August 11, 2012

Sharing Saturday

We haven't had a Sharing Saturday in a long time around here and I sure miss them!  If you're not familiar with the concept, I (or one of you readers) submit questions and then everyone answers in the comment section.  It's always fun and helpful to hear everyone's suggestions.

Let's get started!

1) What boots would you recommend for winter?  Do you have a pair you've bought and love?  Can you handle heels or do you stay with flat ones?  Do you have a pair that's super comfortable?  (You guys had great suggestions when I asked about flip flops, so I thought I'd get your advice on boots, too.)

2) What's your biggest fear?  (I just thought this one would be interesting to read.  Spiders aren't my biggest fear, but this picture makes me cringe.)

3) How do you decide how many activities to let your kids participate in?  How much is overbooking them?  How young did you start them in various activities (music classes, swimming, soccer, t-ball, etc.)?

Thanks for your responses and input.  I love reading through your experiences and advice.  I hope you're having a great weekend.


BriBedell said...

I'd go with 7 or 8 on the boots :) I'm afraid of drowning or my kids drowning :/ my oldest is almost five, I've sent her to a dance class here or there but nothing special, everything is just so expensive.

Rachel said...

I have some boots with a really low heel, but still look nice enough for church, and I love them. I'm terrified of heights and harming my children (like by dropping them from said heights).

Joy said...

For everyday wear, I love Keen boots. The signature Keen sole is perfect for keeping up with little children because it's very supportive, comfortable, & stable. My current pair is even waterproof, which is perfect for living here in WA! I always get compliments on them.

My oldest two are 3 &4. This summer they started t-ball but it's a pretty relaxed schedule--2 practices a week, no games, & they're on the same team. They will have the same schedule for soccer when we finish t-ball. Honestly, having to be somewhere twice a week isn't much fun for me but they're enjoying it. We aren't doing any activities through the holiday season. They won't be on the same team next spring so I don't have a clue which activities we'll do.

Jillian said...

I have one pair of boot, but they are like Uggs, I am in the market for some new boots and I have been shopping around. So far the most comfy boots I have tried on are Baretraps. They are incredibly comfortable and you can get them at Famous Footwear. I am going to go with low to no heal since I will be marching around the college campus and snow is not a friend to heels.

My biggest fear is something happening to my kids or husband, eww makes me sick to my stomach just typing that. Less serious of a biggest fear is my paralyzing fear of chickens/birds.

I am actually pretty strict about my kids activities. If they are too scheduled they don't have time to be just kids. I allow my kids to do one activity at a time, so if basketball and wrestling are running at the same time then they have to choose one or the other. It also depends on us being able to afford it or not. We live in country so travel between schools is many miles, and that translates to a lot of gas and time. Some of the registration fees and uniforms for sports and the like are outrageous as well.
Hope this helps out:)

Alison - Belovedly said...

I'm liking boot 4. These are my fave boots - They've got a few similar ones, all comfortable and nice to look at. I'm gradually working my way through all the variations of this style. My fear is ants - bigtime! My eldest is nearly 4 we don't have him signed up for any activities as are waiting til he's a couple of years older to see what he's interested in. Going to sign him up for swimming lessons later this year though but I view those as a necessary rather than an interest. After pressure from family we took him to a few sessions of kids basketball but the expectations to follow instructions rather than just play around upset him - too young!

Courtney said...

I need a new pair of boots, so I"m looking forward to your answers.
My biggest fear is somebody in the family getting very sick.
I started my kids in gymboree classes when they were 1, but that was the only thing "organized" we did all week, it was great to get to socialize a little and they loved the classes. Next we moved on to swim lessons at 2. These I consider more a life skill & safety thing more than a sport/activity. Both boys could swim by 3, and this makes me feel so much calmer when we are near water. Not that I would not supervise closely, just for that one moment where you get distracted or something. Now my oldest, at 5 has done tball and swim team in the last year (not at the same time) & he liked them both, especially the ribbons (swimming) and team snacks (t-ball). Now that kindergarten is starting we are not doing any activities until we find our rhythm. It is a switch to full day after having 3 hour nursery school a few times a week, so I want him to have free time and not always be running to something.

