October 26, 2012

Behind the Curtains - me and my momma

Well, curtain week has finally come to an end.  Today we have a few more ideas to show and then we're calling it done.  Hopefully it's given you a lot of ideas to work with.  My mom's back with a tutorial for the pole loop curtains that hang like this and then I'll show you a lot of curtains in my family's homes.

Pole Loop Curtains

Making curtains that don't use curtain rings are a bit more work but less expensive because you don’t need to purchase the rings. (Note: these curtains are best if you have blinds or shears on the window because they look great pleated but do not close as easily as a curtain with rings.) 
The measurement for fabric is only a little different than the panel curtains we made yesterday.  You will need to measure 1 inch above the curtain rod to the floor. Now add 4 inch for the top and 3 inches for the hem.
If you want to make these curtains with materials strips you will need an extra ¼ yard of fabric to make your strips that go on the curtain rod. You can also choose to forget the strips and purchase 1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon instead. (about a yard for each panel)
After cutting the panels to the correct length hem the sides of the panel by folding over 1 ½ inch of fabric and then tucking in 3/8 inch (see straight panel instructions).
Now cut off the top four inches of the curtain panel that you just hemmed the sides on.  You will need it so don’t throw it away!
Next you will need to make 4 inch strips for the rod to go through.  This can be done an easier way if you want to purchase 1 inch wide growgrain ribbon.
If you choose to use material I cut strips 3 inches wide and then fold in thirds fording one flap over the other.  Next, zigzag over the middle section so it will hold and not fray.  Now cut the strip into 4 inch pieces. The top of the curtain will need one every 8 inches or so.

Take the piece that you cut off and place it on the top of the front of the panel hems out placing a 4 inch strip that you just made every 7 to 8 inches sandwiched between the panel and the part you had cut off.
Sew a 3/8 inch seam at the top of the panel where the strips (or ribbon) have been placed.

Flip the flap over and iron it flat.

Tuck the edge of strip and the ribbon or homemade 4 inch strips under, pin and sew in place.  Sew a ¼ inch seam across the top front side of the panel so the curtain will lay flat.
Ok! Only the bottom hem is left to do.  Fold over and iron the 3 inches at the bottom.  Tuck about 3/8 inch under and sew the hem.  Any inexpensive rod will work for these curtains.  
Here's a variation on the pole loop curtain.  I sewed bias tape around the edges here to give the curtains more of a pop.  These hang in Cheri's bedroom.

Thanks, Mom.  Okay, you're back to me again.  Now I'm going to show you guys a few different sets of curtains in our homes and tell you how we made them.

Here are a few from Cassie's house you might remember.  These were store bought, but she sewed on some fabric that matched the boys' bedding.

These were Target tablecloths that she added a band of color to at the bottom to lengthen them.

These curtains in my front room are the simple panel curtains my mom showed you how to sew yesterday.

Here's a really old shot of our dining room at our first house.  These curtains were tablecloths just clipped onto rings.  They were the perfect length.  If you buy table clothes that are too long and you don't sew, you can fold over the top and clip it in folded, making the curtains appear to be the right length.  Want them lined?  Clip a twin sheet in behind them using the same clips.  Easy peasy.

Whew!  That was a lot of curtains and that ends our series.  Thank you to all the bloggers who joined in and thank YOU for reading.


gina said...

Love the idea of using a tablecloth clipped on with rings!!! That is right up my alley =)

geoffandjosie said...

I need to make curtains for my kitchen so this has been great! Now I just need to decide what kind. I thought I had decided but today's curtains are really cool. Decisions, decisions!

Palak said...

Those loop curtains look so classy! (And I love that you need a minimum of hardware!)

Haley - Ever Never Again said...

I love the tablecloth idea! I never thought of using them as curtains. Tablecloths go on sale all the time too. I will be on the look out now. Thanks for sharing!

Nana Jones said...

The last time I had curtains that reached the ground, my then, 8 year old son, wrapped himself up in them so tight that it popped the whole curtain rod assembly completely out of the wall leaving great big hole in the wall and me in tears. Lovely curtains, hard memories.

Julia M. said...

Your mom transformed my house with her curtains! You should come see them sometime. I still remember her sitting in my uncurtained house saying, "Julia, you really need some curtains. . ." Such talent! When I tried to make some for Ruby's room, I was embarrassed at my final product compared to your mom's! But they work. :) Thanks for sharing all the awesome ideas!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Very cool! I love pole loop curtains! I just made some curtains for our living room--107" long and lined, whew, lots of fabric! But I'm using clips on them for now, although I don't love them... would like to attach metal rings, I think. http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2012/10/house-projects-recent-easy-home-dec.html Thanks for the tips!


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