May 05, 2012

Sharing Saturday

Alright.  We have some fun Sharing Saturday questions lined up today.  I think the responses will be pretty entertaining to read.  Here we go.

1) What's the worst first date story you ever had?

2) What is something you wish someone would invent?

3) What music do you have that works for adults and kids (meaning the kids don't whine while it's on and vice-versa :) ?

I will answer the questions myself in the comment section when I get a chance.  I have a good first date one to share.

I love hearing your stories and insights.  It's fun to get to know all of you as well.  Thanks for sharing.


  1. Anonymous5.5.12

    My worst first date...and only. Had to pick up a blind date in SF at a hotel. He got into my car and reaked. Not a stink, but like an irritating pheromone smell. It just encapsuled my car and I so wanted him to get out. I wanted him out of my car so badly, but I was to be his tour guide for the DAY. I had to mentally change plans to only do outside activities and get out of the car. Very long day and now am a true believer in pheromones.

    No idea what should be made, but if I did could be a million dollar idea.

    We listen to a lot of Christian radio. Daughter can sing to her hearts content, and I don't have to fear she is learning inappropriate words. Every now and then we mix it up with some oldies. I am in my lat 40's DH is in his late 50's and daughter is six. Can get eclectic some days.


  2. My worst first date.... I let him pick the movie and we ended up seeing The People vs Larry Flynn. Yeah, pretty uncomfortable.

  3. Rock a Baby is a staple in the car, as well as Baby Loves Jazz. Raffi is also in the rotation and BNL came out w/ a children's CD a few years ago. She also loves reggae (age-appropriate Bob Marley mostly) and some Jimmy Buffet (again - previewed for appropriateness. Little Miss Magic for example is on our playlist)

  4. #3: Bluegrass & folk, and our kids love Great Big Sea. Admittedly, it's full of inappropriate language, or at least inappropriate stories... We also like Camille Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals and Holst's Planets, along with Starwars sound tracks.

  5. 1) I was asked out by phone and I thought it was a kid in my college class, but after I got off the phone I realized that his name was different. (Yeah, duh!) I didn't know who it was and couldn't even figure it out. He showed up that night and it was a friend of a friend who I had never really talked to. As we pulled out he casually told me he just remembered that his good friend had his wedding reception that night. I wasn't even dressed up and he took me there. That's not even the bad part. When we got there EVERYONE we met knew me by name. "This is THE Cheri?" I was totally freaked out. After the reception he took me to an awkward dinner and then to his friends house where all his friends from high school were hanging out. They all spent the evening talking about the good 'ole high school days. Needless to say, there was never a second date :)

    2) I want someone to make an SUV with sliding doors like a minivan. PLEASE!!! I also want someone to create a sandwich/soup joint (like Kneaders) with a play area. When you meet other moms for lunch McDonald's is the only play land option (or something like it) and I think tons of moms would love a nicer option. Seriously, think it would do well.

    3) We love Mason Jennings (but we have to avoid a couple of songs where he swears). I'd love to find some more options.


    1. That is one heck of a bad first date. I really only had one what you would call "first date," (my husband and I just started going out), and it was horrible. He picked me up at 2 in the afternoon. I guess it was just a test, and he didn't want to commit to ruining his whole evening.

      But I'm replying to your post, Cheri, because you made me think of the number one thing I would like: a sandwich shop with a drive-thru. We have NONE here in Tennessee. I wouldn't care if it were slow! Here, if you don't want to get everyone out of the car, your choices are fast food and fast food and fast food.

    2. hi! Cheri, your post about someone needs to create a nice restaurant with play area is great! my hubby is from Central America and i am always shocked at the Pizza huts, KFC, TGI Fridays, etc. restaurants that are much nicer than our U.S. places and they have nice, inside play areas! i love your blog! never posted, hope this was okay! vohn

    3. Do you guys have Chick-fil-a's out in Utah with toyland? We have them all over out here and they are GREAT! I can't remember seeing any last summer while I was there.

      I don't know about inventions, but I wish I had the million dollar idea!