Anonymous said... I love all boots. I find that flat boots are way more practical for my current lifestyle though. boo. But I do love the look of flat boots with girly skirts and tights - there's an edginess that makes it fun.

As for kid activities, we do activities in these parts. I am more uptight than many of my friends in that I don't schedule my kids as much...but we do several things. Anika is five, and will be doing 2 dance classes this year (we actually made her drop one of them for this year - three seemed a little nuts), and she'll do swimming lessons as well, and probably skating. But swimming and skating are kind of "family" activities and we do them all together - and we kind of view them as "life skills" rather than just fun stuff (though they are fun of course).

Sam's only two, but he'll do swimming this fall and possibly skating. I may also do a gymnastics class with him.

Largely though I think because we live in Ottawa (it's a long winter and sketchy weather a fair bit) it's a lot easier to get kids consistent physical activity if we know we have scheduled activities a few times a week through the winter.

They love it; I love seeing them excel. Dance is a great example - I *never* did any dance classes. Anika's been dancing for three years now and absolutely thrives on it. She loves it and she's good at it. Who knew??

That's my take - I'm big on making sure they have a few days a week with nothing on; but I do like them having some things they can work at - I like that they learn that if they work hard at something they can get good at it.



Brandi said...

I need to buy a pair of boots, I really want these: but they wouldn't be practical for walking through a ft of snow which will happen in Ohio :(

My biggest fear? My car breaking down in a starbucks drive thru during rush hour. I know that sounds crazy haha! I would just die. Just thinking about how they have the tiniest parking lots packed full. Makes me sick just thinking about it!

My daughter is 2 1/2 so she really isn't into much. I think as far as extra curriculars it would just depend on the child, if she is good at multi tasking and loves to stay busy I would let her do as much as she wanted without sacrificing school.

Lindsay said...

I never comment, as I am horribly uncrafty and don't feel like I have much to contribute, but I do know a lot about boots. :) Hands down, I would steer you away from boots with heels, at least stiletto heels. They wear down really quickly and they limit what you can wear them with. I ALWAYS go with riding boots because they're comfortable, you can wear them with jeans and dresses and they're warm. Here's the pair I'm currently coveting (but probably won't get, since I can't afford them): . Great. Now I'm browsing the boots again. :)

Heather Feather said...

My favorite brand of boots is Merrell. They are expensive, but they're great quality and have classic styles. I used some for mulitple winters at BYU and now will use them to chase my son around in the snow. I've even heard of people going snowshoeing in certain styles.
My fear is my family getting hurt. I also have a random fear that if my toenails get touched or I touch someone else's, the toenails will get ripped off.

Nancy said...

I am not the best at boot recommendations--They need to be functional ie waterproof and warm, and can move around easily with them ie low heels.

My biggest fear is fear of failure. I worry about husband, kids etc but I leave that with God. The failure thing I need to work on.

My kids are now grown and out of the house. We too would limit to one thing at a time (with 4 in 6 years time and cost became the limit). they do need time to be kids and also learn what to do with unscheduled time. A number of kids their age have no idea what to do when nothing is scheduled and so they act out.

Unknown said...

#8 For sure! I have a pair of red leather boots and they go with everything! Plus, they are flats so since you're running around after 2 kids that only makes sense. I don't mind splurging on a good pair of boots as long as I know I'll wear them all the time! Love your blog, by the way!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Let's see. Boots. I wore them in college, but since I live in southern Utah, it's too warm for boots even in the winter, I really don't have any suggestions.

