April 23, 2012

Snap Recap

I told you I would tell you about Snap today.  I will, but I can't promise it'll be the type of recap you were thinking.  If you want to see fun pictures, you can read recaps from a lot of other blogs.  (Ashley has a great one HERE.)  I didn't really take pictures.  (I know!  Shoot me now!)  I was kind of buzzing in and out.  I didn't stay at the hotel and I was trying to get the boys ready and off to a family member each day.  It was a little crazy at times.

So, I got to speak on a panel with Cindy from Skip to My Lou, Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, and Kari from UCreate.  Yeah, talk about lucky.  These ladies are awesome.  They had lots to share and I had never met Cindy or Amy before.  I was truly impressed with the knowledge and kindness of these women.

Believe it or not, I am NOT really an extrovert.  I have no problem speaking to a large audience, but being in a room of people I don't know and trying to mingle makes me quite uncomfortable.  Thank you to all of you kind ladies who talked to me and made me feel cool :)

I got to attend several classes while at Snap, but one was my favorite by a landslide.  Why?  Because it really made me feel empowered.  It was all about blogging for good and using your voice.  I want to tell you a little bit about the speakers there because I really fell in love with them.  I think you would have, too.  I wish I had it on video.

1) Ethan Austin from Give Forward.  This guy is so passionate about doing good.  I wanted to run up and hug him in the middle of the class.  (Don't worry.  I restrained myself.)  His non-profit company creates web pages for people who need to raise money for medical expenses.  They create a page for people to leave encouraging comments and to raise funds.  Ethan runs marathons in a banana suit to raise money for great causes.  He also has a blog HERE.  I loved this phrase they have on the wall at Give Forward.

2) Jeannett at Life Rearranged.  Wow.  This girl was so incredible.  I could really relate to everything she talked about.  She spoke about how she wants her children to have beautiful hearts.  Because of that desire, she is anxiously engaged in great causes.  She talked about how it's easy to say that life is too busy right now or that our hands are full, but what does that teach our children?

3) Meg from Whatever.  I'm not sure how I didn't know Meg's blog before.  She talked about how her life and blogging changed through some experiences she had.  She went from blogging about great shoes to blogging about great causes.  She is passionate and driven and really funny, too.

It all got me thinking about what else I could do around here.  We have our Wake Up Wednesdays and some occasional charity fundraising, but I think I could do something more.  I don't have it all figured out yet, but the wheels are turning.  And, I'm excited.

And on a totally different note, if you want to hear one of the coolest stories ever go to Saturday's Sharing Saturday post and read the first comment there.  Wow.  It was amazing.

Thanks for reading.


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