      What a terrible date! I too went on a first date with a guy to a wedding reception. BUT, we ended up dating for two years and even got engaged! We didn't stay engaged though, but that's another story...ha ha!

  6. This isn't really a worst date story - it's more how I avoided a date turning into the worst date ever.

    My roommates and I (4 of us total) were going to an Institute Valentines Date Dance. 2 of the room mates had boyfriends and me and my roommate were being set up on a date. We all met before the dance and had a few pictures taken. As we were getting ready to leave, we realized that we never decided who was going with who. After a few awkward staring moments one of the guys said that he would go with me (and it wasn't the guy I was hoping I would be paired off with.)

    At the dance, dinner was served and my roommate and I started getting to know our dates. It turns out that my roommates date and I went to the same high school and had had a class together so we started talking about that and other things we had in common and my roommate and my date started talking and finding things they had in common.

    As they night wore on, I grew increasingly frustrated with my date and my roommate wasn't clicking with her date. We both slipped away to the bathroom to escape our dates and figure out how we were going to survive the night with dates we couldn't stand. Our roommates saw us leaving and came and joined us in the bathroom. As we were venting our frustrations of wanting to be on a date with the others date, the suggestion came up "Why don't you guys just switch dates?" Well, we both wanted that so when we left the bathroom, we each went up to the guy we wanted to be on the date with and started dancing with them. There were no complaints, no why did we switch questions, nothing. It was as if they wanted to switch too!

    After a wonderful night, we went back to our apartment and took some more pictures (so we had ones with the guys we actually liked!) and everyone went home. Thanks to the great date swap we avoided the worst date ever and turned it into one of the most memorable nights.

  7. 1. I was going to the cinema with a boy who'd asked me out, only to find out at the very last minute that his best friend was coming with us. His dad was giving us a lift there and so I assumed he'd be giving us a lift back too but no, I found out when they were being picked up that he was just giving the boys a lift back so I had to call my (very unimpressed!) mum to come and get me. It was snowing really hard and quite late at night and I was left standing on my own waiting for her. Needless to say - definitely NO second date.

    2. An off button on children would be good. I'd not use it very often but it would be great when a good nights sleep was needed!

    3. Some of 'The Zen Hussies' songs are brilliant! Both my little boys love their livelier tracks

  8. 1. My HS boyfriend told me a week before senior prom that he had promised to take his EX GIRLFRIEND to the prom and that I could go with one of his friends, a foreign exchange student from Spain who spoke very little English (and I had only taken French, so there goes the conversation). After suffering through an almost silent dinner, we met up with my friends and their dates and were at the prom - which was at a huge hotel -- we were sitting outside the ballroom when someone from another school, whose prom was on the floor above ours, spit over the railing. This huge ball of spit landed right on my dress. I have photo proof - thanks to my bff. So my senior prom was almost silent with a non-english speaker and my dress got spit on. Plus, MY Bf was with his ex. Needless to day, I dumped the BF and the exchange student? Yeah. That was a non-starter.

    2. I'd want to invent the dryer that folds the clothes for you. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

    3. We listen to dance/techno music. Probably not the most soothing, but gets us going. That and ABBA or Michael Buble. Ecclectic, but good!

    1. Yay ABBA! We are totally ABBA fans too, that's what my mom used to put on when it was time to clean the house when I was little, and I do the same thing now, it really keeps your energy up and we end up dancing through the house!

    2. I'd be second in line for that dryer!

  9. I just want someone to invent stick in hinges, you know, a hinge that will hold something light weight like foam core. I want to put temporary doors on my bookcases because I have a kitten who wants to turn the shelves into her own high rise apartment.