I really don't like spiders...but I REALLY REALLY am scared of snakes. My husband and I had WAY too close a call with a rattle snake (my husband nearly stepped on it---and it was coiled already), so everywhere I go (including in buildings) I am looking for snakes. Traumatized? I think so. :)

I have an infant, but I like what somebody said in another comment to make sure your kids have enough time to know how to handle unstructured time. When I got married and took a year off school, I had no idea what to do with my life. Since then I've learned hobbies that I can do on my own, and that is wonderful. Good idea to teach kids that early.

Anonymous said...

For fall, I got some super cute cowboy boots that I have actually wanted for a few years (a sure sign that I will get several years of wear from them which is key with boots!). The style I got is the Denver boot by Volatile. DSW has them in the store. They have a heel but it is thick and pretty comfortable. Flat boots are also neccesary and Steve Madden makes so many awesome flat riding boot styles that are way Mom friendly.

As far as kid activities, I was just discussing this with my husband... Our oldest is starting full day kindergarten in a few weeks. We are going to cool it on activities for him to save all of our sanity. He will probably play baseball again next spring and that is about it.

Becca said...

I bought these last year and they were worth every penny. So comfortable!

Amy said...

Hi Momma! I have been following for awhile but I've never commented before.

Boots. I love boots. My very highest recommendation is Hunter wellies. They are about $150 but the very best shoe purchase i have ever made. You can wear them in the garden then just hose them off and wear them into town. From far away they look just like regular boots not wellies. I live in VA so I also have the fleece sock insert that is sooo warm in the snowy/cold weather. They have some really awesome equestrian styles also that i am loving!!

Besides somehow losing my husband and two boys, my two greatest fears are spiders and throwing up!

My two boys are 2 1/2 and 3the months so no extra curricular activites yet. If we can afford it i would like to do swim lessons and karate.

Taylin said...

#8 is super cute!! Love the heel on #5, such detail! Boots . . . I can honestly say that I have only owned 2 pairs of boots- A pair of white cowgirl boots with colorful sides and a pair of those ugly yellow work boots that were very popular in the 90's. I got both of those boots in the third grade. When shopping for shoes in the winter I just look for a pair of flips that have a little more coverage. That's a pair of winter shoes for a Floridian! I would love a pair of cowgirl boots! I just have to get the courage up to actually wear them! I get a little weird about shoes.
I HATE flying! I hate it so bad that I have let out a super loud scream during turbulence. I am the annoying passenger that is constantly asking the stewardess if every little noise or twinge on the plane is normal. I fly pretty often so you think I would kinda be over that.
I can't wait to read the other responses on kids activities. Our kiddos are just starting to get into that phase. Every sport or kids club looks like so much fun. I wish I could sign them up for all of them!

Monica said...

I love my riding boots. They are Clark brand and I think they are called Orinocco Jazz. They are super comfortable and they go with everything.

My biggest fear is messing up my kids. I don't want to scar them for life and I'm trying really hard to be a good mom. My second biggest fear is seaweed. :) Sounds crazy but I freak out if I touch it or even get near it.

My girls are still pretty young and my oldest does tumbling for now and she can do soccer in the fall and t-ball in the summer. Other than that we don't do a whole lot. My plan is to allow my kids to do one year-round activity like tumbling or karate or whatever and one sport per season if they choose to do it. The only thing I will make them do for at least a few years is take piano lessons when they are old enough.

Stacy P. said...

1. Boots: I have a fav pair that are lower heeled, brown Audrey Brooke boots. Not too expensive, easy to dress up or down. I also splurged on a sweet pair of dark brown suede Cole Hahn boots- lovely, NOT cheap, but they are classic and will be in style forever (or at least I'll be wearing them forever. LOL!)
2. Fear: Heights - but I'm planning on going skydiving to force myself to get over that.
3. Our rule for extra activities is this- besides piano (a requirement for our family) they can pick ONE other thing. That way I'm not running around too much and they can work on learning a skill well. Right now my 3 kids are in volleyball (the 13 yo), tennis (the 10yo) and my 6 yo boy wants to start basketball this winter. When all 3 are in the sports, I'll have to work on carpooling because the practices/games overlap and I'm usually by myself (my husband travels a lot for work).
Great post- I've enjoyed reading the other comments!

