May 28, 2012

Once Upon A Thread

Hey guys!  I've over at Katy's blog, No Big Dill, sharing a sewing project inspired by this book.  

Katy does a series called Once Upon A Thread and each blogger sews something inspired by a children's book.  (She also happens to be one of the most amazing, creative seamstresses I've ever encountered.)  You can find my post HERE.

You'll see what I made my scaredy squirrel.

Thanks for dropping in.  See you tomorrow.


Cheryl said...

This is so darn cute! What a lucky guy, and you make it look so easy, too! Fun photos, as always! Check out this book Mom, Highly Sensitive Child, by Elaine Aron...

Kris @ said...

Cute bag!!!! he is such a cutie!!! i love the idea of the "bee spray" i am going to remember that one!

isa poirier said...

Bonjour Cheri !

Scaredy squirrel! Theses books are so awesome! Plus the writter lives in Montréal (Québec)! Yeah for french creative people!

Have you read (oups..forgot how to write this verb in past tense...)the others ? My kids love them so much. They love when scaredy squirrel kind of freak out when is plan don't work and choose to "faire le mort" !

Melanie Watt wrote an other series of books called Chester . It's a cat and it's funny. Chester always took a big red marker and write over Melanie's story !

So ... Bonne journée !


~ko said...

Hello hello! This is brilliant! My youngest is our scaredy squirrel, I will be picking up this book and making a bag for him ASAP. The bee spray could not be more perfect! Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great week!

The Miller Five said...

Awesome! You did a fantastic job Cheri!

Leigh said...

My scaredy squirrel makes a very similar face to strangers, and has been known to wear his sunglasses inside for an hour until he is comfortable. Thanks for introducing me to this book!


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