  10. 1. My worst first date was my freshman year of college, there was this guy in one of my music classes that came up to me and asked me what I was doing that weekend. I was in no way interested in this guy, he didn't seem to take anything seriously and he seemed way too into himself, but I didn't really think about what he was asking, and when I told him I didn't have any plans I knew I had made a big mistake. So he asked me out, and I agreed... mostly out of pitty and humiliation for not giving myself an escape route. (It was at BYU-I and he was nice, so it wasn't like I accepted some strange guy's invitation, I would have said no in that case.) Anyways, he came to pick me up- by foot. That's not really that big of a deal because the town we were living in was small, but it was still weird. Then we walked to a Thai restaurant place, somewhere I had never eaten at, and the conversation was awkward and all about him. While we were eating, he couldn't stop talking about how awful his roomates were and how they sabotaged his room and he refused to clean it, and he was holding his rent until the management did something about it. And he kept talking about how much money he had. Then he wanted to go watch a movie. The only problem was the movie wasn't for another 1-1/2 hours, so to avoid anymore akward conversation and to end the date as soon as possible, I suggested we rent a movie and go back to my apartment and watch it (he probably thought he'd get more action there, but I knew well enough that I'd have roommates that would be there for back up). So we rented an awful chick flick, watched it while sitting on the couch about 1 foot away from each other with my roommate in the room because I asked her to watch it with us. He put his hand out between us like he wanted me to grab it. Not happening! So I pulled all of the obvious "I'm not interested in you" body language I could think of. As soon as the movie was over, I hopped off the couch, grabbed it out of the player, put in the case, handed it back to him and said, thanks for the date. He asked if I was going to walk the movie back with him, so I offered to drive. He put the movie in the slot, and I dropped him off as quickly as I could afterward. Thankfully he never asked for a second date, and he ended up dropping out of the class we had together. I feel a little bad about it looking back, but I wasn't rude, I stuck the date out and gave him a ride home, but it was definitely a pitty date.

    There was another time that I got taken out that semester by a different guy, and after I finished all of the food on my plate he said, "I'd hate to see what you'd eat when you were pregnant!" Yeah, that didn't last long either!

    2. A good invention would be soundproof flooring in apartment buildings. We live on the second floor and I have two boys, ages 2 and 3,that are always jumping and dumping toys out and running around. I feel bad for our downstairs neighbors!

    3. We listen a lot to Josh Groban and Michael Buble and my boys love it.

  11. 1. My worst first date ever was with a guy I thought was a friend, while he thought we were going on a date. It was a total misunderstanding and made for a very awkward evening! We went to a movie and I was completely relaxed because we were friends and I had lots of other guy friends that I hung out with one-on-one without any weirdness. But then he tried to hold my hand and I got so confused... we didn't hang out much again after that.

    3. Jack Johnson! My son insists that Jack Johnson is "his music", but we all enjoy it a lot.

  12. 1. I went on a first date where the guy was so shy, he barely talked to me. I think he said like five sentences. I was soooo glad to leave!

    2. I wish someone would invent a machine that feeds puppies/kittens. I foster for very little puppies (some only a few days old) and it's very hard to get them to latch onto baby bottles. It would be nice to have some sort of setup where it was laid out like a mama dog and they would nurse off of it.

    3. The munchkin I nanny for loves Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kesha... etc (don't worry, her mom never lets her watch the videos or hear songs with bad words). I cannot stand pop music, but she doesn't care for classic rock. Disney music to the rescue! We love listening to the Princess CD I got when I was 16. Nothing like belting out Part Of Your World while driving to school. :)

  13. 1) I never had a worst first date - thankfully because I'm married to my high school sweetheart,so I didn't date much before him. A friend of mine dated a guy who was on optometry student at our local university, and he asked her once if he could lick her eyeball. I don't think she saw him again after that night...

    3) We all love Coldplay! "A Family Album" by The Verve Pipe is also one of our favorites. My husband and I both play instruments/sing, so we've always got some kind of music going! :)

  14. Cheri,

    I only dated two guys and therefore didn't really have a bad first date though Scott did really hurt my feelings. We had gone to a movie and afterwards went to a place that was open until like two am and got a soda and fries. When I was telling him about what a nice time I was having and said something about the fun we could have the next time we went out, Scott said (and I quote) "Who says the will be a next time?" OUCH!

    Something someone would invent... Hmmm... How about a self cleaning bathtub and toilet?

