May 27, 2012

Sunshine Sunday - races and umbrellas

Yesterday Mr. Roar had a bike race.  The boys and I went to cheer him on.  It was the first race we've been to this year.  The boys even made signs.

Baden's sign says "Go Daddy" as well, if you can't tell :)

Mr. Roar will sometimes tell the boys that he "got smoked" in the race if he didn't win.  Because of that Baden says, "Daddy smokes when he rides."  Nice.  We've tried to clarify that one for him.

We caught a little rain yesterday and I realized Baden had never really used an umbrella.

Can you tell he liked it?

One of the best parts of being a mom is watching your child do everything for the first time.  I think it's better than doing something yourself for the first time.

Did you have any "firsts" recently?  Thanks for reading.


Kris @ said...

my favorite thing in the world is watching my son's firsts. I love Baden's face under the umbrella, it really says everything. I took my son to an amusement park for the first time. He is 3 and we were on the little kid rides but his face lit up when they started to move. It was awesome. But my favorite first is when he tries a new food. My kid is a bottomless pit and will try anything and he usually likes it. He had chicken Satay at a Thai restaurant and the peanut sauce made his face light up. He even made his mmm sound when the new food hit his tongue telling everyone he thinks it's good. I find myself trying out there recipes to see what he will try and like. Great pics today!!

Partain Family said...

AH! I love Baden's smile!! So used to seeing his furrowed brow. :) Both of your boys are ADORABLE. Firsts for anything having to do with my kids always make me smile extra big. Hope Mr. Roar "smoked" someone else and wasn't the one who "got smoked."

Tiffany said...

We went to a local community fair, we've only lived here 8 years. T was fun, some handmade vendors were on site, I loved that part.

mama walker said...

i looooove this post!!!

Courtney @ Kisses Come in Twos said...

We've had lots of firsts this week since our son was born last Friday! First all nighter with him, first court date (we're adopting him), first family visits! I can't wait to fill our days with many more firsts! We've waited a long time for this little guy!

~ko said...

So cute! His smile was adorable :) When we moved to the East coast my youngest had never seen a full on rain storm, bless his heart he was excited, terrified and confused all at the same time. Happy Sunday to you!

Meags said...

My favorite recent first was when our son (16 months) folded his arms for the prayer. We didn't even know that he had been watching us enough to do it himself! Other favorites are when he is able to sign something for himself the first time. He signed "baby" on his own today, and it melted my heart!

The Miller Five said...

My daughter water-skied for the first time this weekend!


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