October 11, 2012

Adding Patches for Style

One of my favorite ways to embellish clothing for my boys is to add a patch.  It's crazy easy and really cute.  

Remember these name patches from a couple of years ago?  (Yeah, that coat went from Rex to Baden and it's already small on Baden now.)

I picked up some Superman patches way back when I was in New York (at MJ Trimmings) and then I scored a simple jacket at Target for 50% off.  

Some patches come as iron on patches.  These did, but I never really trust an iron-on patch in the wash. I iron it on and then stitch around it as well.  If you don't have a sewing machine, you really can easily stitch around it by hand.  If the patch isn't iron on, you can use some fabric glue or heat 'n bond to get it to stay in place and then stitch around it.

Just add simple patch and then you have a fun one-of-a-kind jacket.

Here's another patch from back in the day.  He's grown a bit :)

If you're looking for name patches, I would check eBay.  There are a lot of people who do custom ones, but I always liked the vintage funny ones.  And for more specific patches I'm sure there are a billion stores online that sell them.

Thanks for dropping in.

- Did you see this Lego pencil holder from a baby food jar HERE?  So fun and easy.

- Contemplating doing THIS to our kitchen table.  Am I crazy?  I think it's pretty cool, but my husband isn't a fan and his vote definitely counts.


  1. a penny table would be awesome - at least you're not wanting to do it to your counters....

  2. i saw the penny table on kitchen crashers a little while ago. it definitely looked cool but doing resin scares me a little :)

  3. As a compromise , could you do it with a side table? Or your coffee table? OOOhh - or the little table in the hall that you throw your loose change and keys on when you come home? :) I think it would be cool with change collected from your travels to other countries ... a memory table. If you make a table ... please post it!

  4. I need to find a patch that says "Bud" - that is what we call my 4 yr old haha
    -- the penny table is cool but I think I would stick to a small table at first like Heddy suggested
    --- the lego holder is cute, as is her whole website! Thanks for sharing the link!

  5. Patches are such a cute idea! I think the boys are going to get a little revamp of their wardrobes now :) The table looks like so much fun! Crazy time consuming though! If you do it, please share it with us! And the lego holder.......I needed this for our lego party a few months ago! Brilliant idea! Happy Thursday!

  6. Okay, I couldn't help but spend a couple minutes searching vintage name patches on ebay. Cute idea. I think the penny table is awesome. It'd be a fun conversation piece. Heddy has some great ideas! I think the table & photos I've seen of penny floors are extra cool because of the large number of coins.

  7. Ooh thanks for reminding me about patches. The table looks cool but I think an end table would be awesome too and that jar is fabulous.

  8. We did the penny thing to a coffee table. It's a constant conversation piece. My husband loves it!

  9. Love those patches! I like the suggestion of a penny table compromise - how about a coffee table? It would be a great conversation piece!

    1. p.s Rex looks so grown up! :s

  10. Dang those are adorable!! Might have to copy you on something...must.find.something!

  11. what a great idea! And super economical!!

  12. Another blog that I read (epbot) did the penny thing a while back and she did it to her desk...and its beautiful! You should check that out, it would be a good compromise. She also bent her pennies to fit on the edges so if you do get to do the penny table you might check out her how-to as well

  13. Thanks for sharing the Lego pencil holder! Also, I think the penny table looks amazing. Maybe you can get your husband on board. :)

  14. You could maybe do the table as a side-table somewhere -- a smaller-scale would still look nice, and might be compromisable by Mr. Roar :)

  15. Love the patches! The penny table is cool, but wouldn't that be super heavy?

  16. Oh my, Rex is growing up right before our very eyes...

  17. I had two idea's for our table. One was the penny table, and one was painting it with chalkboard paint, so our daughter could draw on it. I hate our table, so it was just a makeshift idea until we could afford to get a better table.

    My husband's response?

    A penny table? So we can showcase that all we can afford is pennies? No thanks.

    Chalkboard paint? Sounds messy. No thanks.

    Buuut, he's not so much into the crafty, crazy idea's. lol. Make a penny table so I can live vicariously through you!


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