May 15, 2012

What You Can Transform with Paint

Today's post is a rerun, meaning it's something I posted on someone else's blog a long time ago, but never posted it here.  I needed a little break, to be honest.  It won't be a rerun week, just a rerun day.  Thanks!  

Today I thought it would be fun to show you some things you might not think to paint.  Here are two examples.

Case #1: You fall in LOVE with this pillow from Ikea.  It has the black, gray, and white you are using in your bedroom, but it doesn't have that mustard yellow you wanted to bring in as an accent.  Bummer!

Solution?  Paint some of it that mustard yellow.  Get out a nice small paint brush and some acrylic paint and pick some of the shapes or lines to fill in.  (Depending on the colors, it may take a few coats.)

Ta-dah!  Now it looks like the pillow was made for this room, just like you wanted it to.

Case #2: You are searching for just the right rug that will bring all the colors together in your front room.  You've found your dream rug, but it's $1800 and that's not in the budget.  You see this really cute one at Target, but it doesn't have that main shade of dark blue that you're using all over the room.

Solution?  Buy it and paint it.  This rug has loops, so painting it will feel more like blotting on the paint with a brush rather than using brush strokes.  Once again, pick a select area to alter and go for it.  Pull back the loops you don't want to paint with your fingers as you go.  If you need a specific color, you can get ANY color mixed as a sample for around $3.  Or, you might have leftover paint from the walls you could use.

Can you tell which parts have been painted?  No?

What if I give you a closer look?

It's the darker blue.  You're probably wondering if it's going to feel a bit crusty.  Well, if you rub the whole rug with your fingers you can feel a slight stiffness where the paint is, but I guarantee that you can't tell when walking on it with bare feet. 

What else can be painted?  Pretty much anything.  My mom painted some floral-printed wing back chairs she had when she changed the decor of the room but didn't want to buy new chairs.  Same method.  She just changed some of the flowers' colors.  I wish I had a picture of those for you, but they are long gone.

I've painted shoescardboard, and even undies.  I once let my kids paint themselves.  Yeah, I love paint.  It can transform almost anything.  So, take a look around.  What is asking for a coat of paint?

Thanks for reading.


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