November 27, 2012

Refashionista Day 10 - with Ruffles and Stuff

Today is the last day of our Refashionista event!  While that makes me a little sad, I'm super happy that we have Disney from Ruffles and Stuff here today.  (Warning: I may gush a bit here.)  You see, if I had  to pick one blog that I would say inspired me to start a blog, it would be Disney's.  When I found her blog I was drawn in by her practical ideas, her dreamy photos, and her genuine personality.  I just absolutely love her.  I seriously wish I could meet her.  Okay.  Enough gushing.  Welcome Disney!

Hello everyone!

I'm so honored to be Cheri's guest again for Refashionista. This is one of my favorite blogging events, I just love being inspired by everyone's transformations! And since I'm not a pattern-sewer for the most part, refashioning is definitely one of my favorite ways to sew.

Today I want to share the way I transformed this lovely peach colored vintage blouse that I recently picked up a thrift store. I loved the color and fabric, but the sleeves were too short and it was pretty shapeless.

I love the peplum trend that we've been seeing everywhere, and I also love the color block trend, so I thought, "why not bring them together?" And here it is! The color block peplum refashion.

For another fun option (in case you're not into too many trends at once) I made a polka dot version for my little partner in crime, Paige. (Oh, wait, polka dots are trendy right now, too. Sorry.) I love the way it turned out! And the way it looks like it came from the same fabric.

(I was going to apologize for my geeky styling here, but, oh well. It's me, guys.)

Let's make one right now!

  •  Start with a short sleeved or sleeveless blouse. If you have a long sleeved blouse like mine, cut the sleeves off 2'' from the seam, fold under twice and sew.
  • Trim off the bottom of your shirt and measure all the way around.
  • Cut two peplum pieces and pin the ends together (with right sides facing). Sew.
  • With peplum piece inside out, pin to the shirt with edges flush and side seams matched up.
  • Sew on and enjoy!

  • For a different look, try adding painted polka dots to your fabric with a circle sponge brush. Add the dots after you've cut the pattern piece but before you sew it together. (Let dry completely before sewing.)

And there you are! I love mine belted:

Hope you have fun with it! And thanks so much for having me, Cheri! I love you for hosting this event.  :o)


Thank you so much Disney!  I love the color block and peplum trend.  Both versions are adorable.  If by some reason you've never visited Disney's blog, be sure to head over now.  I guarantee that you will love it.  I recommend starting by browsing the tutorials for ladies page HERE.  Great stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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