    The Beatles. My daughter reacted to them even while I pregnant and if I bring a couple of CDs on a long trip I know there will at least be some music we can agree on.


  15. I never went out on blind dates so nothing to comment on....

    An invention? kinda stuck on that one...

    My kid is only 3 so when I'm cleaning the house I have the 80's station from the cable on and we totally rock out to that...He really loves any music right now, so I'm pretty much in control, for now....get at me in a couple of years, and let's see where I'll be then :-)

  16. Worse Date: the double-date fix up. I was into the guy of the other couple. We were a better match than he was with his now wife. They put me with a "surprize" that ended up being the guy I'd sat next to for 4 quarters in economics our Freshman year of College. Oh, and he was gay, but not out (enough) about it. I guess had we spent 4 quarters in Chemistry class there might have been hope (not!).

    Invention: A pill that replaces all the sleep lost since becoming a parent. To date there is no remedy, sadly.

    Music: Just about everything can be purchased that's been put through Family Friendly filters -- or check your local Library. We love many Jimmy Buffet tunes, and nothing replaces hearing a 4 yo singing "If I Had a Million Dollars" (the Barenaked Ladies) from the back seat, although you may have to explain that "Kraft Dinner" is Kraft Mac-n-Cheese in Canada.

  17. 1. My worst date was when my now husband's college roommate asked me out (knowing my husband had a thing for me even though we were just friends at the time) and then took me to a bookstore and asked me to pick a children's book, then he took me to a park to sit on the grass so he could read it to me........ In his head I'm sure it would have been cute, but in reality it was really awkward, and he read to me in a really condescending/baby talk way as if he thought he was talking to a dumb person or something. Later, my now husband told me that his roommate thought this was a brilliant date move, because is showed he was ready to be a good father...... Um, not to my kids you're not.

    2. I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.....

    3. We are big ABBA fans in our house!

  18. 3. TobyMac is loved by the boys in my house.

  19. My worst date ever... There was this guy in my high school that had asked alot of the very popular senior girls to prom, he was a Junior. I felt bad that all the girls told him no. So when he asked me i said yes. I knew him my whole life but i was not really friends with him. When our double date was taking me home which was a 45 min drive my date reached over and grabbed my hand. I was holding hands with this guy that i did not like at all. When i gained some courage i grabbed my hand back. He was so mad and kept giving me the look for my hand back. I grabbed the door handle with both hands trying to give him a clue. I was basically hugging the door. I was finally ready to relax a little then he tried again. He got so mad he pretended that he fall alseep. When we got to my house i thanked the double for the ride home. I was walking myself to the front door of the house which was a relief but the other couple must of lectured him so he got out. I was so grateful that the date was over.

  20. My worst first date was going to a carnival over the forth of July and having to stop the ride we were on to sprint to a trash can and puke my guts out!

  21. 1. Didn't really have a bad first date, def some better than others, but I was cracking up at the others....haha!
    2. I'm stealing Cheri's idea....that's genious! I'd take my kids for sure!
    3. Seeds Family Worship - you go to their website and click on Media then Listen can hear all their albums & songs. They are also on iTunes. It is a great way for you kids to learn Scriptures and they are really good songs that adults like too!

  22. 1- the guy spent the dinner lecturing me about how my father shouldn't let me do some of the things I did (like theater. And singing.).

    2- Hermione's time turner- I wants it for reals.

    3- We haven't spent a whole lot of time letting our kids listen to typical children's music- we're sort of all over the place with our music, so they get showtunes, rock, techno, acoustic- I usually put on itunes DJ and let it go, as long as the lyrics are okay for the kids. We do have a playlist of family favorites on Grooveshark that we keep for dance parties on really bad days.

  23. I had one guy date who asked me out, and we went bowling (one game only). Afterwards, we went to Burger King, and he proceeded to tell me I could only get water, and I needed to order something that wasn't too expensive, because this date had already been too expensive. He went on to say that our next dates would have to be more budget-friendly. Um, don't worry about it, Buddy... there won't BE a next date! The funny thing is that if he had suggested a hike (completely free) or a picnic at a park (fairly cheap), I'd have thought it was great and would have gone out with him. But after the lecture inside Burger King, I somehow wasn't feeling the love connection!