Emma-Jayne said...

1. Flat boots, but I can't walk in heels. I also live in the middle of nowhere in Scotland so all the snow and rain make heels a tad impractical and I'd probably get laughed at by the farmer hehe.
2. Biggest fear, getting lost. Heights, water, spiders or pretty much anything else (I live next to a graveyard) don't bother me. The thought of getting lost however petrifies me. Even going to the ladies when out causes mild panic.
3. My 2 aren't old enough for activities yet (3 and 1) but when they are old enough Brownies, scouts, guides and Army Cadets will be the main ones and maybe one other like guitar/football. They are children for a short time and should be able to enjoy that.
Loved reading all the other comments, what a fun post

Catherine Peart said...

I love, love, love boots in the winter. I like to always have two pairs. One of them ankle height with a mid heel (has to be a chunky or wedge heel) to wear under jeans and the other a knee high with a slightly higher chunky or wedge heel. I don't like skinny heels on boots at all but maybe I have balance issues. :)
I am petrified of spiders and that photo nearly made me fall off my chair!! Breathe.... breathe.......
My 2 are 10 and nearly 7. They are both very athletic and they are in two sports, gymnastics and taekwondo. Their schedules often overlap which is handy. My husband does taekwondo with them as well so that fits in some fun family time also. My oldest didn't have any scheduled activities until she was 8 and my son was 5 (only because he wanted to do it once he saw his sister doing it). Last year my daughter opted to do choir at school as well as girl scouts and it was too much on top of school and homework. We are dropping those two this year for sure and may drop one of our son's sports after we see how he copes with full time school for his first year. I honestly tried to wait as long as I could. We now have only 3 nights a week that doesn't have some sort of activity (including the weekend). I still think it is too much but my husband and children are all very active and seem to thrive on it.

Beck said...

Boots wise, I have a pair of Aerosoles boots with a midheight heel and they are the most comfortable boots. I even walked all around NYC in them and was fine (even post knee replacement surgery. I'm all about comfort these days.
Fears? Spiders and especially falling...Not heights necessarily, but falling for sure.
As for sports, I've been putting my almost 6-year-old in lots of different "camps" to figure out what it is she really wants to devote time to. Let them find an extracurricular path and follow it. They're more likely to follow through and make things work better when they love what they're doing. :)

stephaniegiese said...
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stephaniegiese said...

I have a hard time wearing any type of heal and wrangling all of my kids, especially in parking lots, so I'd go with #7 on the boots.

I know it is unlikely, but I have an intense fear of choking while I am eating breakfast and dying (my oldest is only 5 and I'm not sure I could count on him to call 911) and my poor kids having to be in the house all day with their dead mom until my husband got home from work. Isn't that oddly specific and horrible?

My kids do Sunday school and sing in the children's choir and a Wednesday night kids group at our church. Other than that I try to limit it to one activity for each child at a time. My son (5) did t-ball in the spring. My daughter (3) has done dance class over the summer, and a few months ago they did swimming lessons together. We also go to a MOPS-style church group twice a month and have joined a Community Bible Study that will meet one morning a week.

We are starting cyber school this year so it's important to find plenty of time to socialize, but also have a balance of time at home to work.

stephaniegiese said...

Me too! Not scared of heights at all, but hate falling. I hate log flume rides or anything that makes me fall, but I'd have no problem being on the deck of the Empire State building.

Kristal said...

