September 24, 2012

Catching Up

I'm busy doing laundry today because we headed up the mountain this weekend and just got back last night.  I told you Utah is beautiful in fall.

I loved how the trees matched the yellow lines on the road.

We got some great family play time in.

Be back tomorrow with a regular tutorial.  Thanks for checking in.


LisaRae said...

Beautiful, the colour changing leaves make me miss Ontario (Canada) so much, I love the fall!

Leigh Anne said...

Just lovely! Wish we lived closer to some mountains;)

~ko said...

Gorgeous pictures! We need a little escape like that! Maybe this weekend :)

Colville Clan said...

Oh man, makes me miss Virginia! I grew up right by the Blue Ridge Parkway, now I live in flat ol Memphis, maybe it's time for a drive up into the Smokies!

The Miller Five said...

Gorgeous! I MISS Utah!!

mali said...

Miss those colors. Come and see our blue ocean this winter! The boys would love it.
Love you all! :)
Aunt W

Rebecca said...

Love some good family time:)

Kristín Hrund said...

I also love the colours of fall :-) Those are really wonderful pictures (like always :-) and it looks like your boys had a lot of fun!


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