halloween, snow, and ice cream mustaches

Halloween did not disappoint this year.  The weather was perfect.  Both boys were old enough to get it and love it.  It was so fun to watch them stomp around in their costumes.  I am thankful for the excitement of kids.  It makes me so happy.

Baden made a great Viking.

He even let me paint him a beard.

I happened to let Rex see the real Thor movie a few days before Halloween (editing it as we went).  He thought he was the coolest big boy ever.  He stayed in character all Halloween night :)

We got snow twice this week!  It's always kind of exciting and beautiful in the beginning.

Things have finally slowed down a little around here and I've had some time to catch up on all the house work, which always makes me feel so good.  Our laundry is clean.  The house is tighty.  We got a head start on the next Super Heroes of Service project and sorted through all our toys.  Ah!  I feel like this.

I love that moment of feeling like life is under control and in order.....probably because it doesn't last very long.

And one last photo...because this is the most perfect ice cream mustache I've ever seen.  He has a gift.  (No, Rex isn't sleeping.  I think he's experimenting with new poses.)

Thanks for reading my blog.  You guys make me really happy too.


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