February 27, 2012

Cassie's house - the nursery

While I'm out of town this week, my sweet sister is taking over and showing you the rest of her awesome home makeover.  Her name is Cassie and she'll be with you this week.  She'll check the comments, so feel free to leave her a note there.

Hey Everyone! I have 2 little boys just like Cheri and so when we heard this next baby was a girl the projects started....  Today I am going to show you the nursery.  I still have a little more to do but for the most part it's done and after all she comes in less than 2 weeks!!!
Here's the after....
I will show you the super easy things that we did to make this nursery cute and cheap! After all this is baby #3 and there wasn't a whole lot of "budget" to get it done.

Here's the before when we moved in....
So we took off the chair rail, patched walls, and then painted it Orange Sherbet by Behr Ultra Premium. Then we marked off the wall with the pink stripe which was just a little can of Behr  Cool Pink. I did NOT paint the white line. If you look closely it is a piece of wood that is 25 cents a linear foot from Home Depot called screen trim/moulding (like for screen doors). I painted it white and then just had my dad tack it up with some small finish nails.
That way the line is super straight and EASY to put up! Next up was the rug that I found at a place called Down East Outfitters (sorry it's only in Utah) for only $34 instead of over $300 in the Pottery Barn kids magazine!!! My big splurge was the the little Chandelier that I got at Lowe's. My boys picked it out for her and I HAD to have it! I mean she is the little lady of the house!
Next the wall art. I looked all over for stuff and even painted a few things but I couldn't get it right. So I went to Hobby Lobby with my boys and let them help out....They picked out robots for her. So I went to the bins of pre-done wood and bought these little robot guys and space ship for 70 cents each. Then I went home and painted the space ship and added some scrap book flowers to the robots and pictures....done! The other letters are her anitials. My mom helped me use the scrap fabric from her quilt and frame it....free!

sorry the color is a little off on this picture

This quilt my mother in law made with the fabric line called Summersault by Erin McMorris. I bought extra fabric and my mom did the bedskirt and curtains to match.
The curtains are pre-done from Ikea and my Mom added the fabric on top which made it super easy and FAST!
Last but not least is the dresser. I don't have a changing table or a dresser for this little lady so I looked on KSL (on-line local newspaper) for a dresser. I found this old yellowed one for $40 so I took it! Nothing a little paint can't fix!
I chipped off the embelishments at the bottom and took the handles off. Then I hand sanded it down. I went to Lowe's and got a spray paint
It is satin white and it covers wood, metal, plastic, and vinyl! The dresser had an unusual finish to it before (like a fake wood) and I did multiple coats of this on it. It is amazing!!! No drips, no chips, and a really even spray!

I bought the knobs and pulls at Lowe's.
I might even use it as a changing table...yet to be decided.
So there it is! The nursery is almost done! I bought a few things and repurposed some other things. Now I suppose I should pack my hospital bag or something! Thanks for having me Cheri.

Tomorrow I will show you our play room...including a little batman fort! Yes my boys like Cheri's are also very in to super heros!


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