1) I need to read the comments on this one! I moved to Utah last yr and ended up with cheap winter boots I don't like all that much but worked for keeping me warm and on my feet while baby wearing:)
2) my biggest fear is dying while my kids are young:/. My mom passed away of a sudden illness when I was 15 and my youngest sibling was 7. I never want my kids to go through that, and it has come to the forefront after I turned 30 last week(my mom was 37)
3) our daughter turned 3 in April and this summer we enrolled her in 2 half days a week of preschool, and a 3 week sports clinic. For the fall she'll stay at the same schedule for school and we'll probably pick one other activity( dance or swimming most likely) and that should keep us plenty busy! I am also thinking of trying to start an art group here. I started one in CA with my mom's club and think it might help me in my lack of a club here in Logan!

Little Ol' Liz said...

Since you asked...
I know noting about footwear, as evidenced by my feet.

I fear what will happen after my husband dies --- will I be able to find a way to keep the house before then?

Activities. I'm very anti-, but I've gathered that when the Parent starts to complain about time, money, driving or lack of appreciation you've topped the limit.

Laura said...

Sorel boots are my absolute favorite. I wore them almost every day last winter. They kept my feet warm and dry.

As far as activities, I allow my kids to each pick 2 at a time. Sometimes, they pick the same one as a sibling or an activity that is at the same building at the same time. We do a lot through our recreational department for a low cost.

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

I love reading these comments!

I have Bogg boots. Stellar. But they're not sexy-fashionable. But they're awesome. I've been coveting Dan Pist cowboy boots forEVer and would do that or a riding boot. Jessica Simpson had the Clancey boot out a few ears ago that I LOVED the look of. For you: 8! :)

I am terrified of driving my car off a bridge and drowning myself and my children. Every time I drive over water I quickly make a mental escape plan in case we go in.

My girls (1 and 3) don't have activities outside of church, MOPS, library trips, etc, that are part of our routine. Just today I was thinking that I'd like to get my girls in some classes.

Robin said...

I only own one pair of boots and they have heals. I really like the look of boots with heals, but they get uncomfortable really quick.

Seeing that picture of the spider is pretty nerve racking. About a year and a half ago, I got a spider bite that sent me to the emergency room. I have a scar from it and tissue missing underneath it. I believe it was a brown recluse that got me. Other than a new fear of spiders, I absolutely hate needles. I will get so close to passing out anytime I am around them. I went with a friend to the emergency room once and they drew blood from her. Next thing I knew, the nurse was making me sit down with my head between my legs because I immediately went pale.

I don't have any kids so I don't know a lot about doing programming. However, I know what I did. I think I always had 2-3 activities going on. in elementary school I did a choir, piano, and soccer. Middle School was Piano lessons, Flute lesson, Mutual, and tennis. High School was where I got crazy with 3 clubs, lots of music, and Tennis and Bowling. That is all added to doing church things also.

Celeste said...

I have signed my three year-old up for a few things. Never more than one at a time. I don't think it's necessary to get him into lessons this soon, but I do it for some social time with his peers. We do preschool at home and I'm terrible about scheduling playdates. He really likes it, but I think he'd be fine without it too. The minute it goes from fun to stress, we'll stop.

Wendy said...

Heels just arent practical with two little ones. Plus I love how they have really made flat boots cuter. I have leather tall boots and a pair of Fuggs(those are my fake Uggs from Target). Sometimes it's nice to throw those on when its raining or icy outside.

I am terrified of snakes. There are way too many here in Texas and I dont even like the fake toy ones. Yuck!

I think one activity at a time is plenty for our kids. They are 1.5 and 4, and that adds plenty for us to do. I want to make sure there is still plentyof time for family and just being a kid.

Michelle B. said...

Okay, as for the boots....I have those nice chunky calves so I can't wear boots that reach my knees :-( I do have a pair of peep-toe boots (heels) that are just a smidge above my ankle and I love those....
I hate with a passion spiders!! I wish I was one of those people that could catch and release them out into the wild BUT, I'm sorry to say, I kill them!! I have gotten bitten so many times I just don't take the chance...I went to the mailbox today (it's a stack of boxes together, not connected to the house) and there was a HUGE BLACK spider!! HUGE I SAY!!! So as you may have guessed it, the mail is still in the box.
As for activities for my kid....he's only three so he is not into activities as of yet...not sure which way we are going to go in the next or so...

