October 03, 2012

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to give compliments to strangers.  This is so much easier to do when I'm by myself because when my little guys are around my mind is on them.  I had a lot of fun with this challenge.  It's to fun to see someone's face light up.  Sometimes they even strike up a whole conversation with you.  

This week's challenge is to tackle something that's been on your to do list way too long.  We did this challenge well over a year ago and some of the responses were really fun to read.  We all have things we put off.  Sometimes it's put off so long that we feel dumb even doing it.  So, whatever it is - let's conquer it.

Here are a few funny thoughts on procrastination I thought you might like.  (Click on the pictures for the original source.)

Did anyone try giving compliments to strangers?  I'd love to hear any experiences you want to share.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Last weeks challenge was so much fun! I lucked out because I was a greeter at church so every person that I saw I was able to complement. It was awesome to see people's faces. The only odd thing that happened was with the checkout lady at Target; no matter what I did she wasn't having it. The kinder I was the more snippy she got. It was awful! When we left the store my 5 year old said "wow, mom I think she needs a nap" lol :) Happy Wednesday to you :)

    1. she probably did need a nap! I've been so cranky and snippy all week (I don't work at target though). Your comments may have made a difference to her later if she remembered what you said post nap.

  2. I gave my neighbor, that i never met and lives a few streets away, a compliment on the hard work he did re-landscaping his yard this summer. He did it all himself. It is a huge difference from before. He was very surprised and we even started talking and we have sons almost the same age. My neighborhood isn't a very friendly neighborhood. So i am sure he was shocked when a stranger walking by said something to him. thanks for this great challenge. it was so much fun! i am also looking forward to this weeks. oh where to pick on my list of procrastination, it is so long!!

  3. Though the lady I complimented was not a complete stranger, she is someone whom I don't know well. She has a great voice and I really enjoy listening to her sing! I shared how much I appreciate her voice and she was genuinely flattered. Such a little thing for me to do, but it made an impact on both of us.

  4. I have been so bad about doing these lately that I was determined to participate this past week. The perfect opportunity presented its self while picking my son up from pre-k. Like you said I am normally in Mommy mode and usually don't focus on anything else but my kiddos. A few day's ago I noticed a lady whom I have seen many times but never actually spoken too. She takes care of her high spirited granddaughter and normally shows up to the school looking a little disheveled and tired. On this day I noticed her hair looked really nice like she had just came from the salon. I mustard the courage and complimented her on it. At first I think she was a little shocked that I was talking to her but then she seemed pretty pleased that someone actually noticed. It may seem like a small silly thing but I could tell that it made a difference to her. It felt pretty good and I can't wait for next weeks challenge!

  5. Anonymous3.10.12

    I didn't participate in the challenge, but I was the recipient of a random complement--whether the other mom is one of your readers or not, it still brightened up my day to have my haircut and style complemented by a stranger, after a few weeks of feeling frumpy and not feeling up to "dressing up" :-)

  6. We went to dinner the other night with our four kiddos. The waitress was so nice and attentive and mindful of the kids with lids on drinks and all of that. We wrote a note on our receipt thanking her for the great service and left a nice fat tip--as much as the meal cost. I hope it made her night a little nicer.

  7. I'm a lurker...and I didn't do this, but last night our family went to Spirit Halloween to check out the cool new scary stuff for Halloween. Before we left, I found a printable coupon for 20% off one item. At Spirit Halloween, that can be huge. I printed two coupons in case we found two amazing 'must-have' items, but alas, we only needed one coupon. I gave our spare coupon to the lady behind me that had three costumes and a spooky spider along with two children and Grandma behind her. She was so grateful and it only cost me the paper and ink to print it on. This might be a nice alternate Wakeup Wednesday! Share a coupon!

  8. So, I'm procrastinating and laughing hysterically at the pinterest logo and caption. Thanks for the smile today!!!!

  9. Love the pinterest logo and caption too! I actually try to do this quite often. I feel like compliments from a stranger go a long way so if I like someone's outfit or hairstyle, I always tell the person. It's fun to be surprised by something nice! I'm totally stealing the waitress idea mentioned above too.
    I love to give away my coupons too, Carrie G! Although sometimes the people look at me suspiciously. I figure they must not be the recipients of enough kindness!


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