March 15, 2012

The Scribble Challenge

I was given the following items as part of the "Scribble Challenge."  The Scribble Shop is an online store full of crafty goodness.  This is what I received in the box.  There was also a blue pack of felt (just like the brown) and 16 of the fabric squares.  (I got a little excited and started working before I took the picture.)

And here are two things I made from the package.

This little outfit and headband....

....and this glittered quote.

Here's a closer look at the little quote....

...and the headband.

Since there are a lot of how-tos, I am going to give you a condensed version of the tutorials.

The quote was easy.  I typed out a quote I liked and printed it off.  I used the glue within the glitter package to outline a couple of the words and then sprinkled on the glitter.  I added the glitter brads to the frame by bending in the metal backs inward and applying them to the frame with a large glue dot.

I was really surprised that I could outline such tiny letters clearly with the glue.  The glue has a nice, small  opening that can give you a very thin line.  I liked that.

The outfit would require a big tutorial, which I won't be posting right now.  The skirt is pretty simple.  Sew the squares together like a quilt and it's a simple elastic casing at the top.  The ric rac trim was an extra from my stache, but can also be found in the Scribble shop HERE.

The headband took me back to the days when my sister and I made hundreds of them to sell.  Here are my tips for the headband.

I used 2 of the fabric squares to make the flower.  I cut the squares into four small squares.  Then I folded them into quarters and rounded the edges as shown.  I did the same with the next color, but I cut the rounded corner even smaller.

I threw the pieces in the washer and dryer (inside a dryer bag so I didn't loose them) because I like a frayed edge.  Then I ironed them flat again.  I folded them into quarters again and glued them to a round piece of felt.  I glued the next layer and then added a felted ball I made from the roving.  (I used Ashley's tutorial for that found HERE.)

I glued my flower to a clip so it can be used on the headband or separately.

I didn't use the chalk paint because I didn't have a way to make it fit into those other projects, but I still have plans for it.  Oh yes.  

You can also find the Scribble Shop on Facebook, twitter, and google +.  Get 15% off your entire order until April 30th by using the code "MOMAROAR."

So, what would you have made with the package?  Thanks for reading.


gina said...

Love it! You need to sell headbands again... I have a little girl now that needs some =)

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Very cute, and that quote is JUST what my craft room the purple vinyl I got just yesterday! :)

AttemptingAloha said...

Adorable! That little dress is just darling! :)


Unknown said...

I love what you made! I would have used the chalk paint to make tags for my bins. I would have painted it onto chipboard and glued it to the surface of the bins/boxes that I use for craft storage. However, they are everchanging so the chalk paint would have been perfect. I could possibly have used the brads too.


Linda B said...

Oooops...there is a typo in the quote. Check the apostrophe in the contraction of can not.

Unknown said...

Are you kidding? I mean, in an AMAZING way! You are awesome Cheri. These are unbelievable projects. That outfit is too cute!

The Miller Five said...

Great job! I was looking at that stuff with a complete blank stare...and you made masterpieces!

Jen @ said...

Your ideas are fabulous. I love the outfit!!! And the fabric is so pretty they sent you :)


Scribble Shop said...

Hi Cheri,
Thank you for participating in the Scribble Shop Challenge.
I'm can't believe you made an outfit out of the fabric, that was such a good idea, I just love the little bow!
We are posting the finalist on our facebook page tomorrow, March 30th, 2012.
Stay Tunned!


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