Unknown said...

Boots can be pratical and easy to wear even with small kids!!! I have these boots and love them.
I wear them all the time for fall and sometimes in winter. I don't want to wear them out and about too much in the wet snow.

I also have these boots. These are perfect for cold, snowy days. I wear them over my jeans, I have big calves from running and I fit easily into them. I love these. So comfy and easy to wear, even with small kids. ;)

My biggest advice when it comes to boots, it's worth spending extra money on them! I PROMISE!!!! I've bought cheap boots before and they work great for a YEAR but then have to just go out next year and buy another pair, so I end up spending the same amount of the more expensive boot! Good luck on your quest and post pics when you buy your boots!

Suzanne Winter said...

I have a similar problem tp Michelle B - chunky calves - I have the hardest time finding boots that fit, then finding a pair that would fit over jeans (HA!) I bought a cute pair last year but only got to wear them twice because my feet started swelling with pregnancy ;o( I think the styling on heeled boots is always better, but they are less practical - I love heels though, so I am willing to run after them in heels at least every sunday ;o)

My biggest fear is something happening to my mom and not knowing.

My three are 17months and 3 months, so no activities yet. The biggest issue will be affording for all of them to do things at the same time. I think it is important to start early just so they learn to play with others, sportsmanship, and get exercise - they will get to do one thing at a time and probably all the same thing for a few years (I want them to all play soccer and all take at least one year of dance - I'll probably wait on music until they are in school, they love music so we do a lot of singing and shaking instruments, and our booties, at home)

busy mama said...

I am working full time so we limit a bit the activities since we don't want to spend our all week end driving around. My kids are 8 and 6 they started piano last year and will continue this year. Regarding sports, the older one does karate and the younger one dance but will switch to gymnastic this year. Hope this helps!

Regarding the boots I like number 3 and 4 and the last two.

{ erin } said...

I would love to know where any plus sized gals (or anyone with big calves) buy boots. I have been looking for YEARS but apparently I have too big of calves and haven't found a pair.

My biggest fear - balloons!! I seriously hyperventilate around latex balloons. I can not be in the same room when they are being blown up and if someone squeaks one then I'm done for. I can usually deal with it ok but sometimes... they make me cry. LOL

My girls do a lot. We always have Girl Scouts then we usually do one other regular activity like a sport or cheer. Then we do several "day" activities (classes, cheer clinics, fun things in the community) when we can. We have plenty of time at home and letting them experience new things now will help them to know which activities they want to focus on later. I think it also teaches them to budget their time wisely and to prioritize what they want to participate in since we obviously can't do it all. Plus - it's just fun. We like trying new things! :) My girls are 10 and 8 and we have a 3 month old boy. He's not in any activities yet. ;)

Liviasmommy said...

I love 8 on your list. I love boots and am constantly on the hunt for cute affordable ones. I found some at Old Navy last winter. I know they probably won't last very long but until they wear out or I get more money to spend more they are perfect.

I'm terrified of losing my husband and daughter but my biggest fear that I have, where I hyperventilate, is when I get around birds. Any birds, but mostly hummingbirds and chickens. Funny story (now I think it's funny) is last Christmas a local church puts on a program called Walk Through Bethlehem, it is set up really neat and everyone is in costume and you walk through the town and people are selling spices and baskets and things. Well any way there was a little girl holding this huge fat chicken and she was walking around asking if anyone wanted to pet her chicken. I was talking to someone I knew and could feel the girl walking behind me. I was trying to concentrate on the person I was talking to but I jumped and practically screamed as I thought I felt her right behind me with the chicken. Turned out it was just another little girl who was walking through the town just like I was. My husband laughed about it for weeks.

