September 22, 2012

Soapbox Saturday - a Marriage Class

About a month ago I got an email from a kind reader who told me about her husband, who is a Marriage and Family Therapist here in Sandy, UT.  His clinic, Amber Creek Counseling and Psychiatry, just started offering 3-hour classes.  The available classes are "More for Marriage" and "Decoding Your Teen."

She asked if I'd be interested in reviewing the marriage class.  I asked Mr. Roar what he thought and we both agreed that it sounded fun.  So last weekend, we got a babysitter and headed to the marriage class.  Here's Mr. Roar (on the left) with Kirk, the (extremely tall) therapist.  

I thought the easiest way to tell you about the experience would be to answer some questions that I originally had and that you might have as well.  Here we go.

Why should I go to a marriage class if our marriage is doing fine?

I think that often times we don't worry about taking care of things until we recognize they are falling apart.  Why not strengthen our relationship so that we don't have to get to that point?  We gained so much more from that night than we ever would have by just grabbing dinner and heading to a movie.  It was fun, educational, and gave us a lot of things to think about.  Who doesn't have room for improvement?

Isn't three hours a long class?

The class is broken up with dinner (or brunch depending on what time you select) in the middle.  The dinner is catered.  Ours was catered by Cafe Rio.  You can't go wrong with that :)

There was also a power point presentation, which I liked because it made it easier to follow along with.

How many people attend?

There were about 6 couples there.  Kirk tries to keep the classes small.

Are there awkward questions that you have to answer in front of everyone?

No.  You pretty much just listen, unless you have a comment to make or a question to ask.  We were very much at ease.  The class didn't stir up any issues between us.  It just gave us some things to think about and talk about.

What was Kirk (the therapist) like?

Kirk was really awesome.  His knowledge, combined with his sense of humor made the class really fun.  I was laughing really hard through a lot of the presentation.  (Don't worry - only when it was supposed to be funny.)  He is extremely passionate about what he does.  I admire that in any person.

What did you learn?

Mr. Roar and I both took different things from the class and it was great to talk about all of it afterwards.  The thing that stuck with us the most was trying to really emotionally connect each day.  It's easy to connect in a surface way.  "How was your day?"  However, it's different to totally know deeply how the other person is feeling at each moment.  We've been sharing more emotions and details with each other and it's been wonderful.

I highly recommend this class.  If you're interested or have more questions you can read more about it on their web site HERE.  Thanks for stopping in.


Leigh Anne said...

That sounds awesome! So glad you got to attend. Only wish I lived closer and I would go :) It is always a good idea to strengthen our marriages!

Brittany said...

I went to high school with Kirk (he was always the smartest one in all my classes). I figured he'd become something great--sounds like he found his calling.

Little Ol' Liz said...

Even a Porche needs a tuneup from time to time ;-)

Alish said...

Looks great, fun date night!

Unknown said...

I'll have to check this out, it looks great!


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