    Another date was with a guy I'd gone out with a couple times, and he took me to play raquetball. Afterwards, we went to get something to eat and as we were deciding what to get, I suddenly got violently ill and ran into the bathroom to throw up. When I came out, I told him I'd just been sick, so could we just go home? He said, "Yeah, I'll order mine to go." He placed his order, and it took about 15 minutes to get it while I am standing there trying not to puke again. Finally, he got his order and we left, but he went to his friend's house instead (they had a standing agreement to watch a movie together every Friday night, so every date ended at his friend's house with the three of us watching a show). I was too timid to stay anything, so I sat there and felt miserable for two hours until the movie was over, and he finally took me home!

    For the invention, I just keep telling my son he should invent a viable teleportation device, and then we'll all be set for life! ;)

    We have constant battles with the kids over music. They think anything made before the year 2000 is "ancient," whether it is the Beatles, Chicago, or you name it. So much of what is popular right now has questionable words or ideas. :(

  24. 1. My visiting teacher in college set me up with a guy that liked her that she was trying to get rid of. Yeah, awkward. So, he took me on a double date to a spanish-language music fireside in Salt Lake (we were living in Provo). He was friends with the other two on the date, and the entire ride up there no one even spoke to me. Then no one spoke to me at the fireside, or on the way home. It was pretty miserable, and I could not wait for it to be over.

    2. Very similar to Cheri's, but I'd like someone to build a giant indoor playground with actual playground equipment. Swings, slides, monkey bars. Not fake trees that do nothing but block your view of your children (can you tell I'm bitter about the mall?). I really need somewhere besides McDonald's to take my kids to play in the winter.

    3. Beach Boys. Also, the Tarzan and the Lilo and Stitch soundtracks make incredibly good adult and child entertainment.

  25. We avoid the inappropriate songs but my kids love Train & U2.

    I am loving all the first dates stories. So funny!

  26. My worst first date was when a blind date picked me up and took me to see a really raunchy frat guy movie and then to diner at Denny's. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was a horrible conversationalist and we would have these really long silences whenever I got tired of trying to keep the conversation going. Like five minutes at a time long. I was never so glad to see the waitress bringing the check in my life!

  27. Okee Dokee Brothers are my favorite kids band ever (an my boys too)! They are bluegrass (with whimsy)if you like that. The are originally from Denver but live in MN for now. They have a couple of albums and cute videos on their website.

  28. 1. Worst Date: The boy chose to take me to Hellbound: Hell Raiser III. Not a good start.

    2. Invention: I like the idea I saw up there - an SUV with sliding doors, but what I really want is a minivan with a gas/electric engine. Something I can drive around town that is less expensive than the Sienna.

    3. We listen to Laurie Berkner Band in the car every. single. day.

    1. Laurie Berkner is a fav of ours too! Though thankfully not every single day. Not sure it would be a fav anymore.

    2. Laurie Berkner is a fav of ours too! Though thankfully not every single day. Not sure it would be a fav anymore.

  29. I am lame and can only answer with our favorite music- Phineas and Ferb soundtracks (we love them all - even the stuffy husband). They Might Be Giants - their kid albums are amazing - the music videos are awesome too. Otherwise my kids are very familiar with our antiquated grunge music :)

  30. Anonymous6.5.12

    Hi Cheri,
    I'm a long time reader, first time commenter.

    I'm just answering the music one. We listen to They Might Be Giants "Here Come the 1, 2, 3s" and "Here Come the ABCs". So much fun! They feature on our family saturday night dance party, and my 3 year old sings along to all the songs.

    Thank you for your blog! I too have two little boys, I love reading what you are up to.

