April 20, 2012

Picnik Funeral

Yesterday Picnik died.  Yup.  It's over, but never fear.  Here's some good news.

A while back I showed you an alternative to Picnik.  However, it seems like a LOT of new options have been popping up everywhere.  You've probably heard of some, but I wanted to give you a personal opinion.  There are TWO options that I am really impressed with.  Let me give you a look at both options.  One might be a better fit for you personally, but both are quite impressive....and even superior to Picnik in some ways.  I plan on using a bit of both.

Here's what I love about it Pic Monkey.

1) It has textures, but you can use the brush tool to remove the texture layer in areas.  That's what I always wanted to do on Picnik, but never could.  That means you can add a cool vintage-looking layer over the top of you picture, but erase it over the face of the person in the picture so it doesn't look weird on their skin.  You can also upload your own textures.  Sweet.

2) It has some nice fonts.  I was kind of getting sick of the picnik ones, so it's nice to have a change.

3) It's set up like picnik, so you'll feel pretty comfortable with it right away.

4) Something Swanky did a great post of 5 more things that are cool about PicMonkey HERE.  Her points are excellent.

Now, iPiccy is also a great option because they have a few things that PicMonkey doesn't.

1) See the little buttons at the beginning?  The one that looks like an artist's palette says "create a new painting."  It let's you start something from scratch.  This is awesome for creating printables.  You could never do that on Picnik (unless you used a collage which didn't give you high resolution or by covering a picture you uploaded, which was kind of annoying).  I LOVE this feature.  You can start with a really high res file and create your printable.

2) This program actually looks even MORE like Picnik.  It's easy to use.  Way easy.

3) You can also add layers and if you want something more complicated (closer to photoshop elements) then you'll like iPiccy's paint section.  It really has a lot in common with Photoshop Elements.

4) You can create your own shapes.  This is also a little more in depth, but worth playing with.

5) iPiccy already has collages and they are great.  Check out the cool ones at the bottom.

And there you have it.  No Picnik mourning necessary.  So chin up!  Don't falter, little donkey.  Carry on, little camper.  There's a lot of options....and they rock.

Thanks for reading.


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