December 06, 2011

Graco Paint Sprayer Review and a Desk Makeover

I have always wanted a paint sprayer.  To me, the difference between professional and non-professional job on a project is in the brush strokes.  When I got the chance to try out the Graco HV2900 paint sprayer I was super excited.  Here's what this baby looks like.  
My thought was that I wanted to re-do my cabinets, but I wanted to try this out on a smaller scale first.  I bought an old ugly desk for $20 to use as a sewing desk.  I don't have a great before picture, but here's a while-sanding-it picture.  (If you're reading from the blog click "READ MORE" below the picture to see the transformation.)

The drawers looked like this with wooden handles and you can see the original color.

Well, after a lot of sanding, painting, and after getting new looks like this!

I love it.  Let me show you how it all went down and tell you about the sprayer too.  

 The veneer was peeling up in places so it needed to be glued back down.

The desk also had some cracks in the top that needed to be filled. 

After a lot of sanding and prep work (which my sweet dad kindly did) we broke out the sprayer.  The paint needs to be thinned a little in order to work.  The sprayer comes with a cup that you run the paint through to test the thickness of it.  If all the paint hasn't dripped out by a given amount of time then your paint is still too thick.

It didn't take a lot of water to get the right consistency - just a bit.  The desk got two coats of paint.  I bought the sample cans of Martha Stuart paint which were being clearanced out for $1, so I spent $4 total on the gray paint.  

Then I added two metallic stripes.  I used a nice brush for the stripe because I didn't think watering down the metallic paint to spray it was a good idea.

Here's the metallic paint I used.

After this, we thought we'd add a coat of polyacrylic to seal it off and give it a satin finish.  The polyacrylic worked really well in the sprayer and didn't even need to be watered down.  

However, using the polyacrylic was a big mistake.  For some reason it caused the old polyurethane from the desk to resurface even though we had sanded it like crazy.  The whole thing looked yellowed and I was pretty bummed.  (In hindsight, we probably should have used a really good primer to seal it off before the painting.)

No worries.  I taped off the gold stripe and we sprayed a new coat of the gray over the top.  We decided to leave it at that, since the color underneath would be gray even if it chipped a little.  The hardware actually ended up costing a little more than the desk itself, but I think it makes the project.

I am so excited about the desk.  We have an office on the main floor where the piano sits, but recently my husband gave in to my pleas and we switched things up.  We sold our dining room table (because we've used it twice ever) and put the piano there instead.  I get to use the office now and I am thrilled!  It's not in the freezing cold basement and it's bright and happy.  There will be more office projects to come.  Woo-hoo!

Okay, so here's my opinion on the Graco HV2900.  Here's what rocks about it:

- It comes with a nice manual and DVD to make it easy to use. 

- It's light weight and the hose is long enough for you to reach pretty far.

- You can easily adjust the nozzle to spray vertically, horizontally, or just as a circular shot.

- It doesn't require an air compressor.  I has everything you need already for the project.

- It coats nicely and evenly.

- You can adjust how much paint you want to spray out of it.

- The clean up is way easier than you'd think.  Rinse and run it with water and then take apart a few small parts and rinse them individually.

Frankly, there's not much I didn't like.  It sounds like a loud vacuum, but that's to be expected.  It would be nice if the paint cup was a little bigger.  Overall I give the Graco HV2900 paint sprayer two thumbs up.  I already have another project lined up for it.  It's not going to be getting much rest around here :)  If you're interested in the sprayer, you can find it HERE at Lowes.

Thanks for reading.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!! LOVE that metallic stripe!

Kathy - mom of many said...

Love the project. What a nice dad. Do you think the sprayer would work well on interior doors. I'm thinking of taking my doors off the hinges and painting them. A sprayer would be faster and neater, right? No brush strokes.
bigfamily8 at yahoo (dot) (com)

Oh, boy. Oh, joy! said...

I love how compact this sprayer is. My boyfriend does professional painting and his industrial sprayer is sooo heavy and clunky. Also, the fact that this one does not require an air compressor is so handy! I might have to convince him to get one of these for his "smaller projects" {but then really just use it for MY home DIY projects ;). Thanks for sharing!

Delia said...

That sprayer looks really cool. I would love to hear how it handles larger projects.

And your desk is so pretty! Yay for getting an office. :)

Taylor Swim said...

That turned out pretty awesome! Great work team! Now-- when's it my turn to spray?

Biz said...

I want a paint sprayer too! Thanks for such a helpful review!


The Park Family said...

I love the desk paint and handles but can't get on board with the metallic paint...but if you like it then rock it...I would have just painted the whole thing the same color.

Trish said...

This desk is wonderful! LOVE the gold stripe!

Tiffany said...

I am so plain. My family calls me plain jane, I live in grays, taupes, denim. But I am digging the metallic on this, and the hardware makes it. Do you mind dishing where you scored the hardware?

Unknown said...

Where did you find the beautiful hardware and what is the name of they grey color (if you don't mind my million questions :) )


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