Since my daughter is 1 and we live in a small town there isn't much for her age group. I used to take her to a play group twice a week but then her nap schedule changed and so we stopped going. I also took her to a mommy and me dance class my friend was putting on but since she couldn't walk at the time it wasn't much fun. Maybe we'll try to go back now that she's a walker. Everything else starts at around 18 months and is pretty expensive.

Shannon said...

I haven't worn fancy boots for quite some time. Usually where I live and work we have slop and slush and I will wear a sneaker-type-very-utilitarian shoe/boot if the weather calls for boots. I have lace-up ankle boots for shoveling the driveway, etc.

Fear - no phobia's per se, but I do not like the dark and crowded places make me panic a bit. I like my personal space, please. In the bright light! lol

My littlest turned 4 this summer. Last year she did dance class and swim class on Saturday mornings. She truly loved both. Dance class... I was surprised at this age there were already stage moms concerned about form, who was getting the most time, who was in the front, etc. Maybe I'm a little too laid back, but sheesh - really all my little girl wanted was to have fun. In fact when she was about to walk into class that became our transition phrase, "Go have fun!" This year my schedule has changed a bit, so I plan on taking her swimming during the year for fun (not a class) and I have enrolled her in gymnastics. She would like to take dance again, but two classes is not in the budget right now.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

My dude is 3 1/2 and he's been doing activities for a long time. He started gymnastics just before he turned two and has done two rounds of that, one round of kindermusik and one of swimming lessons. The gymnastics did wonders for him, my sister is an early childhood educator and suggested it to me. It was great. This fall we're doing swimming and soccer because each is only once a week for half an hour. Since we only have one kiddo, it's not too busy for us, but I think for families with more kids, or busier work/school schedules it might be tough to do more than one activity without sacrificing family time or sanity. If you feel that they are ready, I think your kids are at great ages to get into different activities. If you start with one thing at a time you can find out what fits for your family. :)

Megan said...

Those boots are amazing! Now I'm coveting them too!

Tiffany said...

Late to the party. But I have to share about boots, I have two pair that are riding boot style, basicly flats. Wear them with jeans and skirts and they look good, I feel cute. I've had the heels before but I personally have to be in a mood for heels. I'm a denim girl at heart, I never have to be in a mood for the riders, dress them up or down. I also have a pair of 3 year-old Uggs, I've replaced the inner sole, but they are one of the best gifts ever received. I swear by them, no socks ever, and I prolly wear them every.single.weekend in the Winter. My sister thinks they should be retired, good thing they're my boots not hers. Can't imagine a Winter without them.

Katie said...

I'm no help with boots, I love them, but I don't have anything interesting to say about them...
Fears: RUNNING OUT OF TOILET PAPER! I'm not even kidding, that is the thing I worry most about. I have cases stored under all of the beds just in case, and I'm stingy with it. If you run out don't ask me for any because it will cost you dearly! I know it's irrational, but I really can't control it. :)
As for sports I allow my kids to participate in one sport during school and one during the summer. It can be whatever they want, and they can choose NOT to participate, but we don't do more than that.

Amy said...

I don't have kids yet, but I really like what my parents did with my brother and I. We were allowed to pretty do whatever sport we wanted, as long as the season didn't over lap. If we committed to one team, we were fully committed to them until it was over before we could move on. That way we wouldn't have to pick which game to go to or things like that. Occasionally as my brother continued in sports, his team made playoffs which got in the way of practice of the next sport, but that wasn't until high school. My parents also wanted us to take music lessons, but we were allowed to pick the instrument, after a few years of piano (which we started at age 5), learning the basics of music. They also made us do a year of self-defense, in a once a week course run through the local YMCA, but after that we could choose to continue, which both my brother and I did for many years. Basically commitments were a big priority. I wanted to be a Girl Scout, but because of everything else I was already committed to, I was given the choice, drop soccer, karate, piano and choir or give up on Girl Scouts. While I may not have been too happy about it at the time, I'm very thankful for all that it taught me.


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