  31. Anonymous6.5.12

    1. So I looked back through my date book (yes, I kept a list of all the dates I went on, until I had gone on 7 consecutive with my future husband :) It's nice to look back and first of all remember them, second of all get some ideas). Anyway, all my first dates weren't THAT terrible, but there was one where at the end of a fun date, he took me to a church parking lot, which was essentially in my parent's backyard, in the middle of a snowstorm, and turned on "You and Me" by Lifehouse and slow-danced me outside of the car. Haha, he was a schmoozer, and come to find out, he had done the same thing with at least 2 other girls I knew!

    2. Invention: Honestly, I can't think of any good original ones right now, but I love yours with the playland in a nice Kneaders-type restaurant!

    3. Music: I absolutely love Ingrid Michaelson Radio. We literally listen to it all day practically every day, and my 2 year-old can sing along to songs like Adele's "Rumor Has It", Sarah Bareilles "Gravity" and quite a few songs of Ingrid's. I'll be glad to try out some of these other stations!

  32. Oh man, I have some doozies of terrible first date stories. The one where the boy went out in the middle of an empty dance floor and danced with himself, the one where the "casual" date ended up being a concert of the BYU symphonic orchestra in the Tabernacle (I'm in jeans and cowboy boots) and my date leaves me sitting alone for over 20 minutes while he goes to find the family he taught on his mission who's daughter is performing that night, and the rest of the date is spent with the entire family walking around temple square, or the first ever date going to the school dance as a sophomore when all the boys were juniors and all the other girls were seniors. When all the girls got up to go to the bathroom, I was the only girl left at the table and all 4 boys just stared at me. Oh yeah- there have been some real winners.

  33. Worst date ever: I was meeting a guy for the first time who I had met online and talked to on the phone several times. He seemed very sweet, but his car was "in the shop," so I drove an hour to meet him. The plan was to walk to a park near his house and feed the ducks. Well, first, when I got there he was missing his front tooth (said it got knocked out at work while he was bouncing), and it looked like he'd just woken up from a nap. We went inside to chat, and he grabbed my hand and tried kissing me. Uh, no thanks! I encourage him to get going to the park, he said it was only 10 minutes away, so I walk by my car assuming we're walking. He says "Uh, we're going to need to drive." Umm, ok...he says there's a convenient store on the way to pick up some bread, so I'm driving, and driving, and getting more nervous every minute. He keeps telling me how pretty I am and he keeps trying to hold my hand and touch my hair, and I'm totally not interested. After about 20 minutes of driving into the middle of nowhere and several "wrong turns" without a park or convenient store in sight he's pointing out these cabins he wants to take me where they filmed some horror flick. Fantastic. I'm frantically trying to think up an excuse to rush back to his house or to get him out of my car somehow. Eventually we get to the convenient store...which is actually a boarded up abandoned building. At this point I'm trying to come up with an escape plan because I think this dude might kill me. I'm on the verge of a full blown panic attack, and I'm getting so nervous that my stomach is cramping and I need a bathroom ASAP. Since the store was closed he suggested we go to lunch instead at this "nice" place he knows. I'm happy to be back in public, so he directs me to this hole-in-the-wall filthy diner with one other customer and flies all over. I order something quick, try to pretend that I'm actually eating it, and run to the bathroom like 3 times. I explain that I'm having stomach trouble (I really was, I was scared $*@#less...literally) and he agrees to feed the ducks on our next date. I get him home as quickly as possible, duck his attempted kisses and thank my lucky stars he didn't kill me. Scariest. Date. Ever.

    1. Anonymous7.5.12

      Oh my! Sounds like a scary B movie. I would have been terrified!

  34. Worst first date, I went on a trip with the guy (I knew him, had worked with him for years and we were staying at a friends house) and when we pulled out of the burger place we went to for dinner his VW bug wouldn't start.... so I had to push it until it while he popped the clutch, because I didn't know how! I ended up marrying the guy, we are about to celebrate 23 years! And let's just say that wasn't the last time I had to push the VW! Have you heard of Eddie Coker, totally fun music for kids and I enjoy it too, that and Laurie Berkner. I would like to invent a magnadoodle type of thing that could bolt to my chest so I could take it with me everywhere I go. That way I wouldn't ever forget what I went to the next room for!

  35. 1. don't have a good one
    2. drive-thru grocery store (express lane style) and a drive-thru post office: these are times when I really do NOT like unloading all the kids.
    3. The whole family enjoys the Tangled soundtrack.

  36. Worst date: Blind date on an Air Force Base... the guy drinks tons of Vodka and starts slurring his speech and bragging about how he can hold his liquor. then he starts rambling about how we are all gonna live on the moon in 10 years (still waiting...) and we need to buy available plots now and how the gov. needs to cut school funding to make this all happen. THEN he puts in 8 Miles (that's the Eminem movie, right?)... UNCOMFORTABLE as there are some graphic scenes in it!!! Made a "I feel sick excuse" and left the BBQ (everyone was outside, leaving us alone in a separate room) to go back to my original friend's house to yell at her!

    I just wish that the grocery stores would have workers get your groceries like in the old days when you'd had them your list and say you'll be back in 1 hour!

    We LOVE Renee and Jeremy (their duets make it great for adults, but kids love them too... I have their Welcome to This World album). A cd mix of oldies songs (Knock 3 Times, Do the Twist, Purple People Eater, Never Smile at a Crocodile, When the Saints go Marching In, etc). I make a LOT of themed cd mixes (like Train Songs, Transportation Songs, Fishing Songs) because I can put adult songs on there and if they mention their theme, the boys still go crazy. :)

  37. Worst first date... the guy convinced me to park my car in a "jack in the box customers only" spot because we were running late for dinner and when we came out my car had been towed and his was about to be. I had to pay $150 to get my car back, and it was scratched when I did.

    I'm not sure there is anything that I have really thought I needed that wasn't already invented...

    We really like inside out... it is church kids songs, but they are sung in a fun way and my husband and I end up signing along :-)

  38. Okay so bad first date... I was just getting divorced, and in Utah, if you have kids you are required to take a "divorce for kids" type of class. So I went there and at the end there is a time when you can ask questions to the teacher who was also a therapist. I have a son with special needs and I asked a few questions about how I should talk to him about it, etc. There was a guy in the class who had a child with similar problems, and after class he asked me if we could exchange numbers so that we could talk about our kids more. I was SUPER new to the single scene and had been out of the game for a long time, so I didn't get what was happening. I said sure, and gave him my business card - I was a photographer. He noticed what I did, and a few days later called to see if I would take some new family pics for them- minus the wife. I said sure and we spent a fun afternoon together taking pictures. Then we dropped off his kids, and he was supposed to take me home, but we ended up going out for icecream first because he had a few autism questions for me. Really it was a pretty pleasant date, EXCEPT I HADN'T REALIZED IT WAS A DATE!!!... Until he walked me to the door and tried to KISS ME and my karate chop reflexes that I didn't even know I had kicked in and I put a stop to that nonsense right away!:) Needless to say he didn't call to "talk" anymore, and I nearly broke into hives thinking I had met my first date at DIVORCE CLASS!!! How slimy is that? Not classy at all!

  39. I love Barenaked Ladies! We love them at our house, we just call them BNL so the boys don't hear the real name. Because that's the only questionable part about them, their songs are actually really clean. And Jack Johnson. My 4 year old loves the Lenka song "Everything at once", it is actually on a Disney Blue-Ray commercial, but it's a great song.

  40. #1 Lame first date: A guy that was in one of my college classes was on my table in the restaurant where I was a waitress. He left me a great tip and asked me out. Another waitress said she would buy me a brownie earthquake from DQ if I went out with him... Duh! I would do anything for chocolate:) For our date we went to a nasty restaurant (where I found a fly in my salad) We played Jeopardy on his computer and colored pictures and tried to sell them to dorm students... It was a LONG awkward date. And our double made out the whole time except for the end when they got in a fight and she left crying...
    #2 Would someone PLEASE invent spray on diaper cream! I hate putting that stuff on!
    #3 We fight about music constantly in our house:) I like Micheal Buble my husband likes Spanish stuff and my toddler prefers anything Disney. haha


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